Okui Tsubasa birthday 2016

The official SolidS Twitter account posted a little short story for Tsubasa’s birthday (August 2)!

[Picture source]

(The picture is best viewed at the original source link. Tumblr background was in white so it looked normal, and WordPress shows the surprise ‘cuz its background is in black, but on Twitter…the click-through effect is amazing.)

Today is Okui Tsubasa’s (CV. Saito Souma) birthday
Tsubasa: Thank you♪ Uwaa, I’ve never seen this wine!
Shiki: It’s because your palate is strangely refined. I had arrangements with the president for something you have absolutely not drunk before. Because that person knows the rare masterpieces of the world.

Today is Tsubasa’s birthday②
Shiki: This is more expensive (than our work). Drink carefully.
Tsubasa: Eeh~ Consuming luxury items freely is true luxury, though? It’s my 22nd birthday, congratulate me extravagantly, darling♪
Shiki: What a selfish honey.
Rikka: …and while that’s being said, even I’m ready to drink from this glass.

Today is Tsubasa’s birthday③
Tsubasa: Even Rikka and Dai-chan are pouring alcohol for today’s main character? Naturally, we’re getting along aren’t we☆
Dai: Maa…I am interested in this wine I’ve never seen before. But just tasting would be fine.
Rikka: I wanna drink a lo~t.
Dai: Happy birthday, Tsubasa.
Rikka: Congratulations.

Today is Tsubasa’s birthday④
Rikka: Keep being the shining Tsubasa from now on.
Dai: The you who keeps caring about how much you hate losing is annoying.
Shiki: This difficult chick.
Tsubasa: Shiki’s annoying.
Shiki: Fuu…happy birthday. This year too, with your heart staying the same, fly as far as you can.
Tsubasa: Ou!
Happy birthday!

NOTE: Shiki says “chick” (as in “baby bird”) but it could also mean ‘someone wet behind the ears’, or ‘juvenile’.

Original post dated 08/08/16!


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