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Report on the special comments from Sugita Tomokazu, Kimura Ryohei, and the group of guests for the event produced by Yuuki Ono & Eguchi Takuya’s self-produced unit “Team YuuTaku”!


Seiyuus Ono Yuuki-san and Eguchi Takuya-san’s independently-planned unit “Team YuuTaku” have organized an event “Great YuuTaku Festival 2016 in Maihama Amphitheatre (working title)” for two days – September 10 and 11, 2016, at the Maihama Amphitheatre.

Yesterday, we introduced an exclusive interview with the main participants Ono-san and Eguchi-san; this time, the guests who will be making their appearance in the same event such as Sugita Tomokazu-san and Kimura Ryohei-san – these lovely seiyuus shall be giving us their special comments.

The interview with “Team YuuTaku”’s Ono Yuuki-san and Eguchi Takuya-san is here!


  1. Please give your thoughts when you were offered to appear in this event.
  2. Please tell us your impressions of Ono-san and Eguchi-san.
  3. A message to the fans looking forward to the event, as well as what you are looking forward to in the event.

Yonaga Tsubasa-san

  1. Yaaaay~ It’s finally happening~~” was what I thought (lol)
    Honestly, I was always telling OnoYuu-kun that I wanted to go, but we never met halfway (sweat)
    That’s why I’m really relieved!!
  2. I respect OnoYuu-kun, he really plans out a lot of things he wants to do all by himself, his ability to take action when he says things is amazing.
    Concerning Eguchi-kun, when he’s together with OnoYuu-kun he holds himself together (lol)
    Usually he’s the character who gets bullied by his senpai and kouhai alike, I think he’s a person who really puts the excitement into things.
  3. It will be my first time participating in the YuuTaku Festival.
    Even though my heart is really going dokidoki now, I’d want to impart even a little bit of fun to everyone going, I will do my best to make people think they want to go to YuuTaku Festival again, so please go and enjoy your heart out. Don’t get shocked by a lot of stuff!

Satou Takuya-san

  1. I’m the same age as Ono-kun, so because I thought I wanted to do something fun with him someday, it made me happy!
  2. Those two full of energy are the kinds who’ll go “Let’s have fun with everyone!”
    Also, their smiles are dazzling!
  3. In the previous event the two let the audience view, we were able to participate. I think I’ll also enjoy at full power, please let us be in your care!

Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san

  1. You finally came.
    You called me too late!! Like that.
    A lot of things come to mind, but I’m happy that the long-sought schedule adjustment finally came true.
    It’s just, there’s this specific feeling of going to play in a friend’s house.
  2. Ono-maru is scrupulous.
    Egucchan is suitable in a good way (lol).
  3. Because there’s the feeling of going to play in a friend’s house, please come with the feeling that you’re going to see your friends.
    Have fun ♪

Sugita Tomokazu-san

  1. As Ono-kun wants, I will give him his long-cherished ambition.
  2. Ono-kun is a natural president, producer. Eguchi-kun is a refined, stylish titan. If you haven’t asked those two about their story yet, you should.
  3. Let’s reach climax. Like Ono-kun’s thing.

Kimura Ryohei-san

  1. I thought of how interesting this stuff could be, and I was excited.
  2. Either one is unwieldy. Either one is amusing.
  3. About the festival, I’m looking forward to making a fuss and playing around with everyone. We’ll be in your care–!!

Akabane Kenji-san

  1. Eeh. A five-year anniversary? Amazin’~. Nn? It’s okay for me to go? Iyaa, I’m glad. I’m thankful, was what I felt.
  2. Ono-san = He’s the same age as I am, and is aggressive about lots of his own activities, I think he’s really amazing.
    His energy to work from early morning to late at night is great! I don’t say it, but I respect him.
    Eguchi-san = Actually, I debuted in the same year as Eguchi-kun. That’s why we’re contemporaries in the industry. Although I have lesser opportunities to meet in the field with him, I’ve heard lots of things about his presence being stimuli.
    When I see him, I always think he’s stylish and large (lol)
  3. The day of the Grand YuuTaku Festival is coming…Although an event with just guys doing chit-chat isn’t very edgy, we’re really nervous and can’t help but have fun with it. Let’s have good summer memories with everyone! We’ll be in your care!

Grand YuuTaku Festival 2016 in Maihama Amphitheatre (working title)」

Performers: Team YuuTaku (Ono Yuuki, Eguchi Takuya)

Date: September 10-11, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday)

Guests: Yonaga Tsubasa, Satou Takuya (Saturday only), Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Sunday only), Sugita Tomokazu (Sunday only), Kimura Ryohei (Saturday only), Akabane Kenji

Sale of event tickets: August 19, 2016 (Friday) to September 7, 2016 (Wednesday)

Teamゆーたく Official web site


Original translation dated 08/14/16!


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