It’s been forgotten, the shape of love
Shuddering in a secret, small room
Kissing, embracing,
Whispering feelings, telling these to you,
Even in a dream, this isn’t allowed

Love is, love is, falling and spilling out (it’s sad)
Your smile, I remember it
The endless sky, I look up at it and sigh
Still, I cannot reach for your hand

One step, the courage to take it,
Even so, I can’t leave like this
In front of this tightly closed door,
Aah, why, I cannot fly…

Even if I’m just withdrawing
I cannot find the key, even after sifting through
This overflowing passion
Guides us to carry on
Go up floating, until we reach paradise

Love is, love is, just in time
Your smile, I remember it
Tears, tears, fall and spill out (it’s painful)
Strongly, spread your wings

Within the dance of the falling cherry blossoms, wrapped within the azure winds,
I am soaring up to the bright red sky
To the place we promised,
The place where you are
Hear this beckoning song
In a gentle voice fraught with love…

Translator’s notes: Originally posted 05/24/16! This was the original kanji source.


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