[Blog: Eguchi Takuya 012611] This guy, Ono Yuuki

Seiyuu, Ono Yuuki.

Some time ago we’ve been going to [eat] conveyor belt sushi together, and another time we ate a chocolate parfait together, and still another time our feet brought us to a famous Fuji soba [place]

Iya~ Somehow when we’re together we’re always eating stuff, being with this Ono-san is always fun!

Ono Yuuki-san, the truth is, in his blog he’d been featuring this and that [about me], and the fact that I finally started a blog, he also put this up on his blog~ (ノ∇・、) I’m thankful…

And then, the fact that [he’s] telling more people about this blog, it makes me really happy!!!

Ono Yuuki-san, thank you very much!!!! Let’s go together to the eat-all-you-can cake [buffet] now!!!!

This Ono-san’s favorite word is: “diet”.

For more information, check out OnoYuki.com!


Translator’s note: I usually translate blogs on the day/a few days after the seiyuu posts it, but for special cases like this one, I’ll say the original date of TL posting! This was originally on 08/04/16.


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