[Blog: Saito Souma 082016] Idolish Seven!

Sukerakko-san’s “Country of Bon” is crazy interesting. An eternally never-ending summer is a theme I eternally like.
I’m Saito Souma, recently my current obsession is reloading my MMR.

Now, then, the event this time is over – I didn’t announce it, but the app game I appear in, “Idolish Seven”, is celebrating reaching its first anniversary!!
I think a lot has passed since I received the audition [offer] for Tenn-kun.
On the other hand, since I had such little lines, I had to read between the lines and commit to memory how [Tenn] had been in dire distress.
That is certainly, with the best characters, best scenario, blessed with the best music, a beloved, growing production!

Regarding Tenn-kun in the game, and regarding [him] in music, from now on, in every kind of media, his story shall be shown, but I won’t go too much into detail about it……
When I heard about the production “Idolish Seven”, I thought I was really happy.
Especially, with the reassuring Hatano Wataru-san and Satou Takuya-san, that we have arrived at the point of being responsible for the voice of the unit TRIGGER is our blessing. Me, who is unexperienced and still has a long way to go in songs and acting both; for sometimes requesting a perfect Kujou Tenn, I’m always being helped by those two.
Hatano-san, SatoTaku-san, to those two who are sexy and risque, but with warm, low bass voices, in the dramas they’re always supporting me. I’m really happy TRIGGER has these members! Thank you very much!

And of course it’s not just TRIGGER, but also everyone in IDOLiSH7, the two in Re:vale, each time we meet we’re like “let’s do an anime someday, ne!?” all passionately.
That’s right.
At last!
The anime version of Ainana has been decided upon!!!
And then all the three units’ full MVs would be produced, frankly, all this news is also perplexing me! lol
Please, from now on, get more and more pumped up for Idolish Seven, and if it pleases you, we’ll be in your care!

Well then everyone, to begin with, in this 1-year anniversary memento, Tenn-kun……you’ll hear Kansai-ben befitting of him, and I think you’ll get the best smiling face [out of it]! Formally, from now on, Idolish Seven will be in your care!

Well then, that’s that!
Let’s still not be defeated by the humid SUMMER!
Until next time!

Saitou Souma

  • [source]
  • Notes: The manga he rec’s in the beginning is this thing. Also idk what MMR even means, but looking it up it seems to be a gaming term, hence “reloading” instead of “rereading”. It’s apparently “match-making ratio” or smthn…

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