Dream Dream Party


egutakuya: DoriPa now #NipponCulturalBroadcasting


egutakuya: The beautiful sound of the waves has come, huh. A BGM [from] nature is good. #DoriPa


egutakuya: Sometimes I speak seriously. This is DoriPa. We have been sponsored by the Nippon Engineering College! #DoriPa


egutakuya: As expected, listening to DoriPa makes me remember my high school days. When [that time’s] me who didn’t want to do anything at all first listened to Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s DoriPa, listening to the students [broadcasting] with all their power made me terribly jealous. I also wanted to have something I’d be engrossed with that much. In Hachiman’s words, I wanted “the real thing”.


egutakuya: I didn’t have any of my own money in high school, but I got into delivering newspapers and stuff, feeling like I wanted to die. But [somehow] I thought I’ll get to go to Tokyo. There’s a lot of painful things about living, but, it’s seriously better than dying. Than the soul dying. So, after all, I think there are a lot of good things about living. Like playing Pokemon Go.

Context notes:

  • DoriPa” is “Dream Dream Party”, a radio show sponsored by Egu’s alma mater, the Nippon Engineering College. Current personalities are Egu himself, and fellow seiyuu Shintani Ryoko.
  • The word Egu uses to describe his words in tweet #3 is 真面目 (”majime”) – one of my favourite Japanese words, but also one of the hardest ones for me to accurately translate – it’s technically “serious” but there’s a soberness to it, a diligence, and also, earnestness. (Fun fact: This is also one of the first words that Lin-sensei, the fortune-teller from OreIya’s Taiwan trip, used to describe Egu during her prediction for him.)
  • “Hachiman” is one of the characters Egu voiced, Hikigaya Hachiman from “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru“. I haven’t seen that series, so idk if this was the best way to translate this.

04/08/13: Takuya and Ryoko’s Dream Dream Party

Everyone DoriPa!

Takuya and Ryoko’s Dream Dream Party is finally starting.

These two are really fated with DoriPa.

Shintani Ryoko-san has not only appeared as a challenger of two graduating classes [Note: This refers to her having been part of the 1999-2000, and the 2000-2013 versions of this show], but also is familiar to the listener because of also appearing in Pajapa. [Note: Ai and Ryoko’s Pajama Party, probably?]

And then, Eguchi Takuya-kun. Once, he’d failed the Challenger audition, surprisingly.

But right now, he’s DoriPa’s main personality!

I was also told fully about Eguchi-kun’s passion for DoriPa.

These two, you wouldn’t think it’s their first broadcast in the booth, with the friendly atmosphere, their talk was also exciting.


While inheriting the tradition from Kamiya Akira-san and Toyoguchi Megumi-san, these two will create a new DoriPa, please cheer them on.

Translator’s notes: Egu’s twitter was from my 07/26/16 TL post, and I translated the DoriPa blog post on 07/29/16! It just didn’t seem right to keep them apart, though :’)


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