[Blog: Saito Souma 091516] Report concerning September 18’s 91Days event

Good day, it’s Saito Souma.
Today, for the 91 Days event scheduled on September 18, [this is] a report concerning [it], as well as an update as an apology.

Earlier on 91 Days’ official website, there had been an announcement on [said] official website about the event “91 Days Bar R20 Limited Event” which had been scheduled on September 18th; because of me, Saito Souma, being in ill health, it had reached the stage where I have to put off [my appearance].

To all the fans who had been looking forward to this event, all the staff members who had committed to it, all my co-stars, for inconveniencing you and making you worry, I am really very sorry.
At the doctor’s initial diagnosis, one week of recuperation at home was required by his conclusion, and I am taking such a form [of remedy].

Also, we have finally reached the climax of the story of 91 Days; I myself am really excited watching it air weekly, wondering how it’ll end.
By all means, until the end, 91 Days will be in your care!

Sincerely, that it’d turn out this way now, I am really very sorry.
Also, I think I’d be able to probably do a blog update on my return to work within a week, so I’m humbly asking for your favor; continuously, Saito Souma will be in your care!



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