[Interview 091116] Possession Magenta

“…I also yearned for it, so I recorded it with bittersweet feelings. ” POSSESSION MAGENTA Drama CD Interview Series: Shizuma Souta (CV. Saito Souma)

The true-love adventure game of love and madness, POSSESSION MAGENTA. With Maeno Tomoaki-san, Saito Souma-san, Masuda Toshiki-san, Ishikawa Kaito-san, Ono Yuuki-san, and Nobuhiko Okamoto-san, a splendid seiyuu cast, as its main characters, somehow, a CD dramatization had been decided upon. This drama CD series is from Vol.1 to 3, each member of the six-man main cast depicting a summer vacation drama; the drama’s flow being such that each volume features two of the main characters recording a situational drama.

In the situational drama parts, the heroine (a stand-in for the listener) and the characters have scenes where they’re alone, and a sweet scene will develop. What’s more, the situational dramas use dummyhead mics; with such a high sense of realism you’d be tricked by the swe~eet sugar content! On this site, the six main characters would get introductory [interviews] regarding their own character, carried out as a series of interviews. This time, about drama CD volume 1, “Happy Summer Holiday”, we had a chat with Saito Souma, who plays Shizuma Souta!

※This interview was previously done in the spring of 2016.


“I’d like to try doing the thing I haven’t done up to now, outdoor leisure.”

Please give us your thoughts on finishing the recording for the drama CD “Happy Summer Holiday”.

Saito Souma-san as Shizuma Souta (referred to as Saito, hereafter): I think I’m really pleased to be able to play Souta-kun in POSSESSION MAGENTA again. “Happy Summer Holiday“ is like a high school students’ summer, and I think this content is refreshing. In the game’s story there are routes with bad ends, but even though it was fun recording for the possessed state of each character, having the characters talk to each other like high school students was also fun, when they’re not just working hard for their mission of saving the world; when the staff said ”Isn’t it okay to let them enjoy their summer vacation like normal high school students?“ I think I felt a heartwarming feeling.

Everyone went to camp and as usual Su-senpai’s [Note: Su Minjye, OnoYuu’s character] money play was explosive, I thought that, as expected, I do wanna be friends with people who have money and power (lol)


Regarding the situation drama Souta was featured in (”A Hero’s Resolve“), do you have any impressions on the parts you’ve heard?

Saito: As expected of those six men who are being led by the one girl who isn’t there, they think about getting one up on each other, don’t they (lol) Having fun at school festivals and the like is fun, but, sneaking out with the girl you like so you’d be by yourselves is also a situation I yearned for during my student days, so I recorded it with bittersweet feelings.

We recorded using a dummyhead mic, so I think we could get the best use out of the best and worst parts of the characters’ special characteristics, but, Souta is the latter. Even though he’s a late bloomer, I wanted the listener’s heart to race, that balance was hard.

A late bloomer boy really wants to engage with girls carefully, even though he’s clumsy, he gets his feelings across; as he takes one step forward, he feels himself growing. Don’t you think Souta’s done his best so far as someone playing a game? What kind of approach might I have approached the sweet scenes with, we’ll hear that here.


I understand. Performing for POSSESSION MAGENTA another time for the drama CD, is there anything about the character that changed as he matures?

Saito: POSSESSION MAGENTA is the first time I played a dateable character in an otome game. I think this production opened new doors for me; after I worked on this I got a lot of roles for tsundere and people who shout a lot (lol). Actually, before I attended [seiyuu] training school, I always thought I could never do screaming roles, so I trained my body, and if I can’t remember how I did it, I’ll just do it with strong determination. That this me got the role of Souta is very new to me.

And then, in the DVD’s bonus footage, I got to have a drama CD-like dialogue with the other cast members; I’ve had the privilege of co-starring with them in other works, and I think I’ve had the privilege of getting connected to them in various ways.

Is there anything challenge-like you’d like to do this summer?

Saito: I can’t do anything outdoor-like at all, even things like going to a summer resort or going down a mountain stream; I’d like to try doing some outdoor leisure things.

I’m a homebody (lol). Because summers are especially hot, the sun’s rays are strong and feelings of being active are there, in the year 2016 I experienced a lot of things for myself, thinking I’d take them all in like a challenge.   In the year 2015 I opened myself up to many things I’d withdrawn from, and because it was one fun year, if I’m just keeping up the pretense, one day, if I get tired of it, I think I’ll need more input. I’d like to try doing the thing I haven’t done up to now, outdoor leisure.

Well then, for last, please give a message for everyone who’s looking forward to this drama CD.

Saito: I want you to continue having fun with these six people making a din, and I think the ways they profess their love shows their idiosyncrasies; on Souta-kun’s face, outwardly he’s just chatting, but deep down his heart is racing and when he’s found out, it’d be good if all you can think is ”this guy’s cute“ (lol)

In the included cast talk, be immersed in the world of PozeMaze, and please look forward to the next developments. I am also looking forward to it.

Original TL post dated 10/30/16!


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