Cast Comments: Majikyun Renaissance

Interview with KENN, who plays Suminomiya Aoi


Please tell us the notable things about playing Aoi.

Everything!……is what I really want to say, but the strongest one is his “gap”.

Aoi is bad at expressing his emotions and feelings, and is a kid who finds it hard to transmit them to the other person. Even though, through a lot of processes with the heroine, changes are being born within Aoi himself.

He’d just met the heroine, so the ambiance of Aoi who’s closing the distance and the tempo of their conversations had me struggling with the different performance.

Aside from the heroine, Teika and his grandma take out his plain self, so I hope you can by all means enjoy Aoi’s many gaps.


Do you have any similarities with this Aoi?

The part where we both stoop down (lol)

One of the reasons for that is that I was doing piano from a young age, and now I check my script for work, since when recording scenes we tend to lean forward……I have to be careful, this is about to never get healed. Among other things, it’s just that my posture is undisciplined. And, another thing, the part where we’re shy around strangers might be similar?

So, please tell us what’s your difference with Aoi.

The part about his pretty penmanship!

I’m really not good at doing things with pens. So drawings and penmanship are a bit. I’ve thought about it, in my student days I was also weak at ball games, maybe I’m not good with things with tools (lol) Right now my body is the tool of my trade, this is the significance of my calling.

Please tell us about the close relationships in the story.

Teika is his childhood friend, previously they got along and they had good communication. Recently they’re at a distance, there’s a reason for that. It’s because of Aoi who works at his own pace and is passive, Aoi being like that is what I think to be the reason.

In that sense,  I understand what the other person thought to do.

What kind of relationship do you have with Umehara-san, who plays Teika?

It was fun because it was the first time our characters were paired off! In “Maji-kyun Broadcast Committee’s 1st Kyun!” though, because Umehara-kun is calm, I expected to be relieved (lol)

In terms of the other members, even though I’ve co-starred in an event with Eguchi-kun and Aoi-kun, I want to have fun quick with all 6 people in Maji-kyun.

Finally, a word to all the fans looking forward to this.

The production named “Maji-kyun! Renaissance”, if everyone could be but a bit lively towards it, I hope it’ll give you a push on the back to chase your dreams, even if but a little!

From now on “Maji-kyun! Renaissance” will be in your care!

Interview with Aoi Shouta, who plays Tsukushi Monet


Please tell us the notable things about playing Monet.

It’s also in the title “Maji-kyun”, there are a lot of those kinds of scenes! Also the hedgehog Rin-chan. Including the heroine, the scene where two people and an animal laugh softly is my favourite.

Please notice it (lol)

What kind of personality is the hedgehog Rin-chan?

A really obedient, good kid. There’s parts where he gets nervous, but, I think there’s parts where he pushes on at full speed.

What kind of person would Rin-chan be if he was a person? Undoubtedly, he’d be a naughty kid who you can’t take your eyes off of.

His spontaneous nature is also cute.


Are there any similar points between you and Monet?

Monet majors in painting, and I also like painting so I think that’s where we’re similar. But I, just like drawing lines, I’m bad at painting colors… By all means, it becomes a monochrome picture. Perhaps this part is similar? Also, I adopt a lot of monochrome in my fashion.

So, please tell us what’s your difference with Monet?

First of all I’m not a twin, don’t keep a hedgehog…and we don’t look similar (lol)

Mentally, I think I don’t do tsuntsun as much as Monet does. Also, I like carrots! I eat them with the skin on. Monet hates carrots, offers carrots to Rin-chan who also gets angry. Rin-chan is always Monet’s ally, he’s really a good kid isn’t he~!

Please tell us about the close relationships in the story.

More than a cousin, he feels like a brother! Rintaro’s good at helping people and is an ideal big brother. I would like to see by all means the side of Rintaro that fawns over Monet. Monet has a elder twin brother, but he favors [Rintaro] over that big brother…he [Rintaro] can even do cooking and make sweets…I wanna be Monet (lol)

What kind of relationship do you have with Ono-san, who plays Rintaro?

I’ve been with him in events well, and in private he’s been inviting me to take a breather with him…since we co-starred in the first anime I was cast as a seiyuu for we’ve been friends from then. Even in reality, he feels like an older brother to me!

Finally, tell us about [Monet’s] twin brother Renoir.

Because they look alike, they get compared a lot; there are parts of the brothers that are similar. Monet’s magic art now has part where it’s influenced by Renoir…

Everyone should see Renoir and Monet’s relationship soon.

Interview with Ono Yuuki, who plays Tatewaki Rintaro


Please tell us the notable things about playing Rintaro.

In a nutshell, it’s “But I thought he’s just a normal sculptor…!?

Basically he’s bright and cheerful, sometimes reliable, sometimes he’s a character who gets touchy with his senpai like they’re part of one household, secretly he keeps his troubles and stuff to himself……There may be a scene that would make you go “And I thought he was just a normal sculptor!?” By all means, feel free to be married for life with Rin-chan! There’s a lot of maji-kyun scenes!

(NOTE: Monet’s hedgehog’s Rin-chan is リンちゃん. OnoYuu’s nickname for Rintaro is 凛ちゃん.)

Are there any similar points between you and Rintaro?

The point where his hairstyle’s naturally curly, I guess. It seems like it may be a bit similar (lol). In terms of personality, I’ve been told I’m an obliging person and good at taking care of people; I feel those are the similarities.

Later on, in the letters from the fans, they wrote that he’s “like the sun”, because Rin-chan has that part too, it caused me to feel an affinity towards him.


So, please tell us what’s your difference with Rintaro.

How about food~……! I can only make shiratama (rice flour dumplings) and okonomiyaki, huh.

Once, there was a time when I wanted to eat shiratama endlessly, so I thought I’ll make some at home. I made around 40, but there was a lot of sugar and adzuki bean paste. I got addicted to it lots of times, and I got tired from making around 200 pieces (lol). During the okonomiyaki boom, too, the day my favorite flour was there it suddenly disappeared from the store front……since then I haven’t made it at all. It was unfortunate……

Please tell us about the close relationships in the story.

As cousins, Rin-chan is charge of Monet’s meals! There’s also the story of their hairstyles though; Rin-chan’s hair flips outward but Monet’s flips inward, I wonder why his hair’s so like Monet’s (lol). Also, in reality, I actually also get along well with my cousins. Even now we meet up sometimes. Being at the right distance with one’s cousins is good.

What kind of relationship do you have with Aoi-san, who plays Monet?

I appeared in a production with Sho-chan so I got to see him, from then on we got to mingling with each other!

With this timing, and I’m glad to co-star with him in a close relationship as cousins. Even in private I’ve been inviting him out to eat… But recently we’ve both been busy with stuff so we can’t go out much. I wanna chat with him at a relaxed pace next time!

Interview with Eguchi Takuya, who plays Hibiki Kanato


Please tell us the notable things about playing Kanato.

About both the Kanato at home, and the Kanato at school, huh. The Kanato at school is the kind lots of people entrust with things, but, he turns them down.

He’s really good at taking care of people. As to why this is so, as the firstborn son, he supports their household. Kanato’s part of 5 siblings, and has 2 each of brothers and sisters! That’s why, he’s the youngest in the Star Fest Committee but he feels like a dependable kouhai.

Do you have any siblings, Eguchi-san?

I have a sister! She’s been getting along well with me since childhood. That’s why I somehow understand the feelings of a big brother, but, since our genders are different, now that we’re both independent we haven’t had to do much with each other (lol).


Are there any similar points between you and Kanato?

The point where we’re eldest sons! Rather than being similar, this is perfectly the same, isn’t it (lol). My life decided this, or maybe I’m thinking this because I’m the eldest son……moreover, what to do with dreams, and stuff. With parts like that, I can emphatize with Kanato.

Also, the height and basketball! When I saw Kanato’s profile, there were a lot of similar parts, huh. But Kanato and Louis are a bit too good at basketball, I’m worried about whether it’s good to say this is a similarity between us (lol).

So, please tell us what’s your difference with Kanato.

He can make music and stuff, huh. I can’t play musical instruments. During my student days too, I didn’t like music periods much (lol).
I pretended to sing in choral competitions and stuff……I’m sorry!

But now that I’ve gotten [singing] as a job, I’ve become interested in it.

Please tell us about the close relationships in the story.

With Anjou-senpai, huh……by any chance, are those two gonna date the heroine [at once]!? Even though they’re in a really close relationship, please anticipate their development in Maji-kyun.

Also, their basketball scene is a pivotal checkpoint. I have experience with basketball so I get it; when you’re doing basketball you’re too tired to make a conversation. Even going “Run!” and stuff, directions. But those two are really having a conversation (lol).

Also there’s that, isn’t there, Louis is somehow a person who you won’t understand no matter what he’s thinking. Because he’s a character whose meaning you can’t grasp the most, the gap with him hanging in there is good!

Kanato, for better or worse, thinks he’s a type who can’t hide and isn’t two-faced, and I like that.

What kind of relationship do you have with Hatano-san, who plays Louis?

Just like his character, he’s a reliable senpai. Usually he’s, that’s right……the story with the music player and stuff, urban legend stories and the like, I enjoy hearing them from him (lol).

And then finally, please tell us about the October release of the anime to the public!

Since the game is a one-on-one story, how the heck is the anime gonna build up the relationship of the heroine with six people, I’m looking forward to this myself!

Interview with Umehara Yuuichiro, who plays Ichijouji Teika


Please tell us the notable things about playing Teika.

Teika is one who’d advance his story on his own so he confronts his own problems, please notice his fluctuating feelings during that time.

He’s a stoic character so, the fluctuation of his feelings is really large……as he gets into a relationship with the heroine, this intensifies, but of course this fluctuation of feelings is leading him into a good direction, the time he confronted that problem was awfully heartbreaking for me.

Besides that, please tell us about fun parts in this.

When he’s talking with Suminomiya, having him be the only one to see the chink in Teika’s true self is fascinating. Because of their rivalry from when they were really young, they can’t talk much. Teika at his root is still the Teika Suminomiya knows. Teika’s diligently serious and clear personality, this side of him is cute.


What kinds of play did the little Teika and Aoi do?

They probably played indoors, huh. Just like that, right now I’m always indoors; back then, I used to like playing tag.

When I think of it……it might not be surprising for Teika, and Aoi too, to run about in a public park.

This Teika and Umehara-san’s similarities, differences, what are they?

If we’re going to the differences, it’s that he’s stoic. I was really surprised during recording. ’Even to this point you’re stoic!’ and stuff. Teika’s saying “effort doesn’t double-cross people” though, I think that’s extremely correct. Teika’s good point is that he’s stoic, but even though, he doesn’t force himself on people. I admire a man like Teika.

Umehara-san also gives off a stoic impression.

I’m completely different compared to Teika. But, regarding muscle training, I might resemble his stoicness. My summer clothes are getting tight, recently I’ve been consciously doing my best to sleep.

That’s so, isn’t it, also, if I were to say a similarity……we both have black hair, I guess (lol).

Well then, next, about the close relationship with Suminomiya Aoi in-story, let’s get to the bottom of this a bit.

Early on they’re two people who can’t make a frank conversation, but in the wake of becoming members of the Star Fest Committee, their conversations will have increased little by little.

In those conversations, Teika has of course always thought about Suminomiya’s being there, I think. If there’s some problem, regarding Suminomiya, he’ll feel a bit of awkwardness.

The heroine has a bird’s eye view of Teika and Suminomiya’s conversations; those two giving off a feel of “old friends”, I want you all to feel that.

What kind of relationship do you have with KENN-san, who plays Aoi?

I got to co-star with him in “Maji-kyun Broadcast Committee’s 1st Kyun!”, and he really helped me out there. I would like to co-star with him another time.

In this production, the game contents have lots of serious parts, and the scenario is substantial reading, so on “Maji-kyun Broadcast Committee” and June 12’s “Maji-kyun to you!” I thought I want to rapidly burst with the Star Fest Committee (lol).

Interview with Hatano Wataru, who plays Anjou Louis


Please tell us the notable things about playing Louis.

He has a relationship with a certain figure. It’s that part which Louis bears as his very core. When he’s noticed this figure, it becomes the heart of Louis’s story. Please notice the description of Louis’s psychology.

How about what he feels towards the heroine and the like?

That’s right, at the start he doesn’t open up to her and show her his true self, with that air he interacts with her skillfully.

That’s so he can protect himself, and so the heroine won’t get caught up in his own problems……

He plays the part of the bright moodmaker, and has scenes where he’s surrounded by girls (lol)

A game with that kind of impression is starting to have some gap.


Does this Louis have similarities with yourself?

A sense of distance with people and the like, we may be similar in that we won’t let out what’s inside our hearts much.

The other day, a friend I had for 20 years said “I don’t know the inner parts of Hatano” and I was shocked (lol) ’Huh? Is that weird?’ Like that.

But, I think everyone thinks that. The self you show your family and the self you show outside are different, aren’t they.

Louis is also a person who can’t convey that part of him well to people. I think he’s really awkward at it.

Well then, please tell us about your differences with Louis.

Yes. The part about him stripping at once (lol)

I’m sensitive to the cold, so recently when it’s being warm I’ve been wearing a scarf. It cools down my neck. From this season on is a fight with the air-conditioning……

Contrasting with Louis who strips at once, I put on clothes at once (lol)

I think that’s the biggest difference.

Finally, please tell us about the close relationships in the story.

It’s a senpai-kouhai relationship, it’s not just kind, at times I can say he can be severe towards Kanato. Louis sees Kanato’s true self well.

Inside the game, those two who surprisingly got on the Star Fest Committee are waging war through basketball, while having a conversation. Since Kanato has professional-level talent as a basketball player, he deems that part of Kanato acceptable. I think those two have a really good relationship.

What part does Louis play in the Star Fest Committee?

Not just with Kanato, I think the other members have seen it as well. He can read the atmosphere, and sometimes he can go play the clown role.

He looks frivolous, but when he’s serious, he’s firm. I want you to look forward by all means to that surprising side of Louis.


Original translation post dated 08/18/16!


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