[Blog: Saito Souma 092016] Report!

Good day, it’s Saito Souma.
In the blog and in the company I heard there were lots of concerned correspondences, really, thank you very much…!

To extinguish the worries and trouble, I would like to extend my humblest apologies.
As of now, my physical condition is quietly recovering; I’ll be able to return to work!
Even in these painful times, I’ve been blessed with people giving me their support.
Everyone, I’m always really thankful to you!

Again, once more,  in productions and radio, events and the like, I’ll stick through; I’ll notify you if I get healthy enough to appear for a performance, so if it pleases you, Saito Souma will be in your care!

Saito Souma


  • I dunno what this means – the time stamp of this is September 20, 2016. I’m saying this here because, if I’m assuming he just uploaded his blog earlier and it just got scheduled to post on September 22, his last post was exactly a week from this one! (09/15/16)
  • And the title for this one (ご報告!) is exactly the same phrase as the one I translated as “Report” in the title of the post before this, where he said he was sick (9月18日の『91Days』イベントに関するご報告) so that’s what I went with!

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