[Blog: Ono Yuuki 102809] Vinegared rice and fish


Was also out today, on a secret job. Will have to wait a bit before it’s released to the public.
And then, after the recording, I met Eguchi Takuya-kun in this place for a meal.

To see him there was rare as he’s younger [than me], but at a height of 187 cm, he’s a really large guy.
This 170 cm Ono has to look up a bit when we’re talking.

While walking ‘round for a place to have dinner, [we] found a sign for conveyor belt sushi.

We talked back and forth.
During recordings, the topic of sea urchin came up. The sea urchin [one could] eat in Tokyo, since a little bit of medicine was put on it to avoid discoloration, whatever you do, some medicine-ish taste remains.
Freshly-caught Hokkaido sea urchins [on the other hand], seem to be super delicious.

Okay, have decided on conveyor sushi.
Ono’s brain is very simple.
The price range too – almost 136 yen for one dish.

Entered the store.
Inside, it seems sufficient.
First of all, the standard, we both asked for crab soup.
In that flow Ono ordered: albacore, tuna, ark shell.
From these first three dishes you can see the state [of the restaurant].

*chew chew*
It’s good.

Takuya also ordered something.
Because it was delicious, Ono ordered the same.

*chew chew*
It’s good.

It’s good, but seems to be missing something. Because we rarely get to eat sushi, we wanted to feel something like some torrential taste of “uooooh, that’s good!”
There, for the first time, we looked through the list of items.

「Extra special: Ootoro

Th, this is!
Ootoro-sama, what’s more this deliberately labeled as “extra special” Ootoro-sama is definitely going to appear, this sluggish flow can be dispelled at once!
Ootoro-sama’s price is 2 pieces of sushi for 525 yen.
Ho, hohou… That dignified price…
But for the sake of trying it once, isn’t this a necessary investment.
My willpower is done,
“Chief, the extra special,”
I was about to say that, but Takuya said something.

Takuya: “Ah, my budget is 1,000 yen.”


Ah, is that so!?
But, because of confirming [the contents] of Ono’s wallet, the truth is I’m left with around that much, too.
2,000 yen for two people. We, we can’t go on an adventure…!

Ono: “Takuya, why is sushi OK?”
Taku: “Nahh~ Last time I’d saved up one week’s worth, I wanna be healed”
Ono: “Is that so, I’m the same, suitably eager about this time”

I think I’ll write about this sooner or later, that’s right. Today these two people got a big role. “Sushi” is our reward.

So. In other words, ordering ootoro,
It’s not an adventure,

It’s healing.

Thank you Takuya, I learned this important thing.

Ono: “Chief, one dish of the extra special ootoro!”

And it appeared, the “extra special”,
That sublime shape, please carefully look at this.


D, delicious…
Also passed one over to Takuya, to share one plate between two people.
And then, biting into it.

Ono + Taku: “Gentle…”

We said it at the same time. Somehow, it was gentle. Didn’t know why, it was just gentle. Mou, words are meaningless.


Ono: “Huh? In my order we’ve added 525 yen, but in Takuya’s we haven’t. This seems like the balance is baaaaad, don’t you thiiiiink…?”
Taku: “Chief, add another ootoro!”

Ono who mooches tuna off his kouhai.
And it comes.


But when these two’s eyes saw the dish,

Ono + Taku: “Gentle…”

I wonder why we could only say this word.
But, this was where Takuya ran wild.

Taku: “Ono-san, let’s get another dish!”
Ono: “Wait. These last two dishes taught us gentleness. But, if we eat ootoro again, likely, it’ll just be something like ‘gentleness confirmed’”
Taku: “I understand”

Now I can say this calmly.
Eh, the hell is “gentleness confirmed”!?

But at that time, combined with somewhat unexplanable tension, Takuya was very agreeable, as Ono proposed [he] toned down to [ordering] a 136 yen dish.
On the other hand, Ono,

Had 210 yen tuna salmon.

Taku: “Huh, isn’t this a bit high to ask for?”
Ono: “I didn’t mean that.”

However, upon eating this tuna salmon, Ono’s first word.

Ono: “I understand everything.”

I don’t understand it at all. Ono-san’s explanation won’t be enough.

Ono: “This tuna salmon is definitely good. I know that. But at the same time, I now know this taste is no longer enough. This alone can’t satisfy me…”
Taku: “So, you’re saying…?”
Ono: “Let’s go. The extra special”
Taku: “Chief excu~se me, the extra special ootoro…”
Ono: “Not that.”
Taku: “…Ehh?”
Ono: “Not that. If we eat ootoro again like this, it’ll still just be ‘confirmation’. This is what I’m asking for. This one”

The one Ono was pointing at was,

Taku: “Special conger eel, huh…?”
Ono: “Yes. Special conger eel

Special conger eel. Normal conger eel is 136 yen for two pieces, but for two pieces of “special”,

399 yen.

The conger eel grilled in a different room is brought to the chief, gripped,

Hey, you!


With pomp and circumstance.
This is splendid conger eel, Fuguta-kun. {Note: Sazae-san reference}
And finally, when it enters these two people’s mouths. The first word is,

Ono: “Won.”
Taku: “Huh?”

This time only Takuya found it cryptic.

Ono: “Easily running from tuna, purposely gearing to forget it, and moreover to eat another extra special. This strategy was perfectly won…!”
Taku: “Okay.”

Further along,

Ono: “Huh? In my case 399 yen was added, but nothing for Takuya’s. This is, what, balance”
Taku: “Chief, add another special conger eel!”

Ono who mooches conger eel off his kouhai.
And it arrives.


When these two’s eyes saw the dish,

Ono + Taku: “Won…”

Takuya, you finally reached this stage too. From now on, you won’t be misled by in-your-reach tuna, you will believe in mastering the “sushi road”.
Anyway this time, it seems like a victory…!

Clerk: “Your bill is 4,063 yen”

Us two: *speechless*

  • Translator’s note: I usually translate blogs on the day/a few days after the seiyuu posts it, but for special cases like this one, I’ll say the original date of TL posting! This was originally on 08/03/16.
  • The ‘production’ OnoYuu was probably referring to in the start was the dubbing “The Mr. Men Show”, where he first acted across Egu. If not…someone tell me what it is, because that was the first show they both acknowledge knowing each other from.
  • And yes, Egu DID say 「癒しが欲し」…predicting your own show title in a few years, much? (lol) (maybe not) (I was talking about oreiya btw)
  • Fun fact: While describing the eel plate #1, OnoYuu said  威風堂々. Literally, “Pomp and Circumstance”. Also a song covered in the ACTORS series, where these two would also work alongside each other. (The ones who sung Ifuudoudou there aren’t them, though, rather, NojiKen and OnoKen…)

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