Bar SolidS interview 060216

Eguchi Takuya-san, Saito Souma-san, Hanae Natsuki-san, and Umehara Yuuichiro-san talk about the real reason why they have drinks in their hands! Report and interview about the recording of “Bar SolidS”

During the popular broadcast of “Tsukipro ch. (Tsukipro Channel)”, did you see it?

The latest development on Tsukipro, of course, is that one of their attractions is the fan-obsession with the group with adult-like allure, the seiyuu of SolidS.

In one corner of the show, Eguchi Takuya-san, Saito Souma-san, Hanae Natsuki-san, Umehara Yuuichiro-san all have a corner called “Bar SolidS”; with a drink in hand, talking unlike their usual, about these things and those things, frankly.

So Animate Times, charges onto the scene of this program! Along with the report here, we will show you an interview with these four people. When alcohol’s in play, the adults’ talk in the recorded scenes barely startles (?) Well then, everyone please enjoy these majestic figures!

■How much of this scene will be cut!?


As the name of the shoot is “Bar SolidS”, it’s in a stylish bar. Coupled with the mood, you’ll begin to feel a somewhat dandy atmosphere. This time there was a total of five takes recorded. With so much takes of recording drinking recommended alcoholic drinks, gradually everyone’s appearances begin to get tipsy, as they go on a parade to new discoveries.

Their “cocktail kotoba” [TL Note: wordplay on hanakotoba, or Japanese flower language] regarding the featured liquor, frank talk about women, and how “SolidS” will be from now on…As drunkenness and time passes their hot talk about their true opinions and music deepens, it’s a fan’s must-see until the finish.

However, when these members gather they don’t just promise unpardonable things. As all the fans hoped for, dangerous words were used in lots of ways, causing the staff members’ gooseflesh. Heck, how far will the final version include of this to be usable, please look forward to it.

■The dream is an event with Ro●t Plus One!


From here on, it’s an interview done after the recording. Liquor in play, tension increasing, the appearance of everyone having fun like in a drinking party is awfully impressive!

Good work on the recording. What did you think about it this time?

Hanae Natsuki-san (Hanae for short): Since we actually did drink alcohol, there’s a really, really………[tipsy feeling]

Saito Souma-san (Saito for short): During the recording, the staff members stopped us many times; would this also be done to us in this interview too? (lol)

Hanae: Yaah~ Really, really.

Eguchi Takuya-san (Eguchi for short): We didn’t say dirty jokes!

Hanae: We didn’t!

Saito: Because we’re an innocent school group!

Hanae: What kind of innocent school group happily drinks alcohol on the record; it’s the first time I was excited from the proposal stage!

Everyone: (lolol)

Eguchi: I thought “are they serious”. “Ahh, actually drinking the alcohol is fine” was in the script, so I kept drinking as the script said.

Saito: It’s because we don’t have an opportunity to publicly appear as a four-people group as much as the others do. But since we end up eating together as four people after recording, I thought it’d be good to let everyone know that “SolidS is kind of like this”. But I don’t know if the final version would show up that way (lol)

Umehara Yuuichiro (Umehara for short): Since within the story, there’s the feeling of going to dinner with these four, I think it was transmitted.

Hanae: A close save, isn’t it.

Eguchi: Aren’t you quiet. [TL Note: unsure but I think he’s referring to Ume here??]


It felt like Eguchi-san and Hanae-san were going at it from either side though? (lol)

Hanae: Those two [Saito and Umehara] were holding themselves back, so we consciously did our best to make up for it.

Eguchi: Ahahaha! But I felt everyone was safe.

I hope you’re right on that. If the fans cheer this on, will it have a continuation?

Hanae: There will be!

Eguchi: If there are enthusiastic people who want to see just “Bar SolidS”, there will be! How about let’s do an event of SolidS with Ro●t Plus One. [TL Note: I have no idea if I transliterated this correctly – it’s a censored word, but what IS it!?]

Everyone: That’s good, isn’t it~!

Eguchi: Four people drinking, the audience also drinking, let’s get drunk! Like that.

Saito: Well then shall we do it on “SoliRaji”? (lol) [TL Note: “SolidS Radio”]

Everyone: (lol)

Hanae: That’s the best! I wanna do it like Ro●t Plus One.

Saito: The BGM will be Umehara Yuuichiro on the piano……(lol)

Umehara: Isn’t putting that burden on me alone too much? (lol)

Everyone: (lolol)

What do you think are the charm points, this time around?

Hanae: As expected, it’s the side of us that you don’t usually see.

Saito: That suitable feeling isn’t an incomplete one.

Eguchi: About the stuff with propriety, I think those were left to the other groups.

Saito: Because we got the human-like parts!

Hanae: ‘Cuz everyone’s keeping the place pretty, we can keep our bodies drunk!

Saito: That’s the meaning behind us being cast, I think!

Umehara: But, how would that be made pretty in the broadcast……

Hanae: By cutting it?

Saito: Was there a pretty part in there? (lol)

Umehara: I dunno (lol)

Saito: Then, after all the scum’s strained out, whatever gets left! (lol)

Everyone: (lol)


How much of this would end up being cut……

Eguchi: That’d be fun. I mean, right now I’ve been told the framework of this “SolidS” was in 10-minute parts, please expect around ten minutes or less. (lol)

Everyone: (lolol)

Saito: We won’t get ten minutes (lol)

Eguchi: Because the higher-ups got mad, when they said “please don’t do a chicken race with dangerous words” (lol)

That’s dangerous!

Umehara: Fierceness was demanded. [TL Note: I probably didn’t phrase this right. But he was referring to Tsubasa’s catchphrase: 激しく求めていかないとね]

Eguchi: Because that’s “SolidS”’ theme.

Saito: Because we have a feel about “would this be okay?” Like, “should we demand even more?

Hanae: Like how we’re allowed to sing those kinds of lyrics, and stuff.

Umehara: Our usual mood, huh.

Precisely because it’s you four.

Eguchi: If it’s not these four, it can’t be done.

Umehara: As time passes I get drunker (lol)

Saito: As I drink in the recording I get drunk (lol)

Eguchi: It’d be fine if it was only for a one-time record, but it’s five takes! And then we drunk everything, the premise alone is dangerous!

Saito: It’s a normal drinking level!

Hanae: Because I pulled out alcohol along the way (lol) [TL Note: Could he be referring to when he asked for beer in ep 2…?]

Eguchi: Around that time I thought “ahh, there it goes……” But, in that moment I thought “let’s do it”.


It was fun when it happened (lol) Well then, please give a message for everyone looking forward to “Bar SolidS”.

Eguchi: Yaah~ SolidS is seriously a powerful group, I think~! The songs itself are adult, that’s the feeling of this unit~

Saito: So suddenly, what’s up? (lol) This tension is unlikely from your character!

Eguchi: (lol) SolidS’ songs also emanate an adult feel, the new songs coming out are like “bangbang”. Everyone, have you read the lyrics? They’re seriously dangerous!

Saito: I wonder how drunk you are…

Eguchi: That power is how dangerous SolidS is, seriously!

Umehara: It’s not getting through, is it…

Eguchi: I think everyone will enjoy this powerful and dangerous SolidS. Everyone is making up this powerful and dangerous SolidS.

Hanae: It’s everyone’s fault!

Eguchi: Us ending up this way is everyone’s fault!

Everyone: (lol)

Eguchi: That kind of feel in this place, is the SolidS I wanna make from now on. I think I want everyone to make this along with SolidS! From now on I want a different adult-like feel to SolidS.

Hanae: Indeed!

Eguchi: Thank you very much!

Umehara: SolidS started out from songs and a drama CD, then a photo album, and soon there’ll be a live, we’ve done various things. This time we’re on video, I thought we’ve been blessed.

Eguchi: How earnest~! [TL Note: The word Egu uses is “majime”.]

Umehara: It’s just, I’m glad there’s more SolidS-like things coming out……I think the final version will be a pretty one (lol) Since it’s made with everyone in the audience, I think there’ll be a next time if you wish for it. Because John-san writes good songs, we’ll fundamentally do our best with those songs. But the video is also good (lol)

Everyone: (lol)


Saito: SolidS started two years ago, aside from Takuya-san, both Hanae-kun and Ume-chan haven’t been involved in it much. [TL Note: Probably because Egu and Souma are the ones manning SoliRaji…?]

Then this time, having this kind of thing planned out, we and everyone else thought having all our testimonies stacked up is a deeply emotive thing.

Because this good kind of trust, to be able to say such honest opinions, I think it’s something we can’t tell about SolidS through song. “How about this kind of SolidS?” was proposed by us, and when it was tested out by everyone, if it’s good and we’re asked for a second part it’d make me happy.

Hanae: Yes! SolidS still has a lot more to go, it’s only just begun. Here, there’s water.

Eguchi: What’s the matter? So suddenly (lol)

Hanae: When someone sees water and says “ah, it’s water”, when you see it someday, you’ll say “ah, it’s SolidS”; somehow, this group will manage that. The first step with songs in it, is the reason why Bar SolidS exists. And then, eventually……eventually!  [TL Note: Spoiler alert: This is referring to a drunk Nacchan episode they talk about here…]

Eguchi: (lol) What is it what is it!?

Hanae: As a group loved by everyone, with a live, a CD, a performance, a radio, I want the expansion to continue, look at Bar SolidS as a trial, I think you’ll know SolidS even more.

About you having drinks, I had fun, but I want more!


Everyone: (lol)

Saito: I said that was a bad thing!

Eguchi: From the third time on my manager’s been looking at me (lol)

Hanae: I think if they want more I wanna continue Bar SolidS, and I also wanna do an event like Ro●t Plus One like Eguchi said.

Eguchi: That one, I really wanna do!

Hanae: Of course we appear in lives, we really think about different things you wanna see from SolidS. Because, it’s just a sexy, cool, adult group. There’s a lot of interesting parts; the gap of this group, I want you all to know that. And then, with Tsukipro’s synchronized (?) Growth and SOARA, I don’t wanna lose to them!

Saito: Is this okay? (lol)

Eguchi: But they have their own good parts! (lol)

Hanae: I wanna put it out there that SolidS doesn’t lose to other groups. And……

Everyone: There’s more!? (lol) [TL Note: Probably everyone BUT Nacchan w]

I’m sorry. I have to end this soon (lol)

Hanae: (lol) The performance is good, the talk is interesting and good, I think the likeness of SolidS has been conveyed. Eventually……!

Eguchi: You’re still going on!?

Hanae: Meeting the expectations of the fans, the four of us will continue working hard, so please buy a CD! It’ll give us power (lol)

Won’t it (lol) Thank you very much!



Original translation post dated 09/02/16!


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