[Blog: Nishiyama Kotaro 071116] B-PROJECT

I had so much fun at B-Pro’s event!
I didn’t expect to have [this much] fun.

Everyone who cheered and jumped [for us], thank you very much!

KiLLER KiNG inside the dressing room~~!

The members are really comfortable [with each other].

I was even asked to style my hair like Yuduki-kun, with some hair sticking out.
(During backstage in the Chiba show)

Eggs and Taku.

There were a lot of announcements, like the decision to produce KiLLER KiNG’s second single.
In the future too, please take care of us in B-Pro!

KiLLER KiNG will move, to slowly become the Yuduki you will see someday…!!!



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