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Before the event in Maihama Amphitheatre! An exclusive interview with Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya of the independently-planned unit Team YuuTaku!!


Do you know of the independently-planned unit “Team YuuTaku” by voice actors Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya? Originally introduced by Ono-san and Eguchi-san with the theme “the things we want to do, we’ll do them here”, the Web radio show “YuuTaku no Doratsugu!” started broadcasting in 2011. After that, a drama CD was planned and sold, and an event with unbelievable turnout had arisen from this self-planned project.

With their producer and composer friends, with help from writers, and continued work, last year in Maihama Amphitheatre, the event “YuuTaku Festival 2015 Summer ~Animusical~ in Maihama Amphitheatre” had a successful turnout of 2,000 people. And at a milestone fifth anniversary, at the same venue, the event “Grand YuuTaku Festival 2016 in Maihama Amphitheatre (working title)” on September 10-11 spans two days with three performances. Of course there’s Ono-san and Eguchi-san in it, as well as special guests like Sugita Tomokazu-san and Kimura Ryohei-san who gathered together just for this event.

This time, before the event, we will get to talk to “Team YuuTaku”’s Ono-san and Eguchi-san. Their feelings about getting a chance to form a unit and achieving this milestone, the contents of their event, and their future prospects, will be exclusively delivered here.

You started self-planning this five years ago. Please tell us your candid comments regarding this.

Ono Yuuki (Ono for short): I still can’t believe it’s really been 5 years ago. I just wanted to make something fun, I thought I wanted to try out fun things, this was what I kept talking about with Takuya. And then on August 24 of this year it’s been five years since we uploaded our Web radio “YuuTaku no Doratsugu!”, and on next month’s “Grand YuuTaku Festival”, at the very least, I just want to enjoy it.

Eguchi Takuya (Eguchi for short): It’s suddenly been five years, huh. Going on for five years seems like it’s so long, but, those five years of continuously having fun felt like they went by in an instant.

Logistically speaking, the two of you creating a unit, what led to that?

Ono: It started from when we met each other seven years ago (2009), after which, we kept going out for sushi together, but how he ate sushi then was really interesting for me. I first wrote the word “YuuTaku” on my blog when I said “the YuuTaku combi went out for a meal again, huh”. From going out to eat, we’ve gone to the Maihama Amphitheatre, huh (lol) Life is interesting.


Working from the viewpoint of a voice actor and from that of an artist, in the five years you’ve been self-producing, please tell us what the hardest part of it was.

Ono: It wasn’t a trouble. ‘Cuz it’s just about doing whatever we like. Even though there was a troublesome amount of work involved, there wasn’t any terrible feeling to it at all. For example, for last year’s “Animusical”, how did we come up with an anime for the reading drama? I was in charge of the screenplay production and the songs; when it came to the songs I aimed for ones that would make the performer think “I want to sing this song” when they listened to it. But in the case of the anime screenplay, because we had the author of [the light novel] “The Devil is a Part-Timer” Wagahara Satoshi-sensei to help with our planning from the plot I came up with, it was done in half a day. I just kept thinking that trying out stuff you like, stuff that’s fun, is worth the trouble.

Eguchi: I didn’t think about how hard it was to get on top of my schedule and this production and our actual work; I wanted to try out self-production in the first place, so I thought that I should stop feeling things like “doing this is a bother”. So we kept going at our own pace as much as we could.

Ono: By the way, the liaison with the producers was me, and the rest was up for Takuya to try doing. But because I felt that he’s the kind who’d go “if Yuuki won’t do it then I won’t either”, I thought I’d be in charge of the planning within my capability as well as the actions I can’t do. Nevertheless, we’ve come up with this much, amazing, isn’t it.

Eguchi: Nah, but the range of stuff within Yuuki’s capabilities is extraordinary. ‘Cuz, I never thought it’d blow up into something this big.

Ono: Originally I hadn’t thought of having that much people (strained laugh) I said stuff like “calling out [the attention] of a thousand people would take ten years”, but during the first year we’d reached a thousand people, and right now two thousand people.

The way it is, it’s surpassed your imaginations, hasn’t it.

Ono: It’s really surpassed our imagination. We’re thankful to our friends who collaborated with us, and thankful to the fans who continue following us. It’s because of all our fans being here that we’ve been doing this. The fans who’ve been following us from way back, right now, I know, they’re also happy that the number of people who want to participate in the event is increasing, by all means, we’re all here to have fun. It feels like we have a splendid connection with the fans, we’d even tell them about the creation of goods! I’m really thankful. I think it turned out this way exactly because it’s an independent production.


Having a strong connection with the fans is amazing.

Ono: Everyone’s been taking care to maintain moderation, which makes me really happy.

In recent years you’ve been inviting guests in; this time, please tell us why you extended the offer of being guests to Yonaga Tsubasa-san and Satou Takuya-san.

Ono: Yonaga Tsubasa-san said a few years back that he wanted in, so frankly, him co-starring wasn’t surprising, I just didn’t get the chance to talk to him about it. “It’s just that I can’t find the timing!” was what I thought, but now I got a clear voice saying “OK”. Satou Takuya-san had come to see last year’s event and said it was “interesting”, so as soon as I offered he gave me an OK. Kimura Ryohei-san, Akabane Kenji-san, and Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san are people we worked with during the creation of our drama CD, but it’s only now that the timing matched up. Finally, this year, they’d be able to participate.

Sugita-san had also been cast in your past event.

Ono: When Sugita-san was in the Japan Youth Event, Takuya called it a surprise, and last year he was also a surprise guest. Because he’d always continued being a surprise, this time, we’d thought to invite him as a proper guest. Sugita-san’s been watching over YuuTaku warmly, so without fail, we’ll co-star with his voice. In fact except for Sugita-san and Takuya, we [YuuTaku and their guests for this year’s festival] were all born in 1984.

Eguchi: Wing-san (Yonaga-san) was earlier, by just one school year, though.

{Note: The term he uses is早生まれだから – jisho says it’s “[someone] born between January 1st and April 1st”. Wing was born in January – so, like OnoYuu said, they’re all born in 1984, but Wing would be ahead of the other ’84 guys by one school year ‘cuz of this.}

Ono: But it’s just a coincidence.

Eguchi: When I heard him (Ono) say “I wanna call these people to be our guests”, I said OK immediately because I normally get along well with these people too. He’s never had problems with getting along with people. With fun members, you can be assured the event is gonna be fun.


So please tell us the concept of this event.

Ono: This event is closer to the one we did last year, this year is our milestone fifth anniversary, this time with a recreational aspect to it, kind of like a game tournament, I think, you’d be able to enjoy it without prior knowledge of Team Yuutaku. Saturday is a summer festival, and on Sunday we’ll have a school theme, the content between both events is completely different. However, on Sunday’s night event, please be careful.

Eguchi: It’s a total secret. I think it’ll be a crazy night.

Ono: I think it’ll be a crazy school night (lol). As usual, the costumes in the afternoon and night parts [of Sunday] are different, but those costumes were taken pictures of in the pamphlet – the shoot may have nothing to do with the Sunday night performance.

Eguchi: Because no record of it will remain, everyone, look at it, as if you were to sear it into your brain. It’s an event that will remain in no place other than your memories.

Ono: But what if they’d rather erase the entire thing from their memory (lol)

In September 2016 you’ll be entering the sixth year of your activities, please tell us what you’re looking forward to.

Ono: Because it’s our sixth year, I’ve been thinking of wanting to do something!

Eguchi: Our sixth anniversary probably isn’t anything special though? (lol)

Ono: (lol) I’d never thought this would last for six years. But, since there’s a possibility it won’t be allowed, I think it’ll be fine to await an opportunity in despair.


Well then, if you somehow managed to make it to your tenth anniversary, what would you want to do?

Ono: I was half-joking then but on the radio I said “we’d have an event at the Nippon Budokan!”, but since I found out the budget for that would be unreasonable, I think I’ll think of another thing. But, to think that we’d have a tenth anniversary for something!

Eguchi: Rather, when the tenth year anniversary level happens, we’ll have ended up doing an event for every year before, by that time, what would we do……

Ono: It’s pitiful not to do anything on the tenth anniversary. I wonder if that much capricious thinking would be fine. Anyway, regardless of the location, I think doing the things we’d want to try in 10 years’ time would be fine. But before that I’d want you to go to this year’s “Grand YuuTaku Festival” and enjoy. To those who can’t, there’s also going to be a next time…but I wonder what it’ll be? But because this might not happen again, this time, I’d like you to come along.

Lastly, a message for the fans looking forward to the event, please thank them for showing such enthusiasm for it.

Ono: When I think that in last year’s “Animusical”, there were people in the Maihama Amphitheatre who like Team YuuTaku, being someone’s favorite felt strange. Two thousand people came here just to see us? We’ve gotten to five years like this, I think that in itself means a lot. Of course there are those who’d been cheering us on for so long, and recently, those who are interested but have yet to go to an event…to those people, please, by all means, come along and have fun with us. I think if you do the fun in your life will increase. Stuff like “because of enjoying YuuTaku I’ve been enjoying life” or “life is worth living”, we hear about those sometimes, about lots of people who enjoy it that much. Because it’s self-planned this project feels more intimate; once again, think of stepping into this with us.

Eguchi: It’s an independent production, so there’s no other responsibilities – just doing the things we want to try doing. So, I think it’s become something people can feel free to watch. Because it doesn’t involve things we don’t want to try or things we do unwillingly, we really genuinely enjoy doing this, and I wonder if this is why we have fun this way more familiarly. Rather than having a day off, this’d be more fun, and to be blessed with friends, this increasing amount of people who’ll go as guests, so if you have the time, by all means, please come hang out with us at the Maihama Amphitheatre. With our delightful friends we’ll make two enjoyable days, so please look forward to it.


Grand YuuTaku Festival 2016 in Maihama Amphitheatre (working title)」

Performers: Team YuuTaku (Ono Yuuki, Eguchi Takuya)

Date: September 10-11, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)

Guests: Yonaga Tsubasa, Satou Takuya (Saturday only), Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Sunday only), Sugita Tomokazu (Sunday only), Kimura Ryohei (Saturday only), Akabane Kenji

Sale of event tickets: August 19, 2016 (Friday) to September 7, 2016 (Wednesday)

Teamゆーたく Official web site


Original translation post was dated 08/13/16!


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