[Blog: Saito Souma 062716] HaruChika & 91Days!

Got completely addicted to the work of Mizukami Satoshi-sensei, that I’d read through both their short story collection and Sengoku Youko in one go.
Recently I’ve been simmering chicken wings with refreshing tomato, I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, this Saturday was a public recording event for Haruchika’s CD launch!
Bri-chan, Seichiro-kun, Yamada-san, as well as everyone who obliged us by coming, thank you very much!
It’s been a long time since Haruchika Radio, just as usual…not at all, in Haruchika Radio’s history, hasn’t this been one of the most godly times!
I hope everyone who obliged us by coming had enjoyed it, as well!

And then, after the public recording was the launch of the Character Songs, and I had sung Haruta’s character song live!
Because it’s a very easily refreshing song to sing, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to show it to everyone!

Since Haruchika is a really favorite work of mine, I want to have more and more conversations [about it] with everyone, this is what I ardently think.
When the drama CD would also get its release, I would be glad if I could meet everyone in some way!
Really, thank you very much!

And on Sunday, I was allowed to go on stage for the advanced screening of “91 Days”!
Dressed in a mafia-ish suit, making my appearance drenched in sweat, how was it?
Kondo-san, Takuya-san, Tsuda-san, Kajita-san, as well as everyone who obliged us by coming, thank you very much!

It hasn’t been broadcast yet so I can’t say more, but this production, but it’s a really straight-laced and interesting thing to complete!
I’m sure people who like noir movies will definitely be satisfied!
Just the four characters who appeared in the stage greetings won’t be the [only thing] staying in everyone’s memories, [but also] that impact, and furthermore above that, the really wonderful scenario!
Myself as well, as well as the ordinary person Corteo, at the mercy of Avilio’s revenge, would like to enjoy this as well, so we’ll be in your care!

Some [of my] backup voice memos from way back and stuff had been completely lost. Aah, how cruel. So [I’ve] inadequate access to [my] information…lol
Well then, until the next update!

Saito Souma


Translator’s note: I usually translate blogs on the day/a few days after the seiyuu posts it, but for special cases like this one, I’ll say the original date of TL posting! This was originally on 09/12/16.


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