[Blog: Ono Yuuki 040112] When I woke up this morning,



I became Eguchi Takuya.
Oh, Takuya’s feelings are coursing through me…

My name is Eguchi Takuya.

I won the Seiyuu Award for Best Male Newcomer, a genius seiyuu who plays a leading role in Gundam.

And I’m handsome and tall, even my style is outstanding.

I’m not really cool if you take a closer look at me, but, at first glance I’m just handsome.

That’s why,


Even plotting faces become a photo op,


Playing with Yu-Gi-Oh cards becomes a photo op,


Standing in Nakano becomes a photo op.

Also, this is amazing.
I’m just on the phone in Akiba,


But it looks like a scene in a CM.

This is even more likely.


It’s just like a poster for an onsen.
With exceptional style.
Don’t look at the face too closely.

But still,


There are days when I make funny faces,


When my side dish is the smell of meat,


And then I eat it with rice,


Or wear shirts with weird patterns,


Or get addicted to children’s high chairs,


Or try pole-dancing,


Or wipe my face with towels,


Or get lazy,


Get sad,

Get sad,


Get sad…

That’s right.

Me, I’m disappointed.

This guy born cool.

Everyone in the world.
Born cool…

I’m sorry.

I never thought about this.
A handsome guy is handsome, that’s a big trouble

…or should I say, you idiot!! The hell are ya sayin’!!

I’m jealous of your handsomeness!!

Whew. That was a troublesome thing to experience.

When I wake up tomorrow…I’ll return to being Ono Yuuki.
If I don’t, starting tomorrow, the new blog,


Please, enjoy it.

Whew, being a handsome guy is painful.

T, this year’s Takuya is my Furi.
(※Furi = A story you tell on April Fool’s Day)
Actually Takuya is a reasonably good guy, [which] isn’t here.

PS: Or rather, these are the pictures of Takuya saved on Ono’s phone, drawn out once more. I’ll be Takuya another time. See you tomorrow!!!

Translator’s note: I usually translate blogs on the day/a few days after the seiyuu posts it, but for special cases like this one, I’ll say the original date of TL posting! This was originally on 07/17/16.


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