Bar SolidS interview 040616

Seiyuu Variety Show “TsukiPro ch.” Eguchi Takuya-san, Saito Souma-san, Hanae Natsuki-san, and Umehara Yuichiro-san’s barely restrained interview

Starting at 11pm on April 6, 2016 (Wednesday), finally, the seiyuu variety show TsukiPro ch. (TsukiPro Channel) will start showing. Better known for the story that colors every month with songs and voices, the Tsukiuta. series; the Tsukino Entertainment [Production] known as TsukiPro has come up with a comprehensive information transmission TV show. Also, the four members of SolidS who are in charge of one corner in it are Eguchi Takuya-san, Saito Souma-san, Hanae Natsuki-san, and Umehara Yuichiro-san. Because these four appeared at the taping, friendly chats burst forth. Before its broadcast let’s get well-acquainted with the show, through my report of this interview that happened after taping!


It’s good that the four of you in this show get along crazily well!

Eguchi: Maa…that’s normal.

Hanae: It’s a fake friendship…

Saito: We get along well? I wonder if that isn’t the truth…

Umehara: Yup, it’s really normal…

Nope nope, earlier in the middle of [taping] the show, didn’t you look like you all got along well (lol)

Saito: You know, everyone was fooling around together!

Eguchi: Ahahahaha!


It’s good that you “get along”, isn’t it? (lol) In the show there was a time when you said “everyone goes to hang out at Saito-san’s place” when you were suggesting [themes for the segment], how much of that was the truth?

Saito: What we talked about this episode was all true. Or rather, instead of it being something we haven’t talked about, it’s that there are a lot of things we cannot talk about.

Hanae: But all of us haven’t hung out in Souma-kun’s house at the same time yet. It still hasn’t happened.

Eguchi: It hasn’t.

Saito: Every time they come visit, when everyone’s present, we go to bars and the like.

Umehara: We’d end up meeting at a bar near Souma-kun’s house’s neighborhood.

In the end you’d end up in the neighbourhood near Saito-san’s house, won’t you (lol)

Umehara: And there the four of us would eat “sausage” together.

Eguchi: Was singling out “sausage” like that really necessary?

I have the feeling that our usual readership would go say “thanks for the meal” [to that].

Saito: It was a reasonably girthy sausage.


All: (lol)

Eguchi: How many were there?

Umehara: How many thick sausages were there?

Saito: The thick ones, huh…just one…(lol)

Can you expound on that story? Would that be okay with your agencies? (lol)

Eguchi: Eh? But we’re already talking about the sausage though? In an apartment near Souma-kun’s house, there are stories about us subsisting on sausage. Is there something misunderstandable about this?

Sorry (lol) It’s [connected to] SolidS’ corner, isn’t it.

Eguchi: That’s right! (lol)

Saito: That’s right, I told you they usually have sausages and stuff appear as appetizers at bars.

Eguchi: That’s about when “the bar-owner was obsessed with sausages”.

Hanae: Ah! About those sausages, didn’t he really say that?

Umehara: The bar-owner said “they’re my obsessions”.

Saito: He really said that. I’m worried, we’re not telling lies here! (lol)

Eguchi: Usually those appetizers don’t appear much.

Umehara: They do. In this day alone, fat sausages already came up.

Hanae: Iyaa~ They were delicious~


Eguchi: They were delicious. Splendid sausages.

Is it alright to go back to that talk? (lol) When the four of you go to drink, what kind of time is it?

Saito: Like a celebration, maybe?

Eguchi: We don’t have celebrationsss (lol)

Saito: I lied (lol) It’s not like a celebration.

All: (lol)

Eguchi: That time too, by chance, didn’t Souma-kun, Hanae-kun, and Ume-chan go drinking together?

Saito: Yup, it’s the time when we went all, “Let’s invite Eguchi-san!

Eguchi: Yup yup. I got a phone call asking “Eguchi-san, are you coming?

I don’t know how much of this story is true.

Eguchi: This is the truth (lol)

Saito: We did send him a phone call saying, “Let’s go drinking now~♪

You interrupted him by that sudden phone call. What did Eguchi-san say to that?

Eguchi:I’ll go there right now!!

All: (lol)

Saito: He immediately graced us with his presence. Senpai is a nice guy.

Eguchi: I came immediately. Senpai is easy to read.

Have you gone together recently?

Eguchi: Aren’t we already together recently?

Saito: But isn’t today’s recording the first time we’ve met up in a while?

Umehara: That’s right. It might be the first time since then.


Hanae: Should we all go eat sausage then? (lol)

All: Probably!

Hanae: Since the SolidS’ corner in the program airing in April, I think the four of us have had a good opportunity to meet up.

Eguchi: Certainly! Well then, how about always ending the SolidS corner as we’re eating sausage? With this one, the program’s contents have been settled upon.

Saito: Let’s get ready for “SolidS’ Sausage”.

Eguchi: That’s settled then!

When I was given the privilege of watching the recording, I had quite [a lot of] laughs. Will you continue joking around like this?

Eguchi: Ehh!? You laughed?


Saito: That’s not how we planned it at all.

Hanae: We did our taping really earnestly.

Umehara: Because that’s our usual flow of doing things.

You joked around together again! (lol) First of all, as members playing the cool characters inTsukiPro, is there any conceit about it?

Saito: Conceit? There isn’t, not even a little bit.

All: (lol)

Eeehh, even though I’ve been told you’ve become completely like your characters in the drama CDs now? (lol)

Eguchi: That may be right, but, in this program’s SolidS corner, the characters have nothing to do with it at all.

Saito: Because we’re the ones in the show, everyone in the staff understood it’d turn out that way as well.


Ah, the casting people are to blame, then? (lol)

Saito: That’s right, because that’s a problem on Movic’s side,  whether or not that’s okay, please listen to your staff (lol)

Hanae: Because if we do a show where we behave like the cool adults of SolidS, then it would become kind of shady.

Eguchi: Even though we’ve gotten this long-awaited-for corner, if this becomes a show without any limits, I’d be really sorry for the audience!

Umehara: I agree!

Saito: Even if, for argument’s sake, it was just a harmless and inoffensive corner, midway there was a noticable change of course [that makes you think] “as expected, we should stop here”. Because from the start, we can’t go with today’s taping’s “offensive stance”!

Eguchi: If you like, you can be way too offensive and lose track of the show…or rather, that better not happen!

Saito: An actor should be careful cuz he can’t be replaced!

Eguchi: But still, because we’ve been talking about pointless things way too much, we taped for around 45 minutes but I think almost everything will get cut. By the way, how long might the SolidS corner be?

Staff: The show is 30 minutes long so SolidS’ corner has 10 minutes.

Eguchi: Uwaa. 10 minutes, is it? That might be more than enough!

Saito: That might have been a mistake, huh.

Hanae: A mistake!


Umehara: Yu~p…

Eguchi: Since we know we’ll be broadcast for 10 minutes, we’ll do this more properly!

Saito: I think it’d become an even shorter corner.

Given that taping’s already over, it may be too late for that (lol)

Eguchi: And I’ve thought of corners I saw sometimes that went like “Sometimes we wanna eat suspicious stuff too, huh,” which also go on for ten minutes, too. This is my mistake!

All: (roaring laughter)

Please don’t say things like “mistake” about your earlier taping (lol) Excuse me, because the sausage talk was long, we have to stop at around this time. For last,  please give a message to the fans looking forward to the show.

Saito: Well then, for last, please put all our beats together, leader.

Hanae: Aren’t our thoughts one [and the same].

Umehara: Please!


Eguchi: (In a staggeringly low, rough voice) That’s right, of course we have been entrusted with one of the TsukiPro units “SolidS”, the fans’ hearts have influenced us, and, thinking that we want to make a wonderful show, we shall take on the challenge of taping. Regarding the corner’s name, it’d be good if we can talk together about the trends in music, is the message we put into it. From now on our music as SolidS

Saito/Hanae/Umehara: Puu–(lol)

Eguchi-san? Excuse me. Everyone’s laughing – while taping the program, things like “music trends” weren’t talked about at all, I think? (lol)

Eguchi: Ehh!? Is that so? I was thinking that it’d be nice if a SolidS corner where they talked about music together would result in them making a tune.

Umehara: You didn’t say that. It sounds great!

Saito: That’s great!

Hanae: Nice idea!

Eguchi: Because we’ve been given this long-awaited corner, I think it’d be nice if we leave behind some kind of image [to the viewers]. If you like it’d be nice to make a theme song for SolidS’ corner.

All: Ooo~ there it is!

Eguchi: Let’s make a song about how “falling in love with the bartender isn’t allowed”.

Saito: Good!

Umehara: That’s interesting.

Saito: I hope SolidS’ activities branches out just like that. We’ve been having fun with the drama CDs, and I want the music to be noticed too.

Eguchi: Yup, some of the credit [for that] might have probably been given to us.

Saito: If we introduced this all like “We’re doing whatever on TV, but it’s fun,” maybe you might listen to the drama CDs too. And then from there, you might end up getting to know everyone in TsukiPro.

Umehara: Yup!

Saito: By all means look foward to TsukiPro ch. (TsukiPro Channel) that will be broadcast starting April; I’d be happy if you’d relish our talk like a cocktail you’d drink during the weekend. Hand in hand with everyone, SolidS’ corner will soothe like the weekend, and I think I want to convey this fun corner to you from now on.

All: Please watch [Tsukipro ch.], we’ll be in your care!


  • Original TL post dated 10/26/16.
  • I had more notes for this but I’m posting/queueing this after work and I’m tired guys, I’m sorry, but yes: SOLIDS SAUSAGE PARTY!!!!!!
  • You know, everyone was fooling around together!” – the word souma uses is ボケ. everyone was playing the part of a boke/fool together, probably waiting for someone to be the tsukkomi/straight man in return?
  • When ume said “They do” after egu said sausages don’t appear as bar appetizers much, he actually said “it’s not that”, but he wasn’t agreeing with egu’s denial – he was denying egu’s denial
  • “…we can’t go with today’s taping’s “offensive stance”!” – the word souma uses for “offensive” is, well, the same one that reads as “seme”. the attacker. you know the kind. (and if you don’t oh god DO NOT LOOK IT UP))
  • (In a staggeringly low, rough voice) – the word they used for “staggeringly” could have also been: remarkably, earth shatteringly, strikingly, horribly, the list goes on – basically this is the interviewer’s description for egu’s shiki voice. interesting. not rlly surprising, but…interesting..

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