[Blog: Ono Yuuki 012411] Eguchi Takuya!

Eguchi Takuya.

In this OnoYuki.com, he appears every time in the popular “Vinegared rice and fish” series where we have slapstick drama in sushi shops,

Honestly, even in private we’ve had a relationship where we ended up doing lots of things,

The one playing the hero Kazuya Kujo in the currently-airing anime GOSICK – Gothic -,

From the seiyuu company “81 Produce”, this young rookie with lots of expectations,
This guy, this time,

Has launched a blog!

The title is “Eguchi’s Takuya’s Daily Devotions”.
A title like a real~ serious guy would use.
Putting the “na” there, subtly makes it sound better.

So! Everyone, let’s go bicker with him!

The same as this blog, because there’s a free comment system, please give comments in celebration.
But, Taku-chan’s first blog comment is…

From a man named “OnoYuuki”.



Go click on it now!


So, OnoYuki.com, as well as,

Eguchi’s Takuya’s Daily Devotions”,

Let’s get along from now on!


Translator’s note: I usually translate blogs on the day/a few days after the seiyuu posts it, but for special cases like this one, I’ll say the original date of TL posting! This was originally on 08/04/16.


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