[Blog: Saito Souma 111816] Kikubon!

I saw Ikiume-san’s play. I really like “The Legend of Toono”. It’s jam-packed with an adventurous spirit, isn’t it.
I love folkloristics. I’m Saito Souma.

Well, the notice this time is about a recitation.
From the start of HapiRaji, I’ve been indebted to RRJ-san, and I’ve been given the privilege of doing recitations for Kikubon!
This time I’ll be doing two announcements!

First off.
I was given the privilege of playing the part of Yuri Kamanosuke in Komae Ryo-sensei’s “Sanada Ten Brave”.
I can say that the format of this is closer to an audiobook; starting from Hatano Wataru-san who plays Sanada Yukimura, every character is in charge, during the entirety of a short story you’d be able to “hear” them.
Yuri Kamanosuke, who I’d been given the privilege of being in charge of, is an attention-seeking, woman-loving man who picks up women at sight; the parts where he wielded a kusarigama were tricky to act out.
If your register now it’d be enough for you be able to catch up with the story, so by all means, check it out if you can!

And secondly.
I was given the privilege of reading Miyazawa Kenji-san’s “Yamanashi”.
I love this work and always said that I wanted to record it, so I’m really happy.
In Miyazawa-san’s other famous works too, he has a rather peculiar taste in words for poems, and a rebellious humor in short stories; because he wrote a lot of interesting things, I want to do even more recordings [of his work].
When I was taking the path of plays, I thought I’d most likely do recitations continously for my entire life, so if I could enjoy myself like that forever I’d have been pleased.
If you comment “I want to hear something like this!”, Kikubon might consider it, so please wait for announcements about various prospects!

This time I’ll be reading an introduction!
By the way, this is Kikubon’s site.
I’ll be in your care!

Well then, until next time!

Saito Souma



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