Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS4


Track 1: 秋の空、皆で学園美化活動 (Everyone participating in school beautification [under] the autumn sky)

Shirou Nanao (CV. Tetsuya Kakihara) calls out Rei Ichijoudani (CV. Hikaru Midorikawa), saying that he’s already taken care of everything. Rei says that’s good – for today’s beautification, they’re gonna need lots of people; otherwise, they can’t do it on their own. Rei also tells Kakeru Iimori (CV. Shintaro Asanuma) that the other oughta concentrate his energy on this – Kakeru says yeah, but which place are we gonna beautify, exactly? Rei tells him – the entire school.

Kakeru hesitates. The entire…? From which place to what place, exactly???? All of it, Rei says. Kakeru keeps stuttering over his words.

Kakeru: Mm…uh. Mm…s, seriously?

Rei: I’m serious. That’s why I called for everyone.

Shirou: This large-scale beautification…what is it for, exactly?

Rei says something along the lines about it being a necessary step. Shirou seems to get what he means – Kakeru asks him, if you get what it’s about, what is it? Shirou points to something –

Kakeru: The fallen leaves?

Shirou: [In English] Thats right! [back to Japanese] We’re cleaning up the fallen leaves!

Kakeru: EHHHHHH???

Kakeru freaks – hey, that’s a whole lotta stuff to clean up!! Rei wraps it up, though – yeah, that’s their activity for today. Kakeru asks, can we really do this on our own??? Shirou joins in on the guessing, yup, it does seem like a really big project. Rei says that since the student council asked for help, they gotta do it.


No matter who asked or whatever, though, what the hell is this kinda insanely large project, Kakeru asks. Shirou says yeah…cleaning the entire damned school is a hell of a job.

Rei: That won’t be a problem. Gohonmatsu. Kiriyama.

Masaru: Buchou. What is it.

Hajime: Yes! Whatever it is, I’ll do it!

Presenting two of the three new characters in ACTORS4 – Masaru Gohonmatsu (CV. Daiki Hamano) and Hajime Kiriyama (CV. Yuuichirou Umehara)! One might recognize them as the boys who kept carrying Kakeru off way back in ACTORS2. Speaking of…

Kakeru: Uwa, there it is, not again! I don’t wanna be carried off again!!

Rei: Calm down. They (Gohonmatsu and Kiriyama) are going to work with the first-years, and they’ll be taking care of that, too.

Kakeru: Ehhh? “That”? Who are ya referring to with “that”…

Takato: [sighs] Oi, oi, I’m helpin’ you out here, what’s this about calling me “that”?

Oh hey there, Swim Club Prez Takato Kiyosu (CV. Kosuke Toriumi), it’s very nice to have you here. (If you’ve been ‘round my TLs for a while now, or, worse still, my twitter…chances are, you already understand why this is exciting for me. If not, well, I reckon you’ll catch on soon enough.)

Shirou is surprised that Rei called for Takato, of all people. Takato says, but of course! You see here…

Takato: Rei said, “If youre not with us this time, its gonna be too boring, so please help!” If someone asks ya like that, you’ve got no choice but to go, right? So I tagged along with this guy.

If Rei has anything to say about that – and trust me, he does have something to say about that – he gets interrupted by the arrival of the other Beautification Club first-years, Araki and a couple of other kids. Masaru and Hajime mull over how Rei had to call over the other guys and “Kiyo-senpai”…

Little note on that nickname, cuz it’s been on my mind recently: I thought it was just a Kakeru thing, since he called Takato that in ACTORS2 and it sounded like a really cute, if rather out of place nickname. But it turns out the entire Beautification Club sans Shirou (“Takato-san” – he never uses senpai towards anybody) and Rei (“Kiyosu”) call him by this…

So it’s most likely one of three things: Takato is familiar enough with the Beautification Club for them to call him with a nickname, Takato picked the nickname out himself, or it just goes to show how unsenpai-like he is, for ‘em to kick the formality down a notch (a more obvious example is Ryou Saotome from ACTORS1’s Singing Club, who only gets referred to by ‘-san’ or ‘-kun’, by his kouhai, no less)

Ehrm, that aside. Back to our track, where Takato…is having way too much fun with this. (And so am I…)

Takato: ‘Cuz he didn’t have enough people, Rei was cryin’, so I thought I had to help! That’s the first time I heard it!

Rei: [deadpan, very quickly] I didn’t ask you for help and I didn’t cry either. [normal tone] That didn’t happen. In fact, we’ll be fine even without one person. We can do this without you, Kiyosu.

Takato: That’s rude of ya! What the hell?

Rei goes on to say that Hanakuma (Ryuunosuke, Takato’s VP from ACTORS2) sent Takato over to get some points for the club. Takato grumbles that Ryuunosuke totally sold him out, didn’t he. Rei says yeah, he did, and Takato grumbles even more – until finally throwing a fit and going, “‘kay, fine! Im going! Im going back!

Rei says that this isn’t a smart move for him to do – after all, he does need the points too, ‘cuz point-wise Takato’s swim club is in a pinch right now. As Club President, Takato should take one for the team and work towards acquiring more points. If he goes back right now, he wouldn’t have had succeeded.

Takato: Oi, oi, is the swim club seriously in a pinch? I didn’t know that!

Rei: [very quickly] You’re here for beautification so get to work.

Takato: Uuuu…I got it.

Rei: Stop making that hopeless face! …if the ladies saw you participating in the school beautification, they’ll respect you. If your image goes up, you might even succeed at nanpa.

Takato: Really???

Rei: Really. Work seriously and show the girls your appeal.

Takato: [muttering to himself] “Respect”, huh…if Rei says so then it must be… [louder, no indoor voice, high-tension] Yosh, I get it now! I’ll get on to cleaning and show my appeal!

Rei: Mm. In that case, go along with Gohonmatsu and Kiriyama.

So it really is true that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.. If only because Takato Kiyosu is as readable as a kid’s My First Picture Book. And the fact that Rei knows exactly how to deal with him.

(My OTP, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, rare pair, I know, but when you add up the scenes Takato and Rei have in this disk, it’s as if the universe was giving me this as an early Christmas gift. Thank you, universe. Thank you…)

Ehrm, anyway. Takato gets swept up with the first-years, and keeps repeatedly using the term ‘cleaning’ (souji) to refer to their activities, which is…the same crime he does in ACTORS2 track 1. Masaru corrects him, just as Rei did back then – it’s not ‘cleaning’, it’s ‘beautification’!

Takato says, okay, okay…then again, they’ve got a bunch of freshmen over here, it’s nice, isn’t it? (For comparison’s sake, Takato’s swim club only has one new member, Itto. The way Rei mentions this in ACTORS2 makes it sound like this is a problem, and it is – the swim club has four members in total, half of which are graduating bUT LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT GRADUATION) They tell him it’s cuz their buchou Rei worked really hard on getting new members! And it’s good ‘cuz it’s way more fun with more people on board.


The freshmen then go on to talk about their senpais’ good points – Shirou’s easy-going, and he makes things look fun; Kakeru’s always there helping them out when they need him; and Rei…well, Rei is just an amazing person, in general. (Personal, totally subjective note: I totally agree with them.)

So the underclassmen are totally fired up to make their senpai proud and acquire a higher rank for the Beautification Club! Takato mulls over this…their club is (relatively) larger, but they have nothing but good stuff to say about their senpai, huh… (Again, for comparison’s sake: Takato’s freshman kouhai Itto has in fact called him “stupid” before. Poor child.)

As that group goes off to work, we’re left with our main trio – Kakeru, Shirou, and Rei.

Kakeru: Yahh, Rei-buchou was really great at knocking down Takato-san!

Shirou: It was like watching a circus trick! [?]

Rei: I’ve known him for a long time now. Those words are like a hack.

That said, though, they should get to work now. Shirou asks – where are they gonna go? Rei says the two of them should just follow him. Rei drops something really heavy onto the ground – “This one!” –

Shirou: What is this thing? It kinda looks like a big bazooka…What the – it looks so cool!

Rei finds it good that Shirou thinks this beautification item is cool – it’s a leaf blower. It would help ‘em clean up the fallen leaves much easier – it works “just like a dream”, Rei’s words exactly.

Back to Takato, who’s sweeping and humming merrily to himself like the Disney Princess he just might be deep deep down.

Masaru: Kiyo-senpai! You’re really high-paced, aren’t you?

Takato: Yeah! For the sake of appeal!

Hajime: If you put too much effort in it, you’ll be worn out later, so please take it easy.

Takato: Ah? That so? Maa, I’ll go at my own pace, then.

Masaru says that he hasn’t really heard of the swim club’s other activities. Takato says, well, Hozumi and Itto go join in competitions – he’s the only one who doesn’t. Tournaments are too boring and aren’t his thing at all, so he’d rather pass on ‘em.

(Take note that in his official profile, Takato is actually really damned good at swimming, good enough to be chosen as president. He is basically the “brilliant but lazy” trope, amped up to eleven.)

Hajime: You pass…? Even though you’re the club president…is that really okay?

Takato: That is…something Ryuunosuke’s been telling me too…[?]

Anyway, Takato says, totally not intentionally spurring them to talk about anything else right now, Masaru is really into American football, right? Masaru asks him how he knows that – apparently Takato knows this ‘cuz Hozumi bonds with Masaru over their shared athleticism. Masaru says he’d been into football since he was in middle school.

Takato: Why did you join the Beautification Club? Did you quit football?

Masaru: Yes. Rei-buchou invited me to join.

Takato: Huuuh…so you joined this club, huh.

Masaru: Me and him [Hajime, probably?] we really do respect Rei-buchou!

Hajime: That’s right! The respect has been here for a long time!

Takato: Ah, is that so…you too, Kiriyama? Was it like that for you, too?

Hajime: Yes! When I started high school I thought I wasn’t going to join any clubs, but then I heard buchou’s voice calling out to me…

Takato goes off to say that yeah, Hajime’s got a nice bod, strength-wise, but he doesn’t seem to dabble in sports – is that why he joined this club instead? Yeah, Hajime says, beautification work requires a hell of a lot of strength, so that’s his specialty within the club. Masaru was surprised at this at first though – since his sports ability is 0 (zero, null, not found, basically inexistent, you get the picture)

Hajime: …well, my sense [regarding sports] is zero…what should I do about this hopelessness…

Takato: Huhhh…[sobs] I get it! What you’re feeling right now – if ya need help with somethin’, I’ll help you out! (?) [continues sobbing]

Hajime: Waah, Kiyo(su?)-senpai, please don’t cry! Here, it’s almost time, so we should get back to work!

Takato: [still sobbing] You do your best too! ‘Cuz I’ll do my best!

Masaru: Naa, senpai, please cheer up…

There are a lot of things that might be in play here, and they could also be happening concurrently – it’s either all that skipping on practice might mean Takato’s since lost his innate sporting talent (oh god please don’t let this be the case I wanna see him swim…I mean hear him swim lol); Hajime’s sport-hopelessness might have reminded him of Ryuunosuke, the swim club’s resident iron hammer (stroke specialty: drowning); or Takato is really just a sap who cries very easily (which he also is).

Anyway, they walk off, and we know this because we get to hear Takato’s sobbing fade off into the distance, lol.

Moving on to our trio, where Shirou had been fanboying over the leaf blower for a while now. (From his words I am choosing to imagine that he’d taken charge of the blower for now, but I could also be wrong…) He notices Kakeru brooding over something though, and asks him, is there something wrong?

Kakeru says, nahh, it’s nothing, he was just thinking of something…Takato appears, then, probably drawn by the magnetic pull of gossip or something www Nahh, actually, his group’s gotten their work done, so they’re going back to our main trio.

Masaru and Hajime say that they’ve gotten all the leaves piled up into one tidy pile, so Rei pulls Shirou aside to tell him something (from Shirou’s tells and the Japanese fans’ art I am led to believe that Rei was whispering in his ear) and Shirou goes okay, I’ll go get it started up, now.

Takato looks between the two of em and sounds rlly confused/intrigued, but Rei goes off to ask one of the first-years – Araki? – to go help out Shirou with…well, the thing. As Shirou and the freshman go off, Takato decides to let it go, and decides to ask Kakeru what’s been bugging him, instead.

Takato: [cutesy tone] Tell us, Iimori~!

Rei: [serious af] Don’t take this lightly, Kiyosu. [normal] Kakeru. If this involves beautification, I’ll take care of it.

Kakeru: Well…it’s not about the beautification club.

Rei: Then what is it?

Kakeru: I’ve been helping out a bunch of clubs, right? But lately I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff, I don’t get time to do what I wanna do.

Rei: Things you want to do? Hm. That’s…regarding the stage [theater], right?

Kakeru: Yes, that’s it. I have the idea going…but it’s not as if I could ask for help…

Rei says something to the effect of one having to make the most out of their high school years, and also that – since hes one taking up the most of Kakeru’s time, if Kakeru ever needs free time to take up his passion, he’s more than welcome to take a break from Beautification Club activities.

Kakeru balks – as if he’d do that! Rei says okay then, instead of that, he’ll talk with the other clubs, try and see if they can free up Kakeru’s sched a little bit. Kakeru wouldn’t want him to do that either – and to think Rei himself would have to be bothered by this… Rei says it’s all good though, so don’t worry. (He got this.) In that case…Kakeru’s really grateful, cuz Rei’s really helped him out.

Cue the fanboys.

Masaru: As expected of buchou…!

Hajime: Uwa, amazing! Respectable!

Takato: I get the reason why your first-year boys respect you a lil’ bit now. Rei, you’re a proper buchou, aren’t ya?

Rei: I do what I can. Kiyosu, act more like a Club President, won’t you.

Takato: Ah…haha, I can’t do that.

Rei spurs them on to finish the rest of the beautification as perfectly as possible! He then tells Takato to deal with the fallen leaves right over there, and also…

Rei: If any [leaf] remains, you won’t get any points.

Takato: Guh – oi, that’s too horrible! Am I your slave??

Rei: Get on with it! [Rei flips a switch open…and aims the leaf blower straight at Takato.]

Takato: [blown…no, swept away (lol)] Ahh…gah…stop it! I’m goin’ there! I got it! Stop it!!!!!

Rei, finally taking mercy on his poor sla – I mean friend, was totally not implying anything, haha, turns the blower off. Takato realizes something – hey wait, it smells like something is burning! He freaks – hey those leaves over there are on fire!!!!!! Rei is all cool about this though, saying that this was a request for today – is it okay that the leaves are on fire though, Takato asks, cuz seriously.

Rei waits for the other shoe to drop, and Kakeru’s the one who realizes it first – Shirou says yup, they’re roasting sweet potatoes! Takato’s really excited about this too. Shirou says they’re almost done, so just wait for a little while longer! Rei says they should leave the roasting to Shirou, and as for the rest of em, they better wrap up the rest of the beautification.

Masaru, Hajime, Takato, and the other freshies go off to clean up some more, and one of em scolds another one of em for slacking off on the job (“Buchoull be angry if you slack off!!”), and Takato makes one more request (Gimme a big bunch of sweet potatoes to bring back to my club, too!!)

(As an added OTP bonus I have now started imagining Shirou giving a bunch of roasted sweet potatoes to Ryuunosuke (cuz god knows what Takato would do with them). Yes. Autumn really is good, isn’t it…)


Track 2: 歌唱部で開催! 即席歌唱大会へ (Singing Club Presents! Improvised Singing Competition)

Mitsuki Akika (CV. Kenji Nojima) has been talking to his friend Keishi Harumoto (CV. Noriaki Sugiyama) for a while now, about a kitten. (Continuity nod – it’s the same kitten from ACTORS1, who also pops up – quite literally – in ACTORS2.) Their sensei Washiho Usuki (CV. Ryota Takeuchi) has been interested in it for a while, after all, and Mitsuki himself is intrigued by it, too.

Keishi comments on how Washiho doesn’t really seem like a faculty member at all – messing around with college students, also being interested in strange cats, et cetera. Mitsuki laughs (laughs) and agrees with him. Keishi says okay, he’s got some free time, so he’ll treat the favor as a game or something and help ‘em find the cat. (Oh god it got lost again.)

Oh, and another thing – Keishi asks if Mitsuki would be fine working on this without the singing club, cuz they were working together last time they looked for the cat, and this time it also happens to be the singing club’s rest day? Mitsuki’s fine, so Keishi says okay, I’ll contact you if I see anything.

Change of topic, though – Keishi’s class attendance. Apparently the teachers have been talking about it: “That Harumoto, I want to see him in school!” Keishi’s totally against this, however – he’s homeschooled, and would rather not go to class if he didn’t have to. Mitsuki says ah, but won’t it be nice to see other people’s faces once in a while? Keishi says it’s no prob – if it’s just Mitsuki and the others’ faces, he could see those anytime he wants. Anyway, he’s been checking out on everyone, also he listens to them singing! They’re good at it, he thinks.

Mitsuki’s gladdened by the praise, and that Keishi finds enjoyment in this somehow, but…they have got to do something about Keishi’s immense hatred for being around people. Doesn’t Keishi feel like he’s missing out on anything at all? Keishi says nahh – he’s got everything he needs in his room (I’m guessing he gets food delivered, if he’s not still living with his family, that is), and if he wants to talk to someone he’s always got Mitsuki. Mitsuki wishes he’d get along with his fellow singing club members someday, though…

Keishi says that the singing club guys aren’t bad people…like how Saotome (Ryou, from ACTORS1, also shows up in ACTORS2), seems like a troublemaker, but is actually a good guy. Keishi knows this, ‘cuz he’s in a unique position of seeing how he is when there’s literally no one else around. (Please don’t have cameras in the bathroom, though, Keishi…) He’s the type of guy who does the first thing that comes to mind – and in that case, Mitsuki says, he can see Keishi in Ryou, and vice versa.

On the other hand, Keishi thinks Kadonoooji (Satsuma, from ACTORS1, shows up in ACTORS2) is the really honest/hardworking/straightforward type (“majime”); he’s a guy who goes off wandering in places on his own, but he seems really balanced, somehow. Mitsuki says yeah, Satsuma does kinda seem to give off a “leader”-ish vibe to him, but when it’s time for broadcasts and stuff he always helps Mitsuki out.

As for Keishi’s take on Mitsutsuka (Hinata, who we’ll meet again later in this track) though…he always seems so light-hearted and easy-going, but…it always seems like he’s thinking about a lot of stuff all the time, Keishi thinks. Mitsuki says it can’t be helped – it’s impossible for Hinata not to think about what’s going on with his family. (What is going on with his family though please tell us) Apparently Hinata doesn’t like talking about it much, though, so Mitsuki lets it slide, and in any case, Hinata never fails to be reliable, anyway.

Well, that’s what he thinks of ‘em, in any case. Judging from what he sees of ‘em. Through the CCTVs.

Yes – Keishi’s a dead-set hikikomori, who doesn’t get out of his room with its wicked computer set-up (which we get to see in his birthday illustration), and…hacks into the Tenshou Academy security camera system to watch his friend and his friend’s friends go about daily school life. Mitsuki calls him out on this, saying that peeping on people is something he shouldn’t be doing.

Keishi corrects him, though – it’s not peeping, geez, he’s just…people-watching. Yes. That sounds like a better hobby, definitely not like anything similar to peeping at all. In any case, he could see how they are just fine from here. Mitsuki insists it’d be easier if he just went to meet them instead, but Keishi tuts him – that’s neither here nor there.

Keishi: ‘Out there’ is…for a bunch of reasons, really troublesome.

Mitsuki: In that case…it’s going to be hard for you to join into Washiho-sensei’s search mission…

Keishi wishes him luck (?) on this, and moves on to something – there’s apparently been rumors floating ‘round about Washiho-sensei, cuz he’s from another club but keeps checking on the singing club. I…don’t really get the rest of what he’s saying, but apparently Mitsuki is surprised this became a rumor (guys, you are, like, totally shady tho), and wishes Keishi well on the cat-search before they end the call.

Just then, the door slides open, and in goes…

Washiho: Good day to you, Mitsuki-kun. [Note: He’s using ‘gokigen’you’, the greeting that only Mitsuki uses. Also – first-name basis. They’re all alone.] How is he [Keishi]?

Mitsuki: Washiho-sensei! What’s the matter.

Washiho: I made some time because I wanted to see you.

Mitsuki: Were you already there [behind the door?] when I was asking for [Keishi’s] help?

Washiho: Mm. I did that because I wanted to hear Harumoto.

Mitsuki: Sorry, but…Keishi doesn’t want to contact anyone other than me.

Washiho: Is that so… Have I just been dumped…It’s really regrettable! The stuff I wanna hear from him are piled up like a mountain right now…


Mitsuki says, in that case, he’ll do the asking in Washiho’s place and tell him, instead. Also, Keishi’s on board with the kitten search, which makes Washiho happy. One more thing, though, they’re gonna need more people on the search.

They talk about something I really don’t understand, but it’s set to their own personal BGM for when things go shady, and they also talk about mind control, so I can’t really say they’re up to any good. They’ve also been talking about white walls, strange white walls, and at this point I have no idea if Rei has anything to do with this…

Anyway, Mitsuki says they should continue looking – maybe they’ll chance upon a hint that’ll lead ‘em to realize what exactly is going on with this school.

Washiho: “Stop worrying and just move”, that kinda thing?

Mitsuki: Yes.

Breaking up the tension here (oh sweet holy lord yes the shady duo was really freaking me out), in comes Hinata Mitsutsuka (CV. Soichiro Hoshi)! Washiho asks him what he’s doing here, and Hinata says, well, it’s club hours, so he’s here to practice singing! Actually, it’s him who should be asking Washiho this very question – he’s not their faculty adviser, but why is he always in the singing club’s room anyway??? Washiho laughs and says it’s nothing…well, probably

Mitsuki decides to ask Hinata about that strange wall they talked about before – yup, it was white, Hinata says, and really huge! Mitsuki asks if he’s seen anything like it before, like in his hometown or anything…but nah, Hinata says, he hasn’t! Not even on TV.

Yeah, it’s really weird…and the media hasn’t even spoken about it, not even once, Washiho says. Mitsuki and Washiho talk about this some more, thoroughly confusing the heck out of Hinata, who Washiho apologizes to cuz yup, they can’t really explain this to him…

Mitsuki: Well, Hinata, this is all about a world of things you don’t know.

Hinata: Wa – wait a sec, Mitsuki-senpai! Those words are very scary, you know??

Washiho plays it off like this – they’ve been talking about a lot of things Hinata doesn’t know, just as how sometimes Hinata could talk about a bunch of things not many people know, too. That’s the same. Hinata decides to take the easy route and accept that explanation. Mitsuki says they shouldn’t linger on this topic any longer – because they’re obviously troubling Hinata at this point.

Mitsuki says it’s the singing club’s day off, though…Hinata still felt like he needed to practice? Hinata says yeah, he wants to be better and keep up with everyone. Washiho says he’s a good kid, and now he wants to sing a bit, too. Mitsuki feels the same. He wants to study how to make his singing better, alongside Hinata, as well.

Hinata has another request, though – can he go hang out with Shirou and the others after this? (He sounds so much like a kid asking permission from his mom, I swear, lol) Mitsuki says yeah, of course. Mitsuki says he wants to go there, too, since he wants to call Rei out so they can sing together again. If it’s singing, though, Washiho asks if he can ask his club to go along, too – Mitsuki says okay, they can join in too!

By the end of this, it seems like they’ve organized some kinda impromptu singing contest (hence the title, lol), and Hinata sends everyone mails to let ‘em know! Washiho also suggests that they fight for club points this time (well, he does tend to dole ‘em out in droves, after all…)

Washiho and Hinata go to grab drinks, leaving Mitsuki to himself.

Mitsuki: [chuckles] It’s really good that the singing club was formed. I’m having fun every day…

Track 3: 部長たちの放課後〜ナンパ昔話〜 (The Club Presidents After-School ~Old Nanpa Stories~)

Rei Ichijoudani (CV. Hikaru Midorikawa) asks: why did he allow himself to be dragged to this noisy place? Takato Kiyosu (CV. Kousuke Toriumi) says, nah, don’t worry ‘bout it, it’s fine – since it’s just him and Mitsuki, if Takato weren’t there they were gonna go to the same old café as usual, right? Mitsuki Akika (CV. Kenji Nojima) chuckles and says yeah, Takato was right – the two of them don’t usually go to fast food places like these.

Rei: Kiyosu. Does this place’s food even have proper nutrition. Especially, does it give off vitamins. Its salt content is too high.

Takato: Wha~~~~t’s with those kinda old man-like lines?? We’re young so it’s all good! Naa, Mitsuki~?

[Little note: if you listen closely, that line of Takato’s above, there’s a young woman talking in the background. I’ve noticed that they seem to affect the same pitch of speaking lol]

Mitsuki: It’s all right to eat what you want to eat. [wrapper rustling] This cheeseburger, it isn’t too bad if you eat it occasionally.

Rei: Mitsuki. Stop being too sweet on Kiyosu.

Takato: Are you my parent??? It’s good so shouldn’t it be all right???

I’m not your parent, Rei says, but Takato should really be careful with his diet! Takato says, ‘kay, ‘kay, and chomps through his own burger, eventually speaking with his mouth full. (Let’s just hope he didn’t spray food on anyone…)

Takato asks Rei, that girl over there, doesn’t she go to a school far from here? Rei says yeah, she’s a student of (idk if “daiongaku” is a school name, a place name, or just…is she a music student?), and Mitsuki goes, why is she hanging out in the seventh district…? Takato ventures that if she actually lives around here, it won’t be too much of a stretch for her to choose this place to hang out.

Rei: …then? What did you want to say?

Takato: Eh? Ai-yah, isn’t that girl…kinda cute?

Rei: Hm. She…isn’t bad.

Takato: Is~~~n’t she? Naa, [let’s] go and talk to her!

Rei: Not happening. If you want to go, you go yourself.

Takato: [angry] What the hell??? You stingy guy! [cutesy] Then, Mitsuki, won’t you go with me?

Mitsuki: I’m hesitating. Nanpa isn’t my hobby.

Takato: [grumbles] It’s too ba~~d.

(Note: I’m not making this up – Takato tends to draw his lines here out a lot.)

They were talking about something else a while earlier, why the heck did it suddenly turn to nanpa?, Rei asks. Isn’t [Takato] being kinda rude? Takato says nah, it’s fine! They can go the flexible route (?) for today. Rei questions this thought process of Takato’s. Takato goes muttering about how today is no good, as well…

Rei: Kiyosu. You’re stupid, so it’s no good.

[Note: Rei generally speaks politely, but he almost always uses the ruder pronoun “kisama” when talking to Takato. Also the exact word was “oroka” – “silly” or “ignorant”, but considering the rough speech angle, the contextual TL would be “stupid”.]

Takato: Im “stupid”????

Rei: That’s right, stupid.

Rei then goes on to say that Takato can’t just do things as he wishes (unclear part? He talks so quickly here, I can’t really catch the words); he also refers to Takato’s personality/current plan (of picking up chicks) as “buzuma” (“boorish”, this was a really obscure word, I had to refer to a set of lyrics for this – apparently the song was Isho by Mucc)

Takato: [grumbles] Oi, oi, no matter what ya say, callin’ me “stupid” and “boorish”, isn’t that really rude???

Rei: [very quickly, very pissed] Day after day, meeting up with girls is all you think of! It’s [your] fault the swim club is going downhill! [next part unclear, hes talking much quicker here] You even had to go with our Beautification Club to gain points! If that isnt stupid, then what is it????

Takato: What the hell???? [You’re being] horrible!!!

Mitsuki: Maa, maa, the two of you, let’s just leave it at that. [?]

Rei: [suddenly calm] – oh. Apologies. I got too fired up.

Takato: [grumbles] What’s with that not-shuttin’-up from earlier…[you] weren’t like that before~~

Mitsuki: Is that so?

Takato: No matter what happened, he never got mad.

Rei: Do you want to know the reason behind that?

Takato: Hm? What the? There was a reason??

Rei: It’s fine for me to tell you right now. During that time, [I let] Kiyosu do things as he liked freely. For the sake of watching that worrying case of news from beginning to end. [?]

Takato: Guh – [screams] worrying?????

Rei then goes to say he just watched that ‘worrying case’ (Takato) happen, as he strove for excellence/perfection (in nanpa, I’m guessing), but he realized that he’d been spending a lot of time on this endeavor.

Rei: That’s why I broke off the combi with Kiyosu.

Takato: Oi, oi, oi, oi!!!! [his voice gets a bit sobby here] Naa, tell me you’re lying–!!

Rei: Even if it’s a lie, it cannot be helped.

Mitsuki: [chuckles] When the two of you are together you always act this way, since when did this start? [?]

Takato responds to this by a flashback to when he and Rei were in first year high school –

Rei: [much calmer, much lighter voice than “present” Rei] Kiyosu. Today’s re-meet (?) is at 2 pm.

Takato: EEeeeeeeeehhhhh??? At 2 pm already??? That’s too soon!!

Rei then goes to say that it shouldn’t matter what the exact time is, as long as they’re calmed down and prepared. Takato tells him, nanpa isn’t a sport, goddamnit!!! It’s a pastime! Rei says he shouldn’t think that way, and that he better get psyched up now.

Takato: I get it….’kay! Let’s get pumped up! [clapping sounds – maybe he’d slapped himself in the face??]

[The exact word they both use is actually “kiai” – something along the lines of “fighting spirit”? Rei is basically saying Takato needs to get his energy in check, and Takato seems to be recharging lol]

Rei goes all into planning mode – considering this time, and this place, which target would be most feasible? Takato replies – hm, maybe someone in the same uniform as them? Rei thinks that might be good, considering the timing, but thinks it’d be more fruitful to look for someone in a different uniform. Takato asks why, and Rei just says that if they’d wanted to pick a schoolmate girl up anyway, they could’ve just talked to her normally, in school.

Takato asks Rei [for his eternal wisdom], then, which girl should they hone their targets in on? Rei says, at this time, they should make their target a girl who’s just resting. (Basically, chilling, haha.) Rei’s actually seeming to be gunning for the college girls here, ‘cuz they’re usually alone, in cafés, during this time of day. Takato sounds a bit hesitant about this, though…

Rei: Kiyosu. What is your purpose?

Takato: Uh. Nanpa, but.

Rei: Why is nanpa important to you? Is it for technique? For passion? First of all, you have to succeed! Or do you just want to talk to them?

Takato: I do wanna succeed! Mm.

Rei: In that case, in order to succeed in nanpa, don’t you think you should employ your best? [?]

Takato: Uwooh – that’s what I think, too!

Rei says, in that case, he better work towards succeeding a bit more. Takato agrees, but he’s still sounding really hesitant about this…Rei basically goes never mind, let’s just find a girl to hone in on!

Takato: [wails happily] Uhhhyooooooo~~~! I’m going off!

[Note: This is basically similar to the wailing thing he does in ACTORS2, track 1.]

Back to the present – Mitsuki comments that first-year Rei was really into nanpa, wasn’t he? Rei says yeah, of course, ‘cuz he was aiming towards success in that field, too. Takato then goes and says that Rei was always the one who would psyche him up, during that time. Rei says something along the lines of, well, he kinda had to, otherwise they wouldn’t get anywhere. Takato then says that Rei put a lot of thought in this, didn’t he? Rei then says, well, if he took things lightly, that would leave him with more time to just worry over Takato.

Takato: Whaddya talkin’ about ‘just worrying’? I was all psyched up, okay! I was always sincere!

Mitsuki: What kind of nanpa did Rei use to do before? Tell me a bit about it?

Takato: Rei’s nanpa was a bit like this –


Rei: [to the girl] Is that so? That’s a relief. I’m glad I got to talk with you. However, I must apologize.

He then goes to tell her that even though they’ve just met, they have to part ways now, and it’s unlikely they’d meet again, in the future. So they have to stop here now, and not keep in touch – he excuses himself.

Takato: [to the girl] See ya~~ [humming]

Rei concludes, yup, during this time, a girl who is at rest is the best target – it seems to be a pattern that never changes.

Takato: Oi, Rei!!!

Rei: What.

Takato: That was a really cute girl you found there! ‘Let’s not keep in touch’ – why did you say that????

Rei says something along the lines of how it’ll be troublesome for both of em to keep in touch, so he’d best not keep any hopes up. Takato protests, though – wasn’t the one who said those kinds of ladies would be better/easier to talk to during this time Rei himself???? Rei says, yeah, and he had fun talking to her during the process of nanpa, so that’s what he considers a success.

Takato sounds really frustrated, though – he had the chance for a legit date, and he blew it!!! Rei says, well, in that case, why don’t you give it a shot? Takato hems and haws, uhm, he doesn’t have the confidence for that…it’s kinda, uhm, im, impossible…. Rei says, if it’s impossible, Takato should leave it to him. Takato happily promises he’ll be the one taking the reins next time! Rei says something along the lines of this being what partners are for, anyway.

The flashback ends with the both of em going off to search for more cuties.

Back to the present, Mitsuki says Rei really hasn’t changed that much…Rei says, yup, the only thing that changed from then to now is who he spends his time with. Takato whines about Rei being a stickler for his ‘catch-and-release’ system. He was the one shedding tears for all the wasted opportunities, damnit! Mitsuki says he’s gotta have gleaned a hell of a lot of nanpa know-how from all those convos, though.

Takato seems to be gunning for a revival of their old combi, but Rei says, well, you aren’t giving me a good reason to revive that. It’s also quite possible that he says something about either Takato’s academics or his unsuccessful nanpa attempts, because Takato then goes and apologizes for being [presumably a bad?] student, lol. And sobs. Mitsuki offers him some words of comfort – if he does his best, he’ll be fine – and Takato sobs a thank-you back.

Rei and Mitsuki are hella busy, though, so they have to go now. Takato (still sobbing) asks if they could stay a bit longer, go to nanpa with him, but Rei cuts him off with this one word –

Rei: Denied.

They are busy as heck, do they have to spell this out for you, Takato?? Takato is unfazed, though, he still ends up pleading with them until the track fades out.

(Takato, I actually do adore you, but what the hell.)


Track 4: 修学旅行後日談。考古学部にて (Chatting A Day After The School Trip. With The Archaeology Club)

Mike Enjouji (CV. Yuuki Ono) has gotten ahold of some really good potato chips, and calls Kai Akizuki (CV. Takuya Eguchi) over to get him some drinks.

Kai: ‘Kaaaaay~~~! Is tea from a PET bottle okay? Mike-kun, can I have some potato chips too?

Mike: Don’t underestimate them. [Unsure but he might be saying theyre more filling than they look?]

Kai: Waaaai!! [nom nom] These are delicious!

He then asks, rather tellingly, if Chiguman-senpai (Chiguma Marume, CV. Subaru Kimura) is “here” (physically he is, but mentally…), and Chiguma answers back somehow instinctively, but whatever he’s saying is cut off by one big guwaaaaaahhhhh – he’s in the middle of another game, of course.

Kai: [laughs] He’s busy, isn’t he.

Whatever boss Chiguma was dealing with seems to be done with quickly, though, because he happily proclaims that he’s over with the level already. Kai congratulates him, and hands him tea and potato chips, too. Chiguma says his thanks – that quest was rather long! Kai asks him if he got some good items out of it. Chiguma says yup – in the next scenario, all the items up for grabs are really good ones, so he’ll do his best.

Mike says the game really sounds troublesome, though, and is surprised Chiguma hasn’t given up already. Chiguma says, yeah, a normal person would have probably given up by now…but since he likes games a lot, he isn’t giving up that easily! Mike says he doesn’t feel the same, because it’s just a game anyway. Chiguma says that Mike seems to be quite okay with giving up, huh…

Kai says, well, he doesn’t seem too fond of the idea, ‘specially during that one race game he can’t win – even though it was Kai’s game in the first place. I’m guessing Mike did something to the controller – maybe he threw it or something? – because he then insists that it was an accident, seriously, an accident. Kai’s got a wary voice when he asks if Mike is for real, and Mike says he apologized properly, geez, let it go. Kai says, nope, you didn’t apologize! Mike just kept being grumpy!!

Mike: Stop now and shuddup, shitty dog.

Kai: [laughs] That’s horrible!

Chiguma (hates to break this lover’s quarrel up, but he) has to go somewhere now, so he’ll go on ahead! He wouldn’t go if he had to, but he has to, so…Mike says well, wouldn’t that be fine, he’d get to eat a lot of good stuff? Chiguma says, yeah, he will, it’s a party, after all!

(The CD booklet yonkoma tells us that this is a party in a hotel ballroom, with a lotta good food…but Chiguma actually prefers eating Kai’s curry – a point of pride for the obviously very happy Kai.)

As Chiguma goes off, Kai tells Mike that he’d never thought Chiguma to be the kind of person to go to such events, he’s amazing, isn’t he? Mike then goes to say that thinking how Chiguma could go from an amazing guy to…well, the game nerd we all know and love, hurts his head so he’d just rather not think about it.

Mike: Well then, because it’s quiet now…I’m gonna sleep.

Kai: Eeehh, you’re sleeping?

Mike: I’m sleepy.

Kai: Mike-kun, don’t sleep.

Mike: You just go and deal with your curry things.

Kai then goes off to say about his being worried if konbu or potatoes would go well with his next blend, and he and Mike chat about food some more, eventually they decide on trying out Gouda cheese or something, and Mike realizes wtf, why are you dragging me into this convo this time, lol. Kai asks what Mike wants to eat, and Mike says he wants to eat curry with a mountain of potatoes in it.

The door opens, and in comes the Singing Club’s Hinata Mitsutsuka (CV. Souichirou Hoshi) and the Beautification Club’s Kakeru Iimori (CV. Shintarou Asanuma)! Kai says he’s glad to see ‘em around – and apparently Mike was the one who called ‘em here, well, he called Hinata over, at least. Kakeru, on the other hand, is in awe – he’s never been in the Archeology club room before. Mike kinda indirectly apologizes for Kai’s curry stuff taking up so much space, though, haha.

Hinata says Kai’s curry is hella high class, and Kakeru says it’s actually kinda legendary, school-wise! Kai laughs happily upon hearing this. Hinata says that, on his days off, he cooks curry in place of his mom. Kakeru says Hinata’s a good guy – he could make it himself, but he’d also rather not

Mike asks if they make curry too, and they say, yeah! Kai’s excited upon hearing this – what are their favorites? Hinata’s fave is the plain curry, with lots of veggies! Kai thinks that’s a good choice! Kakeru likes curry with beef and onions. Kai also thinks that’s good – when the onions go all sweet, it’s the best! Mike sighs and says Kai really enjoys chatting about curry, huh.

Kai: It’s ‘cuz I reaaaaaally like curry~~

He can talk about it for ages! Hinata laughs and says Kai’s curry love is seriously real, isn’t it? Mike deadpans that his body must be made up of pure curry by now, actually. He then goes to suggest the two stay over and eat curry with them after, and Kai agrees, yup, he’s having curry with a looo~t of potatoes in it for today! The two are really happy to be included in the meal, haha.

Now that the curry talk is over, though, Mike would rather they get to the real reason why he got Hinata to come over. Just as they promised – the special region-limited versions of Mendako’s March! (Mike bought a bunch of ‘em in Drama Edition East, and while I have yet to acquire/listen to it, Hinata presumably did the same in Drama Edition West.) They could never seem to find a good time to do the exchange, so they set a date for today.

Hinata: Eeeeetoo…ahh, there it is! [rustling] Here, Enjouji-kun!

Mike: Uooooohhhh!!! [breathy, really happy and light voice] This is the Okinawa-limited Mendako’s March! Thank you, Hinata. Soulma – [catches himself, clears his throat]


Kai: Hmmmmm~~~~ Just as expected, Hinata-senpai is Enjouji-kun’s soulmate, huh~~~~

Mike: [flustered] Eh – nah, you heard it differently. Here, Hinata, from me – Hokkaido-limited Mendako’s March!

Hinata: Uwaahh!! Thank you!

Kakeru: “Mendako’s March”? Do the two of you like that snack?

Hinata: Un! We collect the freebie keyholders! Here! This is my favorite Men-tan!

Kakeru: Huuuh…looks like an octopus, huh.

Mike: It is an octopus, but it’s a deep sea creature. My favorite one is Mon-tan.

Kakeru: [assenting noises]

Kai: – ahh, that’s right! Are you cat persons, or dog persons?

Mike: Kai. What’s with that sudden topic change. Even though we were talking about Mendako’s March…

Kai: Buuu~t, in that topic of conversation, aren’t you gonna leave Kakeru-senpai and I out?

Hinata: Maa, maa! I’m a cat person! Just as expected, cats are good! They give off a feeling of living freely.

Kai: Nn! Cats are good, aren’t they~~~ [Note: Mike’s name in kanji means “calico cat”.]

Kakeru: I’m prominently a dog person! I like how they kinda become your partner.

Mike: I might be a dog person. Having a pet dog is rather good. However. Hearing a yapping mongrel is something I hate.

Kai: When you say “mongrel” – you’re talking about me, right?

Mike: [haughty laughter] Well, I was just talking about mongrels, though.

Kai: [Me] intruding upon your Mendako’s March conversation…you really don’t like it, huh~

Hinata: Wa, wait, don’t fight!

Kakeru: Mm…it’s a normal married couple’s quarrel, isn’t it.

[Moment of silence for me and my heart because Kakeru actually used the term 夫婦げんか – “married couple’s quarrel” – to refer to Kai and Mike’s little exchange here. OTP GAME TOO REAL, ACTORS, WHY]

Kai: Ahahaha! It is, isn’t it~?


Mike: Thats not it!!! [sighs] The hell…

Hinata: Uwaahh!!! I remembered, the cat! I forgot it because of [word unclear – probably “fish governance”???? Why tho]

Kai: [That same unclear word from Hinata’s line]? Mendako’s March?

Hinata: This is actually different, but, Mitsuki-senpai and Washiho-sensei contacted me to remind me about the cat-searching topic!

That one, huh, Kai asks. Hinata goes to say that Mitsuki told him to tell others about the cat getting lost again. Mike says, damn, why the heck does that cat keep getting lost, wtf. Kakeru says this really reminds him of the story he told before (the one with the “mysterious creature”, from ACTORS2); Mike asks what he means by this. Hinata tells them that Washiho asked “what if the ‘mysterious creature’ was the kitten?”, and asks Kakeru if he knows more about the myth he was talking about.

Kai mulls it over – the cat, being the ‘mysterious creature’? Hinata can’t believe it – the cat’s way too cute for that! Kakeru thinks the same. Kai asks Kakeru what the myth is about anyway, and Kakeru goes in the same spiel he did in ACTORS2 – no one knows if that thing is a tanuki or alien or whatever, but what they do know is that it’s hella weird. Mike says, well, regardless of whether or not Washiho thinks the cat is sketchy as heck, they still gotta go look for her, don’t they? Kakeru says, yeah, they should – but still, what if.

Well, whether or not it’s true, Kai says, they won’t find out which is which if they don’t find where exactly the kitten is now. Kakeru asks Kai something [?] and Kai says that he was the one who found the kitten from way back (ACTORS1); Mike grumps that Kai should stop picking up animals from god-knows-where.

Kai: [laughs] ‘Cuz you’re weak against them, right? Enjouji-kun?

Mike: If you know it already you better keep your mouth shut, or you better prepare yourself.

Kai: I get it~~~~ Mou, you’re being scary!

Mike: Hmph!

Hinata: Then, Kakeru-kun, tell us the story of the ‘mysterious creature’! It might help!

Kakeru: Won’t it. But, I wonder if just my retelling of the story would be okay. There’s a lot of things to talk about!

Hinata: Mmm! Kai-kun too, please?

Kai: Understood~~~!

Mike: Hinata. I leave myself in your care. Him, too. [‘Him’ – probably Kai (“I leave myself and Kai in your care”), but could also be Kakeru (“I leave myself in Hinata and Kakeru’s care”)????]

Hinata: Ahh – right!

Kakeru begins talking about the ‘mysterious creature’ as the track fades out.


Track 5: 子猫はどこに?〜捜索ミッション開始!〜 (Where’s the kitten? ~Search Mission Start!~)

Kakeru and Hinata wonder if they’re reached the correct meeting place, and eventually come face-to-face with everyone – including Washiho Usuki (CV. Ryouta Takeuchi), who calls the attention of Mitsuki Akika (CV. Kenji Nojima) to inform him of their attendance.

Washiho: There you are, Mitsutsuka, Iimori. Akika, is this everyone?

Mitsuki: Yes. Everyone.

Takato: Usuki-san~ Just now, you said something about looking for a cat…ahh…I have no idea what kinda cat we’re gonna be looking for…

Washiho: Kiyosu doesn’t know, huh…You students who haven’t seen that cat yet, look at this picture!

Mitsuki: It’s this cat. [takes out picture]

Takato: Lemme see, lemme see~ Huh? Uuuh…somehow it seems like I’ve seen this one somewhere befooo~re~

Hinata: Kiyosu-senpai, you have seen this one before!

Takato: Mm, is that so…[lightbulb moment] Ahh! This one! That cat! Ahh, it’s seriously cute, huh~~

Pleased by this development, Washiho decides to talk about their mission for today – yup, they’re gonna be searching for this same cat, only they have no clue where exactly she is, so they’re gonna have a wider scope than usual. Their identification of her rests on the red collar the white kitten wears. (Rei takes note of this.) Mike asks if they’re gonna look for her like they did before (in ACTORS2, where they split into two groups), and Washiho says nope – today, it’s all about teamwork. So they’re gonna split up in smaller groups.

Washiho: Me and Akika shall be a team. And Kiyosu will go together with Ichijoudani.

Takato: Yeah!

Rei: [deadpan] Kiyosu. We’re not here to look for girls.

Takato: –! [really slangy, really truncated Japanese] I knew that!!

Washiho: Iimori with go together with Gohonmatsu (Masaru, CV. Daiki Hamano) and Kiriyama (Hajime, CV. Yuuichirou Umehara).

Masaru: Understood!

Hajime: We’ll do our best in our search!

Kakeru: Aahh…somehow I kinda have a bad hunch about this…

Washiho: Mitsutsuka and Akizuki will go together. The two of you will be going a bit further, okay?

Hinata: Okay!

Kai: We’ll do our best, right?

Hinata: Right? Let’s find the kitten!

Washiho: Enjouji will go together with me and Marume as a trio. Akika will stay behind and relay information to everyone. You can ask about anything else. [?]

Mitsuki: Okay.

Chiguma: Understood!

Mike: Uwahh, seriously. To be grouped together with sensei

Washiho: Whaa~t’s the matter, Enjouji. Are you not satisfied with being in my group?

Mike: Uh, well, it’s not that at all but…[quieter, to himself, sounding hella grumpy] I can’t skip out then, the hell.

Washiho: Hm? Hm? Hmmmmmmmmm????? You had something you wanted to say, right.

Mike: No, not at all.

Chiguma: [laughs like a goddamned angel] You really don’t like being bothered by these kinda of things, right?

Mike: Um, ah – maa, looking for cats has nothing to do with our club activities at all…

Kai: Maa, maa! [You] always get to do whatever [you] want any other day, so just bear with it for today! [?]

Chiguma: Right? That’s also what I thought!

Mike: [sighs] I got it, it’ll be fine if I search properly, right.

Washiho: Mm. That would be helpful. Does anyone have any other concerns?

Kakeru goes forth – what do they do if they find the cat? Washiho says they should let Mitsuki know about it. Washiho then declares their mission’s start, and calls for Mike and Chiguma to come with him.

Chiguma: Yes–!

Mike: Well then, we’ll get going.

Washiho: Hey there Enjouji, be a bit more lively! This is just the fieldwork we always do – [fades away, he keeps talking in the background as Rei speaks]

Rei: Kiyosu. Let’s go. Make sure you don’t just go walking in circles. [?]

Takato: [grunts] I get~~~ it!!! Rei, cut me some slack! You’re being too rigid!

Rei: Is that so? Then just stay in a corner somewhere – [this last part unclear, their convo had faded out during his line]

Masaru: [excited] Kakeru-san! Well, let’s go!

Kakeru: [anxious] Gohonmatsu, Kiriyama…why am I with you two again? Are you gonna do what you usually do?

Hajime: But of course, Kakeru-san. It won’t be the same if we don’t –

Kakeru: No no no no you guys just let go of me –

Masaru: Yosh! [together with Hajime] One, two!

Kakeru: [is carried] Uwaah! That’s why I said stop it! [the boys are counting their steps, marching-style] It’s embarrassing, so quit it, stop it!!!!!!! [fades away]

Hinata: Uwah, Kakeru-kun’s being carried off! That’s like a mikoshi [portable shrine], isn’t it?

Kai: It looks rather fun, huh~? I wonder what’ll happen if I try carrying Mike-kun like that too~~~

Hinata: Aaaahh, don’t do that! Enjouji-kun will get angry!!!

Kai: Ahahahaha! Well, shall we go, then?

Hinata: Mm! Mitsuki-senpai, we’ll be off!

Now that everyone is away Mitsuki goes to call on his friend, our resident hikikomori Keishi Harumoto (CV. Noriaki Sugiyama) for help. He’s begun to check on where everyone is gonna be looking, using the CCTVs around the area. Mitsuki thanks him for this, and wonders to himself…will they find her…?

After what seems to be a bit of a time skip, we’re brought to the Kiyosu-Ichijoudani pair.


Rei: Keep your voice down.

Takato keeps complaining, though – how long has it been since they started? How many hours have they been at this?? Why is nothing still happening????? It’s goddamned evening by now, damnit!!!! Rei assents, yeah, it’s gonna be harder for them to continue their search now that it’s getting dark out. They can’t find anything, so it can’t be helped – buuuut, this was something Mitsuki asked their help for…well, he’s got no idea how, but he’s gonna pull this off perfectly, he thinks.

Takato: [grumbles] Hey, hey, Rei-san’s being a serious/earnest/trustworthy [no, seriously, guys, how the hell do I translate “majime] guy, huh?

[Note: Like in ACTORS2, Takato only seems to call him “Rei-san” when he’s being sarcastic. Sweetie, wth.]

Kakeru: – ah, Rei-buchou!

Rei: Oh, Kakeru. How is it over on your end? Gohonmatsu, Kiriyama, thank you for your trouble.

Kakeru: Completely hopeless. We looked everywhere, but we kept finding [other?] cats.

Masaru: Ahh, ano, is the cat [we’re looking for] even here in the first place?

Hajime: Could it be that it’s somewhere else instead?

Rei: That’s probable. However, Mitsuki told us that it was somewhere in this area. Let’s believe in that.

Masaru: !! If buchou says so…I will believe!

Hajime: It’s the same for me!

Takato: You guys are really like neutrons [? This makes sense but Takato why are you making a science reference???? Then again…Prince of Stride had that quote about not-so-good students being okay at science…], huh? Well, it’s fine, though…

Washiho: O-ya? You guys? What are you doing here? How are things?

Rei says they’ve all met and decided to just stay here for now. Washiho asks if there’s any news about the kitten, Kakeru says, nope, they’ve looked everywhere but can’t find her. Chiguma says it’s been the same for them, as well – they’ve looked everywhere and anywhere, but still-! Washiho sighs that the search really isn’t as easy as it seems, huh…Mike freaks a bit, don’t tell him they’re gonna be on the lookout up ‘til tomorrow morning??? Washiho says, yup, it might come to that – that kitten is a bit important/fragile [?], so they have to exhaust their options.

Mike suggests they go home for now – so they can rest better before they go really early the next day to look for the kitten again. Washiho agrees with this, and says they should go back to base, and tells Mike to go contact Kai and tell him about this.

On to the Akizuki/Mitsutsuka pair:

Kai: [to Mike, over the phone] Mm, I got it! But the place we’re in is a bit far, so tell Washiho-sensei you guys can go on ahead of us! Then, we’ll be on our way back now.

Hinata: Phone call from Enjouji-kun?

Kai says yup, they’re gonna be taking their leave for now. Because no one has found anything, Hinata says. Kai wants to look around for a bit more, but if Hinata wants to go back now… Hinata says he’s gonna go look for a bit more too! Kai thanks Hinata for going along with him, actually, he thinks they’d turn up with something if they looked a bit more – Hinata thinks the same, too! It’s got something to do with 霊感 – I have yet to know if this is the exact kanji they meant by “reikai”, but if it is it’s “inspiration”. Hinata says normal people don’t usually know of this so he’s surprised Kai knows (is this…a specific kinda inspiration or smthn??? Moving on…)

Kai sees someone from over there – it’s a kid, and he was actually the last one Kai saw with the kitten! The two of ‘em go over to him to ask their questions.

Kai: Hey, hey there, do you remember me? Here, I was the niichan who was here from before!

Young boy: Ah, oniichan! This other oniichan here, who is he?

Hinata: I’m Kai-kun’s friend Hinata! Nice to meet you!

Kai: We’ve just got some questions we’d like to ask you, last time you were playing with a kitten, right? We don’t know where that kitten went.

Young boy: Kitten? You mean the white one?

Kai: Yes, yes! If you know where she went, it’d be nice if you told us. [?]

Young boy: Hmm…I don’t know.

Kai: Is that so…you don’t know…too bad!

Hinata: If would’ve been nice if we knew something, it’s really too bad…ahh! It’s already this late! [to the child] Would it be okay for you to go home on your own [at this time]???

Kai: That’s right…it would be nice if he were home by now. [?] Ne, ne, where’s your house? Let’s go there together?

Young boy: House? Over there –

Hinata: Hmm, over there, huh. Ehh – “over there”?

Kai: Ehh, where, where? “Over there” is…there’s nothing there, huh.

Hinata: “Over there” is…huh???

Kai: What’s the matter?

Hinata: That child…he’s gone???? Where did he go???

Kai: – eh? Because, over here – uwaaaah, he’s gone again!

Hinata: I wasn’t just hallucinating him, right? [?]

Kai: It can’t be…where could he have gone…

Hinata freaks – could it have been some kinda god or spirit thingy?? Kai doesn’t think it could be one, but –

– suddenly, someone meows.

Hinata: “Meow”? Kai-kun, were you just impersonating a cat?

Kai: I wasn’t~~

Cat: Meow meow~~ Meow!

Kai: Ahh Hinata-senpai!! Around your legs!

Hinata: Uh? [startled] Waah!! Kitten’s here!!!

Cat: [meows]

After what seems to be quite a while…

Washiho: [gasps, he sounds kinda like Takato in freak-out mode here] Well done, you two!!!

Mitsuki: It was the correct choice for us to wait for you, huh.

Chiguma: Amazing, amazing! Kai, Hinata-kun, you never lost hope, huh? [?]

Mike: You’ve gone and found it! Where was it?

Kai: In that place I told you about before. [?]

Cat: [meows]

Hinata: Before we found kitten, when that boy disappeared, I was really shocked!

Washiho: ‘Boy’?

Kai: The boy I talked about before, who I last saw playing with the kitten. I saw him again, and we talked, but before we knew it, he was gone, and the cat was there –

Mike: [kinda scared] What the hell’s with that story – [he uses the word ‘hassho’, I have no idea what it means]

Kai: It’s not [‘hassho’]! There was really a boy, and he really disappeared like “poof!”, and the kitten suddenly appeared like “poof!”

Mitsuki: Hm. That’s really interesting, huh.

Cat: [meows]

Hinata: Kitten-chan, I wonder what you’re meowing about? [laughs] Cute!

Washiho: Mitsutsuka. The cat, if you could take it home for now. We’ll leave it to you!

Hinata: Ehh – to me??

Mitsuki: Hinata will surely take care of everything, huh. [?] It’ll be all right like this. Can you do it?

Hinata: [laughs] Understood! Haa~ I’m happy! Kitten-chan, I’ll be in your care?

Cat: [meows]


Washiho: Marume, Akizuki. Enjouji too. Good work today. As a reward I’ll treat you to a meal.

Chiguma: Yes! Sensei too, you’ve worked hard today!

Kai: Waaaaaai!! At last!

Mike: Sensei, I want to eat sushi.

Washiho: [awkward laughter] Sushi is…as expected, have some mercy on me…

Hinata: [laughs] Well then, I’ll go back now, huh?

Kai: We’ll be going back, too. Goodbye.

Washiho: Ou! Be careful on your way back!

Mike: ‘Ka~y.

Chiguma: Okay! Goodbye!

Mike: [sighs]

Hinata: Ou, there there, good kitty, good kitty, you’re a good kitty, huh –

Cat: [meows]

As everyone goes off, we are left with – yup, of course, the Pair Of Suspicious Guys Acting Suspiciously (patent pending).

Mitsuki says it’s good they finally found the cat, and Washiho says yeah – that took ‘em quite a while, though. Apparently someone from [graduate school? college?] is asking if he could join in the hullabaloo over the kitten, and Mitsuki goes somewhere along the lines of yeah, that’s probably Ryou’s (Ryou Saotome, from ACTORS1) big bro, he’s in grad school/college too. Mitsuki wonders if letting him in on the…whatever suspicious activities these are…is a good idea, and so does Washiho – he’s still a bit wary of it. There are risks to be considered, after all. Mitsuki says, okay, he understands, they’ll just go this way as planned. Besides, outside help or no, they could hold their own anyway.

Washiho’s still thinking about something, though – just as he thought, kitten really isn’t as normal as she seems. They whip out the picture again to look at her. She looks exactly as she does in the picture. Apparently – this picture was from way, way, way back. Not from two days ago, or two weeks, mind – it’s from a long time ago. How is it that she looks exactly the same as she did back then? Mitsuki repeats what everyone said before – it’s quite possible that she may be the ‘mysterious creature’…

Washiho: Mitsuki-kun. Do you still have some time. I want to talk with you, somewhere else.

Mitsuki: Understood. Let us do so.

Washiho: With that face of yours I’m gonna have to take you somewhere where you can’t be seen [quarantined? Basically he’s saying Mitsuki’s face is easily recognizable and they have to hide him somehow] At our usual café.

Mitsuki: I regret to say we can’t go there. We should go somewhere quicker [should go somewhere nearer to where they are right now?]

Washiho: Is that so…Mitsuki-kun is an adult, so, whatever you’ll think of [going to] is okay~?

(The track ends here, and I am left here hoping, praying, that they are going somewhere decent and I do just need to get my head out of the goddamned gutter. (But why say he’s an ‘adult’, Washiho. I know he had his birthday, but why. Why.))


Additional content because the Animate Online set I bought came with in-character cast comments!

All of them have a certain order in which they answer questions. It basically goes like this:

  1. Comment on your own song
  2. Favorite our of the others’ songs
  3. Your answer to the question of the person who came before you
  4. What do you want to ask the person who will come after you?

That being said, the boys’ answers could be found under the cut.

(Also: I freak out about something during Takato’s part. If you’ve seen me around, you’ve probably seen this coming. I make no excuses for myself; this is just too much for me –)

Mitsuki Akika (CV. Kenji Nojima)

  1. Comment on his own song: Marshall no Kyosei – different from his usual songs, wonders if his singing voice held its own against the powerful guitar sound, thinks the rock sound isn’t bad
  2. Favorite out of the other’s songs: Blackjack – as expected, Rei sings perfectly; thinks that he and Takato (“Kiyosu-kun”) make a “wonderful combination”; says he had fun having Rei as a duet partner and wishes they get to sing another duet in the future
  3. He was the one who spoke first, so he’ll answer the last person’s question for him later.
  4. Question for Hinata: “Are you happy you joined the Singing Club?” Hinata is the new member of the club, Mitsuki is happy to have him around, but he wonders if Hinata is having fun

Hinata Mitsutsuka (CV. Souichirou Hoshi)

  1. Comment on his own song: ZIGG-ZAGG– really rhythmical, gave off a “sparkly” feel, thinks that the “bye bye” in the lyrics gave off diff. meanings every time, wonders how the protag meant them
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs: About Me – he likes everyone’s stuff but was surprised to hear Kakeru singing English; he expected it of Shirou but thinks Kakeru sung amazingly, says he is bad at English so he wishes the two would teach him
  3. Question from Mitsuki: “Are you happy you joined the Singing Club?”: when he first transferred into Tenshou, was worried and didn’t know w/c club to join, is grateful Mitsuki asked him to join the Singing Club, has fun singing after school w/ everyone, is glad to have known Mitsuki, Ryou, and Satsuma, and Keishi too (“Keishi-senpai”), even if he’s never met him; outside of the club, he is also glad to be friends with Mike and Kakeru
  4. Question for Kai: “Do you have a club you want to join, other than the one you’re already in?”

Kai Akizuki (CV. Takuya Eguchi)

  1. Comment on his own song: Ai Kotoba – kept the feelings of “love”, “thanks”, and “gratitude” in mind when he sung, thinks it’s good to have many people to say thanks to
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs: KiLLER LADY – Mike is really good at singing, thinks it’s mysterious how he joined the archeology club when he’s more interested in singing, wishes Mike didn’t have too much fun singing the phrase “kai-inu” (obedient/pet dog), asks Mike to stop thinking that kind of address is ok (cutely – やめとこ〜)
  3. Question from Hinata:  “Do you have a club you want to join, other than the one you’re already in?”basketball club, thinks any kind of sports club would be fine; for example, Itto – he seems to love swimming a lot, but Kai has never seen him swim and wishes to see him someday
  4. Question for Mike: “What would you want for dinner tonight?” Kai made curry for dinner yesterday, thinks something different would be good; is personally ok with curry again, but knows Mike would get mad if they keep having curry every day

Mike Enjouji (CV. Yuuki Ono)

  • Kai dragged him into recording this shit, furthermore who would even be listening to this, Washiho-sensei????, “ahh, it’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped…”
  1. Comment on his own song: “KiLLER LADY– is from a girl’s POV, but the electronic pop sound is rlly cool, also who the hell is that mongrel (駄犬) who should be more of an obedient dog (飼い犬、lit. “pet dog”, KAIinu ;)))))~ (obvious who he’s talking about here)
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs: ZIGG-ZAGG – techno pop, good melody, suits Hinata’s voice a lot
  3. Question from Kai: “What would you want for dinner tonight?”: “…is this shitty dog kidding me???“, who would even listen to this super normal question???, they had curry yesterday, wants omelette rice today, wants lots of ketchup
  4. Question for Washiho: something about club points – along the lines of “how do you assign points to students/clubs”?

Washiho Uzuki (CV. Ryouta Takeuchi)

  • “damnit Enjouji, as always you don’t play along :/ what should i do with that kinda question??”
  1. Comment on his own song: Shotgun Lovers– he loves rock and sung this with all his power
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs: doesn’t have anything else he likes in particular and is glad he got to sing this one, wonders why Chiguma doesn’t sing – wishes Chiguma sung this time so Archeology club would have 4x as much points
  3. Question from Mike: “How do you assign points to students/clubs?”:Enjouji’s question is coming from a painful place…my answer to that question is “no comment!!”“, students should not know about the reasoning why teachers assign points as they do, this is the teacher’s job; also, ”Enjouji, take your fieldwork more seriously, you are part of the archeology club after all!
  4. Question for Takato: “Is the swim club planning to add members???”, they’re a sports club, but they don’t have newbies, Tsukasa supports them, so can they (ehem ehem Takato) take their job more srsly???, something about him not able to ask Rei the same question/about Takato following Rei’s example?

Takato Kiyosu (CV. Kousuke Toriumi)

  1. Comment on his own song: Blackjack – “well last time, Rei said he’d wanna sing a~~~~nything with me, so we sung “Blackjack” together! See, about this song, we used to sing it at karaoke, after nanpa. The song is cool, but…“, something about Rei being stuck up/a killjoy?
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs: Marshall no Kyosei – not rlly his “favorite” per se, but “Mitsuki, isn’t that unfair? [probable Mitsuki impersonation] ‘Marshall no Kyosei’…[normal voice] the song was good, the melody was cool, the aura was cool-!”, “I wanna sing something like that too! [sob]”
  3. Question from Washiho: “Is the swim club planning to add members???”:  he keeps hearing this from Ryuunosuke ughhhh, Ryuu never shuts up about getting more club points and new members, Takato thinks they’re all right as they are tho?, the ace Hozumi is here, and the one who Ryuu should ask for the thinky parts is Itto?, “next time too, Hozumi, I leave it all to you!!”
  4. Question for Rei: “[super goddamned cute voice I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP IT IS REAL I could not make this up at all TRUST ME] So, the next one up is Rei~~~☆! Hehe~”, “Say three good things about me!! Hehe…”, [HE KEEPS LAUGHING OH GOD this is??? the cutest i have heard Takato sound??? GOD PRESERVE ME], he’s asking properly here so Rei better not think of not answering!!!

Rei Ichijoudani (CV. Hikaru Midorikawa)

  • he really doesn’t wanna answer Takato’s question (lol) but Mitsuki set the rules… (the way he words it this entire time, it’s as if Mitsuki half-dragged him to the recording studio. Bless you, Mitsuki Akika.)
  1. Comment on his own song: Blackjack – “it’s something we used to sing from long ago…Mitsuki said he wanted to hear how we sounded like back then, so it can’t be helped, we had to sing. [suddenly tsun voice wtf] Even though I didn’t want to sing [with Takato]…”, compared with dueting w/ Mitsuki, Takato is a whole other matter entirely, Rei was troubled/worried the entire time (lol)
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs: Marshall no Kyosei – Takato beat him to it, and actually can’t shuddup about how good Mitsuki was, and he says they can agree on that at least; also,Shotgun Lovers – Washiho’s singing voice surprises him all the time, since they heard him sing with Tsukasa (in Deluxe Duet Edition), but even alone he sounds wonderful
  3. Question from Takato: “Say three good things about me!!”: he REALLY REALLY doesn’t wanna answer this but Mitsuki said he had to, there’s a rule, he didn’t just make up the rules (yeah yeah honey we heard you right the first time~~~), “…what kind of question IS this???” →→ too-positive outlook in life, has powerful swimming abilities, seriously cares about and looks after his kouhai; he wishes Takato would take the second point more seriously
  4. Question for Kakeru: “Since Gohonmatsu and Kiriyama keep carrying you around like a mikoshi (portable shrine) how do you feel about it?”, they keep doing this after all, Shirou and Rei were wondering how Kakeru felt so he’s glad he can ask

Kakeru Iimori (CV. Shintarou Asanuma)

  • Rei seriously made him anxious with his question wwww
  1. Comment on his own song:About Me” – when he first knew he had to sing this, was worried and nervous, but he knew he had to sing it, so he asked advice from Shirou on how to sing it best, he sung rlly cool so he hopes his lil sis hurries up and listens to it soon~~
  2. Favorite out of the others’ songs:Ai Kotoba” – Kai sung rlly cool in the Deluxe Duet Edition (with Mike), this time around is a rlly cute song, it’s the kind of song his lil sis would like, he wants to sing something like this too!
  3. Question from Rei: “Since Gohonmatsu and Kiriyama keep carrying you around like a mikoshi (portable shrine) how do you feel about it?”: “what I feel about them carrying me like mikoshi…please stop it!!!!”, Shirou just looks on when the freshmen do that to him, isn’t that weird????, “lately Gohonmatsu says, “carrying Kakeru-san is my hobby~~”, that’s SUPER embarrassing, isn’t it???“
  4. Question for Mitsuki: “Senpai, do you have a sibling?” other than Hinata he’s not heard of sibling stories from anyone, so he’d like to hear Mitsuki’s!

Mitsuki Akika (cont.)

  • Question from Kakeru: “Senpai, do you have a sibling?”: he has an elder bro, a graduate of Tensho, there’s nothing rlly interesting about their relationship but lately (??? can’t catch this part), together with Keishi, the three of em run a little net business thingy
  • he ends the track saying he wants to talk w/ everyone a bit more but he has to go aw so cute!!

Translator’s Notes: This was originally posted in two parts dated 01/03/16 and 01/24/16.


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