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Here comes an interview with Nishiyama Koutarou-san and Eguchi Takuya-san from the first broadcast of “Nishiyama Koutarou no Sukoyaka na Bokura”!

Eguchi Takuya no Oretachi Datte Iyasaretai!”’s (OreIya) sister show “Nishiyama Koutarou no Sukoyaka na Bokura” (SukoBoku) is being broadcast at TOKYO MX starting October 12. Nishiyama Koutarou, who serves as the assistant in OreIya, was exceptionally promoted to main personality with his unmistakably vibrant “Willing, energetic, brave!” mode.

From this first broadcast of SukoBoku, here comes an interview with Nishiyama-san and his guest Eguchi-san. Here they are keeping their excitement about the show close as they talk!


At last, please tell us about your excitement for the start of SukoBoku!

Nishiyama: Lots of people cheered us on, and I’m really happy every time someone congratulates us.
With all my power, I think that what I want to give everyone is a relaxing, fun time.
But it was the first time I was filming without Eguchi-senpai; even though it was fun, my heart was beating fast while recording and I had to deal with that [myself].
I hope I was probably able to show a side of myself that’s a little bit different from how I am in OreIya.

Eguchi: The first time I wasn’t there was during [OreIya’s] Taiwan location shoot’s first day when I didn’t arrive, by any chance, have you possibly forgotten about it…

Nishiyama: It’s the first time domestically (lol)

Eguchi: You just wanted to squeeze that in, didn’t you? (lol) But if I’m not there, I think Koutarou-kun might be more relaxed?

Nishiyama: Nope, I was really nervous. ‘Cuz I’ve always been relying on you.
You supported me without batting an eyelash, great senpai. Nice follow (lol)

Eguchi: It’s ‘cuz your elder is awesome! (lolololol) It’s ‘cuz Koutarou-kun has that part of him.
Because we’ve also split the Twitter account, I think it’s like a transition between generations.
Right now it’s “OreIya/SukoBoku” but, surely after a year it’ll be “SukoBoku/OreIya”, and it’ll become the “SukoBoku” account before you know it (lol)
I’ve been narrating humbly, because I think I wanna work hard to not offset Koutarou-kun’s charm.

And how many times had Eguchi-san worked on narration…?

Nishiyama: For a variety show series…?

Eguchi: For a variety show series…it’s my second time.

Nishiyama: As a regular [narrator]…?

Eguchi: As a regular…it’s my first time (lol)

Nishiyama: Oooh (claps hands)

We heard that Nishiyama-san sung SukoBoku’s theme song! Please give us a few words about this.

Nishiyama: Given that this is to be a very cute song, I think it’d be great that you’d feel healed when you hear it. It’s the first time doing a solo song under my own name, so I think cramming as much stuff as I wanted to convey to my heart’s content was okay. Please look forward to it as well, everyone.


Show Information

Nishiyama Koutarou no Sukoyaka na Bokura” (Nishiyama Koutarou’s The Healthy Us)


First Episode

October 12, 2016 (Wednesday) 11:00-11:30pm (broadcast every other week)

Performer: Nishiyama Koutarou

Episode 1 Guest: Eguchi Takuya

Theme song:Pukapuka Penguin” (Floating Penguin)
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Kuroishi Hitomi
Vocal: Nishiyama Koutarou

Show Homepage
Show Twitter (@OreIya_info)

  • Originally TL’d 10/15/16
  • do u know how much i wanted to translate kou’s “yaruki genki yuuki!” line to the kiddy rhyme “alive awake enthusiastic” (lol) but in any case it’s his standard oreiya introductory spiel!
  • ok ok OKKKK so there’s a lot of “it’s [the/my] first time”s being bandied about. it’s one of kou’s verbal tics!!! it’s become somewhat of a running gag of his to say that it’s his first time doing things (to the extent where one of his oreiya badges has the line “hajimete desu ” written on it), aaaand he sometimes drags egu into saying it to, like with the new year hakama on kindan girls’ collection, and right here.
  • which is why i ended up translating egu’s following “that’s really just how you speak, don’t you?” to what he seemed to have meant, which was “you just wanted to squeeze that in, didn’t you?”
  • what i ended up translating as “without blinking an eyelash” was actually more along the lines of “immediately after”! yea i call poeticism lol
  • 大先輩–!!!!!
  • DAISENPAI!!!!!!!
  • GREAT SENPAI!!!!!!
  • ok literally speaking it’s just “big senpai” and egu is most def large w/o a shadow of a doubt LOL
  • but i’m just. the respect in this is unreal, fam. if you’ve seen my throwback post egu and kou won 81 auditions two years apart (souma in the very middle). what…a difference a year makes…
  • souma, bar solids: takuya-san has a messy room (i want to clean it with our friends on national television :3c)
  • egu: OI >_>
  • kou, sukoboku: i get nervous when you’re not around, great senpai!!!!! >_<
  • egu: fufu :3c
  • i’m sorry i keep shoehorning souma into this it’s not just because i love him it’s just that if it wasn’t exactly the three of them it won’t be oreiya and that in mind i look forward to the differences in tone with sukoboku
  • (yes i know it’s already broadcast. no i haven’t watched it at the time of translating this. i was at work the entire week, everyone. and my net sucks.)
  • THAT SELF-INDULGENT MUMBLING OF MINE IS ACTUALLY WHAT LEADS ME INTO EGU’S NEXT LINE. (lololol THAT RHYMED) egu makes a point of saying that he narrated “humbly/modestly” – not exactly a direct contrast to souma on oreiya, but pretty close. on screen, egu and kou are both really strong, stand-out personalities, and – well, souma isn’t some frail gentle kid by any means, but he’s generally construed as one, so – the way souma backs them up is that he makes his narration stand out enough to keep up, self-aware to the point that he’s legitimately considered part of the conversation. (and here i stop myself because i can go on about souma’s narration for weeks and there is really no time for that.) like i said, i haven’t watched sukoboku yet so i’m really not sure about this, but what it seems like to me from egu’s phrasing is that he’s holding himself back to let kou shine – he could have gone the self-aware route like souma does in oreiya, and he also could have not, but for him the important part is that kou’s the standout in this show
  • does that make any sense i don’t know if it even makes any sense I JUST…STARTED FIXATING ON NARRATION….SINCE THEN……gdi oreiya
  • what i translated as a very long lolololol for egu’s line is actually smthn more like *roaring laughter* but i already translate all the (laughs) as (lol)s so…for consistency’s sake…yea
  • they don’t say it outright but it’s likely that the show they consider egu’s first time narrating on a variety show is kiramune company, on kakki’s episode! i know egu and kakki narrated each other’s eps so it’s highly possible that it’s this one (I HAVE TO WATCH THAT TOOOOOO)
  • yes, your eyes do not deceive you – that is, in fact, プカプカペンギン. プカプカ, as in, the floaty sound kou’s enstars boy kanata tends to say quite a lot, and penguin, as in…remember when egu said he’d cast yuukyan and kou as penguins in oreiya s1 ep2??? and when kou DID end up dubbing as the resultant pen-kun plush in oreiya s2 ep1????????

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