[Blog: Saito Souma 102716] World of Final Fantasy!

Through Kindle Unlimited, I’ve been reading a lot of interesting magazines [in] COSPA, it’s amazing. Even FEEL YOUNG is a wonderful read!
Recently I’ve become keenly aware of the importance of stretching, I’m Saito Souma.

Well, today, finally, “World of Final Fantasy”, where I was allowed to play Lann, one of the main characters, has been released!
It was a long journey (of dubbing), but it ended in a blink, didn’t it.
Lann-kun, at any rate he’s a screaming foolish fighter, and a busy child, so by all means please check in on him! I put all my power into my voice every time!

Contrary to his cute appearance, his scenarios have a tremendous sense of volume, so I think you can surely play for a long time!
For those people who played the previous installments, you can surely look forward to [seeing] that those characters are there! To the first-time players, you can also jump into the past installments using this one as a starting point!

There’s a lot to take part in, so please have an adventure in every corner of WOFF!
We’ll be in your care!

Well then, that’s far as I know today!
Well then, well then-!

Saito Souma



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