Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS2


Track 1: 夏だ!太陽だ!俺たちの海合宿だ!(It’s summer! It’s the sun! It’s our training camp at sea!)

Tenshou Academy’s swim club is out near the sea today! It’s a beautiful place! Takato Kiyosu (CV. Kousuke Toriumi) and Ryuunosuke Hanakuma (CV. Kensho Ono) are so happy about being out and about, they’ve begun waxing poetic about stuff like “the bewitching saltwater breeze” and “the blue-and-white contrast”. Itto Takatenjin (CV. Ryouta Ohsaka), however, is way more direct to the point about it, simply saying:

Itto: It’s the sea! The sea is good, isn’t it~

Takato: That’s right, Itto! This is our paradise!

Itto: Yay! Paradise!

Hozumi Uozu (CV. KENN) still can’t believe they’d made it this far, to have a training camp outside school walls – Takato’s determination really paid off, didn’t it? Yeah, Takato says, but it was a hell of a wait until it got approved, though. Ryuunosuke says that they’d actually been gunning for a beach – but for some reason, they might’ve not gotten that approval easier. Actually, it looks like this one had a hard time being approved, as well, if only it wasn’t for –

Takato: [grudgingly] Well, if it wasn’t for that guy…

Ryuunosuke: Indeed, if it wasn’t for his [spoken?] approval, our “training camp at sea” would’ve just been a “training camp by the pool”.

Who is this guy?, one might ask. Well, at first glance (listen?) I’d thought this was pretty generic, but after listening to this so many times – well. Correct me if I’m wrong but so far I can only distinctly remember Takato calling a specific person using the term ‘that guy’ (aitsu). So yup. We’ll get to who they are pre~tty soon.

Anyway, back to our captain Takato. He so wouldn’t have wanted to have a “training camp by the pool”, puh-lease! So he’s pleased as punch that they get to practice right here, right now – finally, their honest feelings paid off!

Itto: Hey, can we swim now? I really wanna swim now!

Wait, Ryuunosuke reminds him, don’t we have a certain thing we do before the swimming happens? Itto doesn’t seem to remember what it is, but Hozumi does – warm-up exercises, right? As he leads Itto into their drills, someone else enters the scene:

Rei: Oh. So you are here exactly on time.

Takato notices the newcomer, and asks Rei Ichijoudani (CV. Hikaru Midorikawa) how the other club (the one Rei heads – the Beautification Club) is doing.

(Also: yes. If I’m hearing things right, he was ‘that guy’ whose approval apparently made this trip possible.)

Rei says that his club members were busy depositing their luggage, so he felt compelled to check if Takato and the swim boys came prompt and early today.

Takato: Oi, oi, you really don’t trust us, do ya…

Rei: But of course. To my recollection the only one with any honor in them is that one serious about swimming over there – that second-year Hozumi Uozu, who I have no complaints about.

Itto: Hey, what about me? Do [you think] I do well?

Rei: You are undoubtedly Takatenjin. The swim club’s first-year.

…unfortunately Rei doesn’t hear about Itto from the first-years much though, so he’s got nothing to say about him. So Rei still has no idea if he approves of him or not, much to Itto’s disappointment

Takato says that ‘Rei-san’ really is finding reasons to go different places just so he could clean ‘em up (word is souji – a blanket term for dusting/cleaning/sweeping), isn’t he? …the thing is, though, Takato actually doesn’t refer to Rei with ‘-san’. I have reason to believe he does so here with some degree of sarcasm.

Of course, Rei says, they have to go where the other clubs go, because there’d be no one beautifying the place after them otherwise.

Rei: And stop saying this is just “cleaning”. This is beautification, beautification.

Takato: Even in [this/our] training camp, you’re just in it for the cle – beautifying, aren’t ya.

Okay so he’d spoken over his earlier term souji with Rei’s desired term bika, see, Takato, you can be a quick study if you wanted to.

Ryuunosuke says something about how clubs get a great amount of points when they go out on these trips (or did he? I didn’t really get this bit tbh), but Rei says no, that wasn’t his priority in being here. There was another reason why he’d purposefully mixed his club in with the swim club’s activities, after all…

Rei: You, Kiyosu. You’re a club president, but you just keep playing around, and you should be thankful for being allowed to go here for free.

Takato: Aha! That’s pretty stern of ya, huh.

Of course he has to be stern! Rei just can’t trust these guys to be left outside on their own, especially since their faculty adviser Odawara-sensei just gives ‘em way too much leniency – he’s seriously just doing them a favor by coming along, seriously. (But swim club boys do everything freestyle, Rei, didn’t you see the anime? Ha.)

Takato: Fine, so I’ll say “Hey hey, but we are thankful to ya –

Rei: Kiyosu. Assess yourselves more so you can win! That is the least of my criteria for my approval of this training camp happening.


(Help me I may have put these shipping goggles on too tightly)

Aw, Takato says they’re gonna do their best, okay? Since it can’t be helped, he’ll do his best to get past this. Rei says that he better, since he’s the reason why the swim club’s name has fallen this far.

It’s not just ‘cuz of Takato tho, geez, don’t be rude! But it is though, Rei insists, because the club just follows what he does! It’s amazing, isn’t it, Takato thinks – him being someone worth following by everyone! Rei sighs – it’s truly useless getting through to Takato.

Rei asks: where is Odawara-sensei in all of this, though? Ryuunosuke tells him he’s over there with Washiho (the Archeology Club’s faculty adviser from ACTORS1) – the other teacher is here with the Archeology and Singing clubs, apparently they’re both here on scouting activites. Rei is obviouslyvery pleased at this news – of course I am, this means I won’t be stuck with just you guys! Takato goes, oh ok, good for you bro, in any case let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Takato: You guys! Ya ready to start practicing?

Hozumi: I’m ready to go anytime.

Itto: Is it okay now? Can we go to the sea now??

Takato: Yosh, let’s –

Ryuunosuke: Wait a second, Takato.

Aw, geez, I wonder what the nice man with the glasses is stopping his captain for. I wonder if it’s about practical things, like the warm-up exercises he was reminding Itto about earlier…

…let’s see.

Takato: Nn, what is it?

Ryuunosuke: Look over there.

Takato: Mm? Oh – uoooooohhhhh!!!

Ryuunosuke: Don’t you think it looks good?

Takato: Yeah. I could say it’s around an eighty or a ninety.

Rei: Oi. What happened?

Takato: Hozumi, Itto! The two of you go swim in the sea first.

Hozumi: Understood!

Itto: The sea~! I’m going in!

[Hozumi and Itto run off]

Rei: Are you listening to me? I said, “what happened”?

Ryuunosuke: Which one are you going for?

Takato: I’m going for the neechan on the left. Her look is amazing!

Ryuunosuke: Okay, then I’ll go for the girl on the right!

Takato: Changin’ plans! Those two cuties over there are our targets! Let’s go –!

Rei: Wai – wait a second, you two! What exactly are you doing?

Takato: Ugh. [suave voice] My bad, Rei. Fate has found me. I can’t run from it anymore. ‘Til later. [screams] Uwaaaaahaaaaa!!!

[Takato and Ryuunosuke run off]

Rei: Get back here at once! …isn’t that [acting] just like some kind of animal???

And you thought cute glasses-guy was gonna be the voice of reason here. Well. Too bad. Ridiculous, the both of ‘em.

Our poor Rei, who probably now has a headache, is found by the swim club’s adviser, Tsukasa Odawara (CV. Shou Hayami) who asks him: what happened to put such a dire look on your face? Is it his club members that put him in this state? Rei first greets him “Odawara-sensei,” polite as can be, but then he goes –

Rei: What exactly is this??

Tsukasa: Oi, oi. What are you so mad about?

Rei: Your club’s Kiyosu and Hanakuma. Instead of practicing they’re off to do nanpa (to pick up chicks) again.

Tsukasa: Is that so? That’s good, isn’t it.

Rei: What is so good about that??

Tsukasa gotta put a tighter leash on those two idiots, is what Rei thinks, obviously! Tsukasa thinks he can’t do that – he thinks they’re old enough to be able to do whatever they wish. Rei thinks he’s being way too easy on them. Washiho Usuki (CV. Ryouta Takeuchi) from ACTORS1 enters the scene and says Rei to not get so mad about it, of course Tsukasa has thought this all over beforehand. He knows what he’s doing.

Rei asks if Washiho agrees with Tsukasa – well, they share almost the same stance when it comes to these things, is what Washiho thinks, but he thinks Tsukasa tries harder to teach his kids stuff than he does.

Mitsuki: He’s right, Rei. Washiho-sensei just treats the Archeology Club as his hobby, after all. Horrible, isn’t it.

Rei: Oh, Mitsuki! I’ve been waiting for you.

The singing club’s Mitsuki Akika (CV. Kenji Nojima) greets him back. Rei asks what the singing and archeology clubs are here for – apparently, Mitsuki’s singing club is helping out the archeology boys. Doesn’t that mean they can’t do their club activities now, Rei asks?

Mitsuki says it’s all right – the hotel where they’re staying in happens to have a karaoke tournament on. They’re thinking of competing in it, does Rei want to join in too? Rei says yeah, it’ll probably be a hell of a stress reliever. Consider his beautification club in for the count. Tsukasa excuses himself, since Hozumi and Itto are practicing so well and he’s gonna guide them along.

[Tsukasa walks off]

Rei: Please exert more proper control over Kiyosu and the others!

Oh, honey, you worry about the future of Kiyosu – ehrm, the future of the swim club – way too much.

Washiho wants to ask Rei a thing, though – if it’s about his approval of this trip (?) Rei says, he was already done discussing his reasons a while back. Washiho says, no, it isn’t that – although that one was fine by him, btw.

It’s about the investigation they’re gonna be making – Washiho needs to borrow some more manpower. Of course, if it cuts into club time, he’s not going to force the issue. Mitsuki says that it’s really an easy investigation, but the area they have to cover is just way too large, so they have to ask for his help. Rei says okay, he gets it – since Mitsuki asked his help, count him in. His beautification club is gonna help them. Will they be fine with some other people joining in, though?

Washiho: That’ll be a big help! But when you say ‘some other people’, who do you mean…?

Rei: That bunch. Those two who are busy picking up women. Please do whatever you wish with them.

Washiho: [laughs]

Rei’s beautification club isn’t here yet, though, so he guesses he’ll stay around until they arrive. In that case, then, Mitsuki says, they could talk about the investigation more. Rei would love to listen. Washiho remarks that the two of them seem to get along very well.

Yes, they do, Rei says, and it’s all because their policies are the same. Washiho asks Mitsuki if this is true, and Mitsuki says it is – they both believe that the club president’s word is to be followed. Washiho says their alliance sounds interesting.

Mitsuki says it’s nothing, really – just think of it like ties within a network. Washiho says Mitsuki should teach him about stuff like that some time. Mitsuki says, sure – but he’ll be asking Washiho for something in return.

(When will these two not sound suspicious af, is what I wanna know.)


Track 2: バカンス オン ビーチ (Vacation on the beach)

Washiho’s hanging back and having some kakigoori (shaved ice) by the sea. He’s having strawberry flavor, which is given the more dramatic-sounding name of –

Washiho: Could this be “The Taste Of First Love”? Or something?

Mitsuki: Oh, Washiho-sensei. Is that time already long past for you?

Washiho: Akika. In your eyes you undoubtedly think of me as an old man. But I’m still in my twenties, you know? Don’t talk as if it’s already been so long for me!

Rei says thanks for the meal – Washiho says nah, it’s nothing, he’s actually the one who should be thanking him for the trouble. Rei says it’s all right, after all, he’d always thought finding out how the singing and archeology clubs work was interesting. Do they need more people? Washiho says no, they’ll get along fine with the swim and beautification clubs backing them up.

Shirou Nanao (CV. Tetsuya Kakihara) goes up to them to say that they’ve gotten their stuff at the lodge all sorted up now. Kakeru Iimori (CV. Shintarou Asanuma) laments how they have to work in this damned heat – it feels like he’s gonna melt, this is not good news. But summer is cool though, Shirou thinks! (Did I hear this right or did I spend too much time sighing over him to care. Guess which of those two happened.)

Shirou greets Washiho, who in turn asks them if they’re doing fine. No, they aren’t, Kakeru says, it is way too hot in here and he just wants to take things easy rn. Rei asks him what he should do about that laziness of him – they have to beautify the beach, don’t they? Kakeru would much rather do that tomorrow, tyvm. Rei rejects that proposal as quickly as it comes, though. But since Kakeru is being so difficult

Rei: Gohonmatsu, Kiriyama. Bring Kakeru along to start working on the beach.

Gohonmatsu and Kiriyama: Yes, president!

Kakeru: S, seriously??

Gohonmatsu: Please bear with it, Kakeru-san! One-two!

[Gohonmatsu and Kiriyama carry Kakeru]

Kakeru: W, wait, stop that – are you guys kidding me? Let me down!

Kiriyama: The president’s orders are absolute, so – [to Gohonmatsu] let’s go!

Gohonmatsu: Un!

[The two of them carry Kakeru off, counting their steps into the same pace]

Kakeru: [shouting] STOP THAT!!! AND SHUDDUP!!!

[Spoiler alert: ACTORS4 will tell us that these boys’ first names are Masaru Gohonmatsu (CV. Daiki Hamano) and Hajime Kiriyama (CV. Yuuichiro Umehara), but as their names aren’t mentioned here, I referred to them by last names for now.]

Washiho is laughing as he says taking care of stuff from Rei’s end looks rather tiring. Rei says that this is fine, though – it serves its purpose. He and Shirou go off to follow their club and get to the task at hand.

Which leaves us with just Mitsuki and Washiho, who says that the beautification boys do look energetic, don’t they. And they look mischievous, but heck, they’re responsible as hell, aren’t they? Mitsuki says that Rei is a very easy person to read, so it should be expected. He thinks Washiho would be his opposite, in comparison – but when it comes to what, though? To being a perfectionist? Or to being someone easy to read???

Our answer comes when Washiho laughs at this, though, asking Mitsuki – is he saying Washiho is someone hard to read? Yes, Mitsuki says, dipping into that deeper register he gets when he sounds ~*suspicious*~ – especially when it comes to asking about his past job (?). I don’t get this part but basically it seems like Washiho is saying he can’t say much about that time so he hopes Mitsuki would bear with it for now.

Ohhhhhhkaaaaaaayyyy let’s move on from the duo of suspicious men acting suspiciously. Moving on to the other clubs in attendance – first off, Washiho’s archeology trio.

Mike Enjouji (CV. Yuuki Ono) is tired as hell and has no idea wtf they have to be doing here. Kai Akizuki (CV. Takuya Eguchi) says that he’s been like this, from the train ride up to now – he’d even selfishly commandeered them into a conbini (convenience store) so he could buy drinks, though, isn’t he being way too selfish?

Mike says Kai should just shut his mouth and shuddup – ah, but that aside, he’s getting hungry… (We don’t need to read between the lines to know that he’s asking Kai for food, tbh) Kai says Mike should be a good boy and wait, because the others haven’t arrived yet and he should bear with it.

Washiho calls for them to join him and Mitsuki, which they do. Kai says it’s good Washiho found Mitsuki – well, Mitsuki says, they did arrive a bit earlier after all. Washiho asks where their president, Chiguma Marume (CV. Subaru Kimura) is – did they leave him somewhere?

No, Mike says, he’s here with them, but…well, maybe he’s not really here with them, if you get what I’m saying, ‘cuz even here and now his pretty eyes are superglued to that game of his. Mitsuki chuckles, this is really something one would expect from Chiguma, isn’t it.

Mitsuki’s vice president Ryou Saotome (CV. Tomohiro Tsuboi) and their members Hinata Mitsutsuka (CV. Souichirou Hoshi) and Satsuma Kadonoooji (CV. Ryoutarou Okiayu) join them then. Washiho says it’s all fine for them to kill time and have fun for now – but they shouldn’t forget they have work to do later, okay? Okay, then! Ryou calls Hinata – they’re gonna go swimming now!

Ryou: Hinata! Let’s change into our swimsuits!

Hinata: Okay!

Satsuma: Oi, Ryou, Hinata. Don’t just take off your clothes right here. Go somewhere else and change properly!

Ryou: Satsuma. You can’t stop me! [Note: Ryou is using the pronoun ‘oresama’ here, which he does when he gets haughty, lol]


Apparently he’s wearing his swimsuit under his clothes! Actually they both are, but have they seriously been wearing those under their clothes since this trip started? And seriously Ryou, a bikini-cut swimsuit??? Of course, Ryou says, they wore these under their clothes ‘cuz it’ll be a pain to change out of clothes otherwise! Hinata says he thought so too, so he did the same when Ryou suggested it to him.

Satsuma: …are you grade-schoolers???

Washiho: Ahaha!

Washiho and Mitsuki go off to where the swim boys are, after Washiho tells the others to have fun with their time. Mike (using his super-soft and totally not angry public consumption voice) asks what they should do next, and Kai figures something out – what Mike-kun wants the most is to finally get to eat the bentou Kai made, hmm? Somewhere in the middle of this, Chiguma blinks back into the real world.

Chiguma: Huh? Where’s everybody? Were we not supposed to be meeting up here?

Mike: We just finished meeting up. Washiho-sensei said we should just do whatever we wanted with our time.

Chiguma: Is that so?

Mike: Chiguma can just go on playing his favorite game as always. Well, that’s what it means for you.

Chiguma: Well, while that is the case…I’m a bit troubled ‘cuz I forgot to charge and I’m running out of battery.

Kai: Because of that…will you be returning to the lodge to charge it?

Chiguma: Hmmmmm…as expected, though, the sea is nice. It would be a waste for me to stay inside.

Mike: [obviously startled, probably worried] …what’s the matter, Chiguma? Did you eat something rotten today?

Chiguma: That’s horrible, Mike! I just want to hang out normally sometimes too.

Satsuma says it’s just as well that they’ve been given free time – Chiguma asks him why, and Satsuma says he intends to challenge his senpai on a thing. Chiguma takes the challenge, and tells Mike and Kai he’ll catch up with them later.

Mike sighs – finally, it’s gotten quiet ‘round here, without all those damned people around. Kai fusses over him, putting him under a parasol and laying down a sheet so Mike could lie back and relax. (Kai Akizuki, seriously, are you a lovestruck man spoiling his S.O., or a mother doting over her precious child.) Mike asks him for iced tea, which he promptly hands over.

Kai: Aren’t you going into the sea?

Mike: Why do you keep asking me that? (?)

Kai: Because you like moving your body, don’t you? It’s not just with soccer, you also like track and field…

Mike: The sea is full of shit I can’t understand so I hate it.

Kai is surprised at this, understandably – does this hate extend to everything in the sea, then? But how could it, when Mike enjoys eating seafood a lot – from shrimps to crab and everything else in between? Mike tells him to shut his trap ‘cuz that’s not what he meant at all…speaking of food, though, hand over his grub. Today’s bentou is onigiri (rice balls) and karaage (fried chicken)!

Mike decrees that onigiri really are the best things to eat while looking out at the sea, and bites into one – only to somehow choke on it. Kai worries – what happened, does he need something for his throat?

Mike: Goddamnit, you shitty dog! Weren’t you supposed to take the seed out of the umeboshi (pickled plum)???

Kai: Ehh~ If it’s an onigiri’s umeboshi, isn’t leaving the seed in alright?

Mike: Don’t mess with me. Leaving it in is a pain.

Kai: Mike-kun is rather particular about these things, huh? You’re like Ichijoudani-senpai, you know?

Mike: Mehh…don’t lump me in with that over-perfectionist guy!

(He’s right, though, Mike. You are to food what Rei is to cleanliness. It is a fact of life and you should embrace your fate.)

As Kai refills Mike’s iced tea, Mike notices a bunch of people crowding around something in the distance. They all seem like they’re looking at something…? Ryou comes to them and asks if they know what’s going on – they don’t, either, so Ryou gets Hinata to go over there and snoop around so they’ll get to find out.

While Hinata goes off Kai offers Ryou some of the onigiri – he gets one with grilled pork in it and it is delish. Mike asks for some of those, too, so Kai gives him – and btw Mike, Kai made you some of that yamago onigiri (? Someone pls tell me what this is?) too, that’s your absolute fave isn’t it? Mike takes some of that too.

Hinata comes back to them with the news – apparently Satsuma was challenging Chiguma to some kind of sculpture-making using the beach sand…? Mike clarifies – it’s sand art, and it’s a performance of sorts. Ryou is intrigued, and Kai says they should go look. Mike says he will…well, maybe later.

Washiho goes back to them then – you’re back so fast, Kai says, apparently Tsukasa didn’t need the help and thus he was fine with being left alone with his swimmers. So he figures they should start on their investigation now. Mike asks – what are they gonna be investigating about anyway? Washiho says they’re gonna investigate about the truths behind various forgotten stories.

I don’t really get this next part, but if I hear this right Ryou asks if they’re gonna play volleyball after, to which Washiho says yeah, probably, the equipment is kind of a bit worn out from use now, though. Ryou pleads with them to have mercy.

Mike: Kai is here so I’ll be okay. [to himself] Probably.

That aside, Washiho asks them, no srsly what is going on over there? Hinata tells him about Satsuma and Chiguma’s sand art battle. They decide to check it out, and Kai drags Mike off as well.


Track 3: 納涼!?夜更けの怪談百物語 (Summer night!? A hundred horror stories after midnight)

(As my luck would have it all three of my ACTORS2 OTPs exchange words in this track. God, yes.)

Takato sighs – yup, he definitely sung a lot of songs today! Rei says um, duh, of course, he kind of didn’t let go of the damned mike the entire time, of course he was gonna sing that much.

Takato: What the hell? Is my singing really that bad?

Rei: You awkwardly excused yourself for some reason, anyway. (?) You can’t do that in a swimming contest, can you?

Takato: This and that are completely different. That was singing. I’ll take great pains to be better at nanpa.

Rei: [haughty] Why, Kiyosu. Did you mess up again?

(Rei is always so composed and put together but put him in the same room as Takato and he suddenly unleashes his master’s degree in sassing. And for all his hopelessness, Takato gives as much as he gets. I love these two. Never change.)

Apparently Hozumi interrupted them in the middle, didn’t he, Ryuunosuke? Hozumi is really, reallysorry! (This is also a very rare moment of him actually referring to Takato as ‘senpai’. Is this because they have company?) It’s just that Tsukasa was calling for Takato, so…agh, Takato grumps, Tsukasa’s timing is always the worst.

Hoho, Rei chides, is that really what he thinks? In that case it’s good for him Tsukasa isn’t here to hear it, then. (?) Hozumi apologizes again – he’ll take care not to exert too much effort at the next nanpa! Takato says nah, it’s cool, that’s not what he’s supposed to be worrying about anyway…Hozumi should just chill and keep on swimming in the name of their club. Okay, Hozumi says, all fired up, he will!

Itto: Ehh? Does that mean we can swim now?

Ryuunosuke: It’s very late, so no. Because the sea at night is dangerous. Wait until tomorrow.

Hozumi: You really do like swimming, huh~ I still can’t see your love for swimming being more than mine, though, Itto.

Itto: I really like swimming~ Because, when I’m swimming, it’s when I feel the most free!

[muffled “MAKE US FREE NA SPLASH KASANETA” plays in the distance]

Rei is surprised – Itto’s answer was actually really good. It sounded interesting, too. Takato is hesitating over the wisdom of this statement, though…the way Itto is phrasing this makes him feel as if Itto fancies himself as some kind of fish. Itto flippantly says yup, maybe he is one!

And then we have this little bit which definitely does not at all sound like a jilted ex-lover sizing up their ex’s current flame, nope.

Rei: In comparison, however – Hanakuma.

Ryuunosuke: What is it? Well, I kind of understand what he [Itto] meant.

Rei: Even if you say that…why don’t you swim, Hanakuma? I haven’t seen you swim even once.

Ryuunosuke: I may be the [swim club’s] Vice President, but I’m not really an athlete.

Rei: Does that make you the manager, then? I only ever see you by the poolside.

Takato: But that’s all right, isn’t it? Ryuunosuke can’t swim. I guess you can call him an ‘iron hammer’. [Note: kanazuchi, Japanese slang for someone who can’t swim/doesn’t like water]

Ryuunosuke: – ngh…[sighs] It’s just as he said. Even though I’ve said that…I don’t really hate the water all that much. Of course I don’t, because I’ve got my friends with me.

Rei: It’s like a one-sided love. You poor thing.


Takato: Ryuunosuke’ll be hella unbeatable if we put him in a submarine, though! I won’t be able to beat him. That’s how it is. If he dives once, he won’t get back up.

Rei: Rather than ‘diving’ I think you mean ‘sinking’. Closer to the ground that way. (?) That’s enough, I understand. I’ll keep this secret.

Ryuunosuke: Stop looking at me with those pitying eyes. This does not make me inferior. There is a silver lining to this. (?)

Rei: It’s not that. You like [swimming] absolutely, I can ascertain that much, no matter what faults you have [I will] remember just that.

Ryuunosuke: [sarcastic af] Should I thank you for that favorable review of sorts?

Rei: Please be more positive about it. You could be like that man over there whose body I’ve no idea what it got filled with. In comparison to that, I’d much prefer being an iron hammer whose fault was that he can’t find the surface.

Takato: Oi, oi, you’re horrible! What am I to ya? Stop talkin’ like I’m some lotus-root-like person! (?)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the reason why it’s probably best for exes not to meet each other’s current partners.

Itto finds Takato’s reaction to Rei’s words hilarious, and laughs even though Takato tells him to shush. That aside – Kakeru suggests they do a thing, since, well, they’re all here rn. Takato says yeah, they kind of lost ideas with what they should do after karaoke…Ryuunosuke asks if they have any ideas with what they should do with the free time, Kakeru says yup, they do – they should all tell each other scary stories!

Takato: [strangled voice] Ghost stories?????

Rei: Oh? That is a good idea.

Ryuunosuke: One by one we’ll tell scary stories until we end up having a hundred, it sounds good…

Takato: Oi, Ryuunosuke, what are ya grinning about for…

Ryuunosuke: [somehow very happily?] It does sound like a good idea! Let’s do it. The ghost story-telling.

Itto: Ah, that one where we tell scary stories! I know that!

Rei: [haughty] What’s the matter, Kiyosu? Can’t you take a scary story?

Takato: [strangled voice] That is…! [forced, modulated voice] That is not true at all!

Tsukasa sees them like this and decides to join in the fun. Shirou asks him on this and Tsukasa says that he’s a big occult fan, so he’s got loads of creepy tales to tell.

Takato breaks their bubble, though – fine, he admits it, he can’t take scary stories, ok? Rei says, it can’t be helped, though, they’re still going through with it ‘cuz Takato’s the only one who can’t take the heat.

Ryuunosuke says if Takato doesn’t wanna listen, he could just cover his ears or something, they really won’t mind. Or he could just go on ahead to the room their club shares…? All alone…?

Takato: Well…whatever, you guys do as you wish…!

That aside, we’re starting with Tsukasa. Takato is seriously shivering in his boots by now.

(As a blanket disclaimer: I have no idea if I got all these correctly – they use language unfamiliar to me and I don’t have my dictionary to recheck atm – so yeah, there’s a pretty good chance these stories are scarier than I summarize ‘em as below…except for Hozumi’s. You’ll see why in a little bit.)

In some place, there was this mysterious rumor going around, concerning a shrine and what seems to be a hundredth visit (? I think I might’ve not heard this right) One student who’d have a hundredth visit suddenly stumbled into a phenomenon where, for some reason, everyone’s lips seemed to tell him ‘you’re being tricked’.

As the night fell he saw this young girl in a white kimono by the torii (shrine arch). He felt a bit uneasy, but he decided to walk closer, approaching this strange lady…

Takato: That’s enough! I get it so stop now!!!

Ryuunosuke: [slow, scary voice] Ta-ka-to. You’re not allowed to stop the story from ending, you know?

Apparently the girl stopped the student(s?) from leaving the place, and asked them “That wish of yours…can I make it true?” Takato yelps.

Itto: Takato…why are you hiding behind Hozumi’s back?

Takato: Sh…shuddup!

The student thought something was up and told the girl ‘no’…or he would have, but for some reason his mouth could only say ‘yes’. And once he said yes the girl’s expression changed completely! (And yes, Takato is sobbing at this point.) From then on…it seems like the student/s were never seen again.

Takato: Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Kakeru: What is it with that girl…? Could she be…a ghost?

Rei asks if it’s mihyakuji-sama (? What is this? A title of some ghost story) that they’re talking about, and Tsukasa says he’s glad Rei knows what this is. Rei says yeah, of course, he thinks he read this in a book before. The story read a little differently back then, though.

Kakeru sighs…god, are they so happy Tsukasa didn’t go last. They should go a little softer next time! Rei says, well, a seriously scary story should be expected from the occult-loving Tsukasa, though. Who’s going next? Shirou volunteers – if that’s all right, of course, buchou?

Takato: I’ve had more than my fill! Let’s end this, let’s end this!!

Rei: [to Shirou, completely nonplussed] Okay, just go ahead.

Takato: OI CUT IT OUT!

Shirou isn’t actually gonna be talking about a cut-and-dry ghost story, but…it’s something he heard off Thrive Central. Something about that mountain over there (?) and apparently the higher years know more about it?

Ryuunosuke (!!!!!!!) says no, he wasn’t actually right there…them higher years have no idea what to make of it either. What they do think is that it might be functioning as some kind of barricade (?)

(Sorry for the sudden exclamation points, but – well. I ship these two. This is their first recorded convo. I might need to lie down.)

The catch is, though…that mountain wasn’t even there, a while back. How far back are we talking about, Hozumi asks?

Shirou: Try not to be so shocked when I say this…apparently, around eighty years ago that was just a normal grassland.

Hozumi: For real? That mountain is really high up.

Shirou: Well, that’s what I heard from a friend of mine, but I’m not sure how accurate it is, though.

Rei: No, that story isn’t really a lie. I heard that same story myself – years ago, that mountain wasn’t really that high.

There are also rumors that whoever wanders into those mountains doesn’t ever go back, Shirou says. Ryuunosuke is curious – isn’t that just because they’d get lost in the forest? Shirou says yeah, that’s probably the plausible reason! He’s actually been wondering if that story was going around so students won’t be tempted to just go off wandering wherever.

Tsukasa says no, more than just ‘getting lost’, there are more suspicious forces acting at work here. Shirou chokes on his words – seriously???? (Like Takato, one of Shirou’s weaknesses is ‘horror’, though Shirou’s is the more specific ‘horror manga’. Takato is weak against ‘scary things’ in general.)

Hahaha, Tsukasa chuckles, of course he isn’t being serious! Shirou huffs, mou, Tsukasa, stop joking like that! Sorry, sorry – but Tsukasa is also curious as to what mysteries that mountain holds. Rei is intrigued by the fact that not even the teachers know what on earth is up by that damned mountain…yup, you did good, Shirou.

Rei says that if Tsukasa wants to know more he could ask Washiho for help – the man would undoubtedly be delighted to investigate the thing with him. Tsukasa says yup, maybe he will.

Shirou: It might not really be a ghost story, but my story ends here.

Someone speaks immediately after he takes his leave and it’s…not really who anyone expected.

Hozumi: ‘Kay ‘kay ‘kay! I’ll go up next!

Takato: [weak little voice] Are we still going on with this….

Ryuunosuke: Oh? Hozumi, you have a story to tell?

Hozumi: Yeah, I have one. And it happens somewhere where we go to all the time – our school’s own swimming pool.

Takato: W, wh, what the hell????? Ah, is it really, uh, there?

Hozumi: I’m always the last one out of the pool, right? So you guys always wait for me before you leave. But…on this day, I forgot something by the pool. But I remembered it when I was still nearby, so I went back to get it. When I went closer, I realized something…something…was floating in the pool. Something red, and round…I just kept looking at it.

Make your guesses as to what this is now. You might be wrong. You also might not be wrong. I actually didn’t guess this right at first…


Hozumi: Well, I didn’t really find out what it was, though.

Ryuunosuke asks if he didn’t go any closer, well, yeah, of course he didn’t. Takato freaks out completely – is this totally a ghost, for real???? Wtf???????

Takato: This is a ghost, isn’t it! A ghost!!!

Itto: Not really~ I know what this is!

Ryuunosuke: Itto? What is this, then?

Itto: [scary voice] That is, well, you see~ [normal, happy voice] That was me!!! Ahahahahaha!!!!

Yes. Itto, with his swoopy, fluffy red hair, is the Unidentified Floating Object Hozumi had seen before.

Takato: Wtf, you! You should’ve said so at the very start!!!!

Itto: It was a great night out at the pool, right? It just felt really fun to float around in there! It was really quiet, too, so it felt great!

Ryuunosuke: What on earth…then again, it is something Itto would do.

Hozumi: It felt really fun, huh…should I try it out too, next time?

Itto: Nn! Then, next time we’ll do it together!

Takato: You guys are makin’ sure I’ll never wanna go into the water again, aren’t ya…

Next up…who’s going up next? Rei volunteers Kakeru, who promptly comes up with something.

Takato: Oh, just stop this already! I can’t go on anymore!

Kakeru tells of something he’d heard from different people in different clubs – apparently some strange creatures have been popping up recently. Some in the shape of dogs. Or cats. One even appeared as a tanuki (raccoon dog). No one ever really knows where they came from, though.

Itto: [excited] Could it be a ghost????

Takato: Hey there, Itto! Stop saying that!

Itto: Eeeh? But it sounds ghost-ish~!

Kakeru: Haha, it’s really supposed to be a ghost!

But, Kakeru goes on, it also might not be…but whatever they are, these mysterious creatures (this exact wording will be henchforth be used numerous times on within this franchise: nazo seibutsu) keep everyone talking.

Ryuunosuke comments something – probably how they’re yuurei (“ghost”) than the more general obake (“ghost” or “monster”?) – and Kakeru goes, well, whichever one they are, they’re all the other students can talk about. The outside forms are cute and all (‘cuz srsly, animals), but if the rumors are real they’re not to be trusted!

Tsukasa asks Kakeru if he’s seen one of those in the flesh before – Kakeru says no, but if he’s right…there seems to be one tailing them…right, over there, and it looks like a cat

Takato: Oi, stop that! Are ya tryin’ to get to me???

Cat: [meows, cutely]

Kakeru: Aha, and it is a cat, this time!

Rei says that this is all very interesting, and Tsukasa says they should go continue on – now, whose turn is it next? Rei says he’ll go next, then.

Takato: I can’t go on, I can’t go on! I’ve already had more than enough!! I can’t take any more of these ghost stories!!!!

Rei: That being said, you still can’t leave. It’s called a hundred ghost stories for a reason. We still have ninety-six more to go.

Tsukasa says, well, he was supposed to go on ahead, but he thinks he has time to listen to the full hundred! They’ll probably be able to have their own collection after this, too, and Rei thinks that’s amazing. The night is long, after all, so Ryuunosuke thinks they should just enjoy this. Itto wants to hear more!


Takato: Uh-ha! Mou, just stop ittttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.I.P., Takato Kiyosu’s peace of mind and sanity. Well. What little of it got left behind, at least.


Track 4: 探しものを求め森を往く(Let’s go to the forest, for the thing we’re looking for)

It’s the day of the investigation Washiho all needed their help for! He’s showing them the area they have to search in – wait a sec, Ryou says, but isn’t this just a normal forest? Hinata kinda gets it though – the forest has a kinda weird aura surrounding it, and stuff.

Satsuma asks if they’re sure the thing they’re looking for is really here? Yeah, most probably, Washiho says, only they’re still not exactly sure as to what it is they’re looking for…Satsuma says that they can’t start a proper search if they don’t know what they’re searching for. Washiho apologizes, but yeah, that’s all they have to work off of, sorry guys.

Mitsuki: But this forest…is really large. It’s going to be hard to look for something here, right?

Ryou: Well, it’ll be easier if we split up into areas, yanno? (?)

Rei asks Washiho what they could do to help. Washiho thinks over where he should put Rei, his beautification club, and the swim club…all right, they’re going to be in charge of the west side! It’ll be easier for them to cover that wider area ‘cuz there are more of ‘em to go around (10 of them to Washiho & co.’s 8) That in mind, Rei calls his men into action.

Rei: Kakeru, Shirou, Kiriyama, Gohoumatsu. Let’s go.

Shirou: Roger!

Kakeru: But then again there’s that, isn’t it…that forest gives off the feeling that makes you not wanna go inside of it…Shirou, can’t you feel it too?

Shirou: It’s true, isn’t it? Just like Kakeru said, there’s probably a mysterious creature [again: nazo seibutsu] inside!

Takato: …you guys, ever since yesterday, wtf are you saying????? Until morning came you were still telling ghost stories, I told you I had my fill of em already, didn’t I????

Mike asks, in his calm public voice – what did they mean by “mysterious creature”? Kakeru basically rehashes last night’s/last track’s story about strange creatures the Academy’s students keep sighting recently.

Washiho: You guys. Aren’t you having way too much fun with that story?

Tsukasa: That’s right. Isn’t this being a little bit too excessive?

Takato: [to Tsukasa: angry, frustrated] The one who had the most fun with this was you!!!Isn’t it strange that you keep messing with (?) your students like this?????

Tsukasa says, well, isn’t this (ghost stories???) one of the most important things to do on training camps anyway? NO IT ISN’T, Takato disagrees, loudly.

Kai, in a really playful voice, says that if the forest is that scary, then they should be careful, ne~~ Mike (calmly) tells Kai to stop talking like that.

When, suddenly:


Takato: [gasps] Wh, what is it?

Chiguma: [sad] The signal can’t carry on in this area. I can’t play my game anymore.

Takato: Kuh – you’re bein’ confusing, Marume! Haa, I’m going back, this forest is scary!! Ahh, mou – [leaves while sobbing]

Rei: Oi, Kiyosu, don’t leave without permission!

Rei turns to the sensei and says, yup, they’re gonna go start their half of the search now. (Ten bucks says he chases after this swim captain deserter boy of ours.) Washiho turns over the reins over their half to Tsukasa, and they leave.

Because the swim and beautification clubs are in charge of the west side of the forest, the singing and archeology clubs are going to be in charge of the east. Satsuma says that he’s not really sure what the archeology guys do as ‘fieldwork’…but Mike says it ok, they’ll get the hang of it.

Kai asks – earlier, Washiho said he doesn’t know what the thing they’re gonna be looking for is, did he hear right? Yeah, Washiho says, and their job is to find out once and for all just what the thing they’re looking for is.

Ryou: I hope it’s a building! Then we’ll be able to find it easily!

With that, Washiho starts their search! Satsuma calls for Chiguma to go with them. Hinata notices this – he never knew they were such good friends! (Btw I am not sure if Hinata also calls Chiguma Chiguman-senpai like Kai does, or if it’s only the normal Chiguma-senpai.)

Chiguma says they both had such fun doing sand art…next time, Hinata should go with them too! Hinata says yeah, he’ll give it a try next time!

Ryou asks Satsuma if he can go with ‘em, too. This leaves Kai, Mike, Mitsuki, and Washiho in their second subgroup. They split up and go their separate ways.

Satsuma says that they’re in Chiguma’s care – ahh, right, in this group I’m the only one from the archeology club, aren’t I? Chiguma says. Hinata asks him what doing fieldwork entails. Chiguma says they basically look for stuff in different places to fill up a certain database. Hinata says they’ve prolly seen a lot of interesting stuff, huh? Chiguma says yeah – Washiho lives for those things, after all.

Chiguma says that as far as their usual work goes, today’s search operations are pretty easy, so they should just take it easy! Ryou leads the helm, chanting this totally cute little thing:

Ryou: Chisetsu-chan~? Where are you~?

(What on earth is a ‘chisetsu’. Is this yet another inside joke I’m not getting. Help.)

Satsuma notes that this forest is just way too large, and there are no buildings anywhere, why on earth did they have to search through it anyway? Even Mitsuki has no idea what’s in here. Chiguma says that they shouldn’t worry too much and just think of it as a really normal investigation.

Hinata notices something – a sound coming from around there? Chiguma freaks out – is this the mysterious creature???? Hinata isn’t too sure about that, but he thinks he knows where the sound is coming from! It…sounds like a cat…

It’s the cat from ACTORS1! But wait…last time, she ran away from home, didn’t she? And Hinata and the others returned her to her owners, didn’t they?? What’s going on???

And how sure are they that it’s the exact same cat, Satsuma asks? Well, Hinata says, it’s the exact same meowing as last time? Satsuma sighs, what the hell is with that foolish line of thinking –

–suddenly, the cat emerges from the bushes.

Satsuma: Uooh, there it is! This is…it’s Heinel! You’re Heinel, aren’t you??

Hinata: Please stop using that name, [I already said] it wasn’t good!

Cat: [meows]

Hinata: Uwaaah, kitten-chan, it’s nice to see you again! Have you been doing well?

Cat: [meows]

Satsuma says yup, this is the kitten from that time, no doubt…but what is she doing right here, right now? Chiguma remembers – is this the cat they saw in school grounds last time? Hinata says, yup, she has the exact same collar as she did last time!

Ryou: You guys, what are ya doin’ – UOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! KITTEN-CHIYYYYOOOOONNN!!!!! [barrels forward]

Cat: [meows]

Satsuma says if the cat got lost again, they have to bring her back again. Ryou does not want to do that. Again. Hinata says that they really do have to give her back to her owner!!

Ryou: [angry growling] Well, whatever you say. [happy voice] But now, kitten-chan is here, and that’s what’s important~~!

Satsuma says, well, what do they do next? They still have an investigation to do, can’t go on with a sudden cat to look after. Ryou volunteers!! Just leave the adorable kitten to him!! Okay then, Ryou and Hinata will go back to home base to care for the kitten.

Chiguma and Satsuma will go find Washiho and the others to ask what they should do next…it’s a bit hard for ‘em to find them, though, since, like Chiguma moped about earlier, the signal isn’t carrying on, so he can’t call them. Satsuma thinks this is suspicious, though – they’re in a forest, sure, but they’re not on a mountain, why are their phones not working?

Chiguma is really pissed off at losing signal – he can’t go on and participate in today’s limited-time event! Satsuma reminds him that even if he did have signal, he won’t be able to play ‘cuz of their work, right? Chiguma concedes. Satsuma, otoh, thinks he sees the others…right over there.

Satsuma calls out to Washiho, who says he came at good timing – they just found the thing! Satsuma doesn’t see anything tho? Washiho shows them, and Chiguma squees – it’s an underground (?) door? To a dungeon????

Mitsuki thinks it suspect that this thing is here, when there aren’t any establishments of any kind anywhere within the vicinity. Mike says it’s a good thing they finally saw the thing…only Kai says that this means they might have to go under now…

Washiho notices Hinata and Ryou missing and asks where they are. Did they get lost? Satsuma says no – they found a lost cat and went back to HQ to tend to her. Washiho says, ah, so that’s why he heard Ryou squealing in his very loud voice earlier…

Satsuma tells him she’s just not ANY cat, though – it’s the exact same cat from last time. Down to the collar. Washiho muses – why would she be here?

Mike says that maybe the kitten was the ‘mysterious creature’ the beautification club was talking about earlier. Kai agrees, yeah, maybe she is! And if she is the mysterious creature, everyone would be so shocked, but also so relieved!

They decide to recoup for now. Washiho says Mike and Satsuma can go on back, while Kai and Chiguma help him and Mitsuki look for the others. Mike asks if this means they can go back to the lodge now, and Washiho says yeah – Chiguma is super excited, YES, he STILL can join in the limited-time game!!! Kai says no, Chiguma, they still have to look for Tsukasa, remember???

Chiguma: [excited] Well then, I’ll go and look! I’ll go on ahead! [brisk walking]

Kai: Mou, running is dangerous!!

This track ends with another one of Washiho and Mitsuki’s totally un-suspicious suspicious talks. I have no idea what they are talking about. Absolutely no idea. But there’s this part where Washiho says he collects everything – every little detail that sticks out for him, even the more mundane ones – so he could take a look at the bigger picture after it all (?) and Mitsuki goes:

Mitsuki: As expected from an archeologist, huh. That approach seems like such a pain to me, though, I can’t imagine doing it.

They go on being suspicious (Washiho is calling him “Mitsuki-kun” again…………….) while – I assume, from the sounds going on in the background, as the track ends – they finally open the underground door.

Translator’s note: Was originally posted in two halves dated 10/25/15 and 11/04/15!


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