ACTORS3, track 5

Basically Kouya and Seijun are looking for their next scoop – Kouya’s the one who’s looking for the next scoop, Seijun kinda just got dragged along – and since interviewing the clubs themselves didn’t grant much results they decided (more like Kouya decided, again, Seijun, how do you let yourself get pulled into this, boy) to sneak around and spy on everyone, instead.

First up is the Japanese Research Club (?) where Ushio is freaking out at Minori and Kaoru for talking about breasts and sweets (in track 3), respectively, do they have no shame, seriously??? Eventually Minori and Kaoru tune him out, talk about how their club captain is probably an M-type, and Minori gives Kaoru pudding shaped like breasts, lol. Kaoru likes the taste, apparently. Ushio proceeds to freak out even more. Kouya comes out of this surprised that Ushio’s image (cool) is completely different from his actual personality (definitely not cool, lol).

On their way to the Archeology Club they chance upon Washiho and Chouno talking about something. Kouya wants to spy on them, but Seijun wants to pass on it – so Kouya goes off and decides to listen to it himself. For some reason Chouno’s asking Washiho what the Archeology Club actually does – it’s just fieldwork, what’s the matter? Why aren’t you believing me? I’m getting a whole suspicious vibe from this convo, but seeing as I can’t get most of the words they’re saying I can’t really say anything about it. Kouya does affirm that this is a scoop that can’t be used, though.

Back to the Archeology Club. Of course this is the part I actually listened to, you know me, hahaha.

Anyway, context: in track 1 of this disk, Kouya introduced Seijun as ‘a fan’ of Chiguma’s to…well, Chiguma himself, who Kouya described as ‘the legendary man’, his own words exactly. Hence Kouya teasing Seijun for being all excited on spying on this club, ‘cuz…well, Marume-senpai is here, isn’t he~~~? Shut up, Kouya, start working!!

…as we all know, though, the Archeology Club is equal thirds sunshine and rainbows, hopeless game nerd, and pure compressed rage so, yeah, our Broadcast Club duo’s gonna have a field day with these boys.

Chiguma’s playing a game, but of course, and he’s even doing the little happy noises he does when he plays. Kai comments on how Chiguma’s voice always rises when he plays his games – Chiguma admits yeah, he does speak aloud a lot when the tension starts rising – !!!!!! Like so. Kai says he totally understands, he does that a lot when he plays racing games, too! Chiguma’s happy that he understands, only…well, he makes a really deflated kind of sound, so he obviously lost and is really sad now.

Mike, nonplussed as always, asks Chiguma to hand him a PET bottle (on the table?), which Chiguma hands him obediently. Kai chides Mike for ordering around his senpai, especially if it concerns things he could do himself anyway! Mike is pissed out about “Chouno, that rascal” (he actually says ’Chouno-no-yaro’ in such a scary voice, lol, no respect for the guy whatsoever) who was apparently acting strangely and had them run around a lot for some reason, so he’s tired (for/from?) soccer club practice now.

Note of interest (for me, at least): when Mike was talking to Kouya in track 3, when they first met, he was using his very pleasant, breezy, public-voice, the one he uses for people who are not Kai or Chiguma. In contrast his voice here is – actually more of a scary-ish drawl than his normal S-mode voice, come to think of it. Yeah, he’s really pissed off.

“Huh, you got tired, Mike-kun?” “Shut up, you damned dog. What’s that supposed to mean?” “Even if your body got tired, if you enjoyed what you were doing [soccer practice] anyway, isn’t it fine?” “Don’t lump me in together with you. I don’t even get what that means…talking about this is troublesome.”

Chiguma worries about Mike in this state and suggests he play one of his games with him, maybe that would make him a bit happier! (You’re too cute for me, hun.) Mike refuses – not everyone’s a game-idiot like you are, Chiguma. Don’t say stuff like that, says Kai; shut up, replies Mike. Kai says if it’s come to this…sweet stuff always made Mike feel better, right? So he gives him…

…what did we expect? It’s Mendako’s March! (Speaking of: dear lord why were we not given that damned theme tune.) Mike sounds excited about it at first – but then mellows back into scary-mode, seriously, did Kai think this was really his favorite snack? (Chouno, what the hell did you do, you really pissed him off.) Anyway, it’s just the straps he wanted…and if he got a double he could always trade with Hinata…

“Huh, Mike-kun, you and Hinata-senpai are friends?” (Note: Kai calls almost everyone by first name+honorific. Mike does not, which is why the fact that he calls Hinata by first name is particularly glaring.) He says yeah, but just on matters relating to Mendako’s March. Just that. Then Chiguma calls for Kai and asks for his help on a quest – it’s hard to tackle alone! – and Kai goes off to help him.

…to say that Kouya and Seijun are at a loss for words is an understatement.

It’s!!! A humongous, amazing, super-sized scoop!! “Marume-senpai…likes games, huh…?” Seijun mumbles to himself, his voice a careful monotone. “And not to mention, Enjouji-kun was a surprise!!” Kouya adds. In their casual conversations Mike had always seemed so cool, a refreshing type of guy (like his character profile stated), which is why seeing him act like that…well, it was definitely a shock!

So are they using this scoop, then? Yeah, Kouya says, they definitely are! Seijun disagrees with this. We never do find out his rationale, though, because just then Mitsuki catches them – what are you guys doing here, invading other people’s private conversations? Eventually he just drags both of ’em (or maybe just Kouya, with Seijun following somberly behind?) along with him.

Some time after they leave, Mike opens the door. Apparently he’d had the feeling of there being someone behind the door, but now that he’s opened the door, there’s no one there. Kai laughs and says it’s probably a ghost. Mike seethes at this suggestion, and closes the door back again.

Translator’s note: Original post dated 04/02/15!


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