Canaria -消えゆく空に-


To the distance one sees in dreams, those wings also unfold
Moving even further with each day, the horizon is within a dense fog

Even in times where in my chest’s warbling, complaints spill forth
Darling, you lavished me strongly with affection

Always being separated with, the beloved canary you raised
With a voice more charming than anyone’s
So I’ll sing, so I’ll sing

In a night where wishes are granted, I want to spread out my wings
And ascend to the place seen by the two of us
Cogwheels mischievously entwined
Vanishing into the sky

Until that yell cracks, the sound of feathers will go out
Basked in light as you are, you are the only one I can see

Surely I’ll forget about always returning, won’t I?
[Because] a canary stops remembering
Always, always,

In the daybreak where our vows met, let’s embrace
And fall asleep to the warmth of each other’s bodies
To wake up to an empty room
What you hoped for already having flown away

I don’t understand this thing called love
But I want to hear your words once more
The empty past of leaving the nest
Put it in dreams, and sing, canary

In a night where wishes are granted, I want to spread out my wings
And ascend to the place seen by the two of us
Cogwheels mischievously entwined
I’ll call for you, darling, and vanish into the sky

  • Original translation post dated 09/18/16.
  • [Kanji source]
  • for the first time in a long time i have a ton of notes to this oh god oh god I’M SO SORRY
  • it’s just
  • is anyone getting really big “crane wife” vibes outta this or is it just me
  • just me isn’t it
  • in any case just in case you dunno of it yet – “crane wife” is an old japanese story about a crane who gets saved by this guy, transforms into a girl and becomes his wife, and weaves pretty cloth to save ‘em from bankruptcy BUT the catch is he should never ever EVER peep in on her?? that’s…the best way to get people to DO smthn tho, telling them they should never EVER do it, so he peeps and it turns out when she weaves his wife turns back into a crane and weaves cloth out of her own feathers;; she leaves shortly after and the moral lesson is when someone tells you not to do a thing DON’T DO IT!!!!
  • there’s a filipino version i think about some girl who flies using her overcoat like wings but some dude hides her flying coat somewhere and gets her to fall for him and they get married? and the girl only finds out about this AFTER they’d gotten a kid together and she ends up flying with her kid up to the clouds and the dude cries a lot of regrets and the gods take pity on him and end up making the first rainbow so he can join them in the sky – yanno what i personally think this one has a broken aesop (he gets forgiven pretty easily imo) but i think the story’s supposed to be about how lying is bad and you shouldn’t do it?
  • stories aside STORIES ASIDE there was an actual reason why i mentioned these
  • ok. so? tsubasa is obviously the “bird” in this equation (of COURSE the one whose name means “wing” gets to sing the “bird” song, good one, tsukipro, nice job, idk why i ever doubted you) which should make it easier for me to translate the contextually intended pronouns in his lines (so the “canary” is the singer’s POV, and the one who “raised” them is the one who’s being sung to), but it still did give me an occasional plothole (if the wings are his then why is the word he uses in the first line “those wings”? aren’t they his? isn’t it supposed to be these wings???)
  • さえずりis spelled in katakana here but it’s supposed to be in kanji and is a really birdy term – chirp or twitter or warble – I went with “warble” because he’s neither singing nor, idk, writing a 140-character message (jk jk) (it just sounded better, i think)
  • me: this isn’t a song of tsubasa singing to shiki
  • also me: *translates it in a way that it looks like tsubasa singing to shiki*
  • ALRIGHT SO I DO SHIP THEM BUT THAT WASN’T IN ANY WAY THE POINT OF THIS EXERCISE. the point here is that “anata” (you) is usually spelled in kana, but in these lyrics it’s spelled with kanji (貴方). it’s probably to add more to the poeticism of this, but the thing is the kanji themselves can read as “precious person” and when some Japanese wives call their husbands “anata” some people translate it as ‘dear’. so i had to come up with some kind of term of endearment for him to use AND WHAT BETTER ENDEARMENT TO USE THAN THE ONE TSUBASA ALREADY (jokingly?) USES FOR SHIKI IN CANON
  • (basically in-story tsubasa calls shiki “darling” and shiki calls him “honey” and i think i will never ever get over this being a reality of life)
  • so basically if i set into stone that the person the singer is singing to here is their ‘darling’, they would then be the ‘human’ side of this mayfly-december romance
  • cogwheels mischievously entwined” the way i see this it’s ‘mischievous’ in the way people would say the universe ‘was playing a trick on them’ by making them fall into difficult love stories
  • 枯れる could mean “[a plant] withering/dying” or “[someone/an ability] maturing”, so i went with ‘crack[ing]” because voices ‘crack’ sometimes when people undergo puberty but things could also ‘crack’ when they wither? 呼び声 could also be phrased as “the voice calling [me] out” i think
  • working off this – “the sound of feathers will go out” – until the singer’s beloved’s “yell[/voice] cracks” (until they become mature/self sufficient?) there won’t be any feather noises heard here – he won’t be flying away
  • “to wake up to an empty room/what you hoped for already having flown away” I’M AN ACCOUNTANT, DAMNIT, NOT SOME KINDA POET ehrm ehrm but yeah, def took my own poetic license with this. this was probably intended as two sentences but i took it as one; if only because there’s a cause-and-effect between ‘falling asleep together’ (ふたりの体温で眠る) and ‘waking up alone’ (目覚めた ひとりきりの部屋で) – ‘what you hoped for’, that is, the singer still being there in bed beside them, already ‘having flown away’ (he’s GOOOOOOOONEEEEE)
  • i think i can stop now but sob sob this song was really just so good i don’t think i could ever do it justice

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