Sera Rikka birthday 2016

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☆Today is Sera Rikka’s (CV. Hanae Natsuki) birthday☆
Rikka: Thanks, everyone!
Shiki: We called this celebratory drinking but the truth is, we can’t help drinking here since three hours ago, we’ve been drinking in the dormitory [this entire time]…
Rikka: Ahaha, it’s fun, isn’t it,
Tsubasa: We’ve been spreading good vibes, everyone~

☆Today is Rikka’s birthday②☆
Dai: Right now, Rikka’s in good spirits, too,
Rikka: That is so, isn’t it. Today I received “congratulations” from lots of people, I got messages and comments from all the fans… Everyone, you’ve gotten skilled at making me happy…ah, I cried.

☆Today is Rikka’s birthday③☆
Dai: Wai- You’re really crying. You, are you drunk.
Rikka: I’m drunk, aren’t I. I give up (bitter laugh) Considering my age, I’m weak with alcohol; I think my tear glands have become weak too.
Shiki: As the years pile up one by one the people who accept everything become stronger. That’s why life is fun, maybe.

☆Today is Rikka’s birthday④☆
Tsubasa: Speaking of things that’d make Rikka happy, even if we can’t lose to all of your fans, but! Rikka, we love you~!
Dai: …from here on out let’s do our best together.
Rikka: Uwaah, these children are making me cry (bitter laugh) Mou, isn’t it obvious~

☆Today is Rikka’s birthday⑤☆
Shiki: It seems to be that from here on out people shouldn’t be seeing us, we’re in drunk mode. Rikka, can you say your parting words?
Rikka: Yes. Everyone, thank you very much for all the thoughts and words. In exchange I’ll put my feelings of gratitude into my singing? I love you, thanks.

☆Today is Rikka’s birthday⑥☆
Shiki: That’s all from SolidS’ dormitory. Well then, everyone, until next time?
To the always earnestly composed adult Rikka-san who acts as the conscience of SolidS, just enjoy yourself tonight. From here on out, please [continue] being a beautifully kind person. Happy birthday!

Tsubasa: The Shiki with max honesty who arrives when alcohol’s involved feels gross~
Shiki: You, saying it’s gross wasn’t a nice thing to do.
Dai: …I think so too.
Rikka: Ahaha, this person’s been like this from way back though~
Tsubasa: Ehh~  That’s gross all the sam~e
Shiki: This drunkard…

Originally TL’d 10/17/16


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