Style of the Prince #25: Ono Yuuki (excerpt)

If you’ve been around me long enough you might have probably noticed something: me liking Egu so much is actually the occupational hazard of me liking OnoYuu so much. So, obviously, when I saw this old interview of OnoYuu ask five questions about his friendship with Egu…well…this happened.

As usual, this isn’t 100% accurate!

A record of Yuuki Ono’s actor friends [excerpt]

Interviewer: We want to hear stories about your friends, too. In Ono-san’s case, Eguchi Takuya-san, who had previously appeared in this corner, has been very active as part of the voluntarily-planned unit “Team Yuutaku”.
Ono Yuuki: Honestly speaking, in these interviews talking about “Team Yuutaku” much might be obtrusive, I’ll be able to talk about this work as a main [topic] once Takuya and I decide on it. So maybe, in Takuya’s interview, he didn’t talk about me nearly as much (lol)

Int: Yes [he didn’t], actually. First of all, how did you form this unit?
Ono: Takuya and I were with the cartoon “Mr. Men Show” for two years, he was a little younger [than me] on set. For one year, “Ahh, what’s with this thin one here, [he’s] so large” was what I thought, but after sometimes going out to eat [with him], when we entered the second year and met after a while, we got along well somehow. “Well, whaddya wanna do!”, then, and after preparing for half a year, we started our own radio program.

Int: You’ve been doing your own events energetically, during the intervals within your schedules, and there are so much activites during the period of your free time.
That’s true! (lol) But making something by ourselves is fun. That’s why we keep doing it. Whatever Ono and Eguchi do, whatever work that connects us more makes me happy.

Int: By the way, what kind of person does Ono-san see Eguchi-san as?
That guy’s even more troublesome than I am, huh (lol) Still, we’ve changed a bit…so that’s why we gotta stay together (lol)

Int: Even your personality changed, huh.
Ahh, that’s right. When it comes to planning, summarizing, writing pitches, being the liason, that’s my job (lol) After that, the songwriting for the music to use in event production, meeting up with Mr. Lights and Mr. Sounds…but, because I like playing with that guy, it doesn’t feel like suffering at all, Takuya’s there to help me out. I think we work out a good balance.

  • Translator’s notes: originally dated 07/16/16!
  • Someday I seriously wanna translate this entire thing (that is, if anyone hasn’t gotten to doing so already) but for now, yeah…yeah, this will do…OnoYuu is a total sweetie this makes me so happy jsyk
  • Note to self: somehow it makes sense that these two bonded over meals – Egu’s tried-and-tested way of getting along with senpai involves copious amounts of alcohol, which OnoYuu explicitly doesn’t drink.

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