We Are Trignal!!!

Yes we are Trignal!
Here, the party beat’s starting to sound
This night’s showtime!

Every ball is a deadball
Strong strikes, a tough heart
A funny man in glasses! Really, an entertainer
He’s Takuya Eguchi!

In every problem he’ll hug you tight
Cute and gallant, double-faced
A motion sensor who picks up everything
He’s Tsubasa Yonaga!

Every time with leadership,
Look, he’s a magician with words again today
Never misses a delicious hat trick anywhere!
He’s Ryohei Kimura!

Fashion moodmaker,
Tender follow-master,
Smiling hatman,
It’s just our catchphrase!
The future from now on is a secret door,
If you wanna take a look…hey, c’mon now!

Together, we make
Our image
You won’t miss it
For sure
I’ll make it with you
Tell my voice,
Deliver my song,
Beat my heart,
All these signals…accept it!

Yes we are Trignal!
What’s with this so funny groove! The sound isn’t stopping, oh yeah!
Always, we are one!
If you want to know more, we invite you!

“C’mon, let’s go for a walk!”

Let’s go somewhere more interesting
With overflowing ideas
What shall we start, now, let’s bring forth
Your letter

Let’s make it together
Our stage
Let’s look for it
Our secret
Red passion, and
Blue exhilaration,
Yellow joy, it
Makes up the sparkle of the triangle!

Yes, we are Trignal!
Now, make a new magic! Let’s look at the colorful dream
Yes, we are Trignal!
Here, one step forward, let’s start walking
This night’s showtime!

Let’s get worked up more!
The party hasn’t ended
Let’s have fun from now on
Yes, we are Trignal!
Here, the sparkling beat’s starting to sound
This night’s showtime!

Let’s present our voice!
The best passion!
Let’s sing our thoughts!
The best coolness!
Let’s gaudily get worked up!
The best happiness!
Yes! We are Trignal!

  • Translator’s notes: Originally posted 05/23/16. This was done by-ear for the most part, but this was the original kanji source!
  • dead ball” – from Wikipedia: “A term in many ball sports in which the ball is deemed temporarily not playable, and no movement may be made with it or the players from their respective positions of significance.” Make of that what you will.
  • The term I translated into “funny man” was actually “boke” – Yonaga and Kimura are basically labeling Egu the “boke” to their “tsukkomi” (straight man) routines.
  • (I did not pay that much attention to Egu’s paragraph because I like him. I swear. You gotta believe)
  • I am pretty sure I missed out on something on the third line in the Kimura description paragraph. First word is “oishii” (delicious), then “toko” (…what is this, closest I could come up with is “tokoro”, or “place”, but that uses kanji and this one is in katakana), and then a “hat trick”? I basically just winged it tbh
  • On that note, what is a follow-master. A master at following? A follower who is actually a master? Help.
  • “Beat my heart”, as in “make my heart beat”, I just worded it out that way because the original Japanese was supposed to mirror the two phrases before it…
  • I’m just a neophyte in this fandom but I’ve been able to make out the guys namedropping these things of theirs so far: “Party Beat” (their song), “so funny” (their first album), “one step forward” (second mini-album), also “sparkling beat” near the end is originally “kira-kira beat” (their radio show is named “Kira-kira Beat Radio”)…I have no idea if “make a new magic” was supposed to refer to their song “Summer Magic” or something else entirelyyyyy
  • If you noticed – I cut down on the Engrish a lot, ha, this was not on purpose…for the most part. As I said I was playing this TL completely by ear, so I switched up a few parts here and there to make stuff sound better to my ears. Especially for the last part…”the best Coolish”…what is Coolish…for some reason I can only think of ice cream…

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