[Blog: Saito Souma 112916] EnStars!/Monthly Studio! (with additional notes)

Daniel Alarcón-san’s Lost City Radio is very interesting. I always think Fujii Hikaru-san’s translation of it is wonderful.
A TV show I like is Freestyle Dungeon. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, yesterday I was given the privilege of being on Ensemble Stars’ NicoLive “Monthly Ensemble Studio”.
MC Asanuma-san, everyone in the staff, everyone who humored us by watching, thank you very much!

Even though we’re a unit, the truth is I’m by myself so what kind of chat would be good, was what I was worried about, but with Asanuma-san who kindly read along with me, two hours went by in a wink. We’d spoken a lot about 2wink, personal matters, and had a variety corner!
I’d said I wanted to try having a dialogue with Leo-senpai, and this came true! Thank you very much!

Also, to the senpai I’d always been indebted to, about what had been said in the variety corner, I should have thought of the people who weren’t there before I spoke, I’m really very sorry……!

You will see EnStars spread even further into things like goods the cast thought of making, and the like!
I’d like to have a coffin-type sleeping bag……!
Me, myself, I’m looking forward even more to growing together with both [members of] 2wink.
Continuing on, Ensemble Stars, 2wink, we’ll be in your care!

Well then, that’s how it is today!
Well then, well then!

Saito Souma

(P.S.: I wrote the title wrong! To the people who pointed it out! I’m really very sorry!)

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  • let me just say, in not so many words, that this kouhai was lit and has a lot to apologize for…WATCH UR WORDS HONEY
  • well technically “went by in a wink” is just one of the English-specific-accurate ways to translate that turn of phrase but it’s a pun and i like puns
  • original blog title was あんスタ・月スタ! but the “スタ” in the first one are the first two characters of  スターズ “Stars” in “Ensemble Stars”, and the  “スタ” in the second one are the first two characters of  スタジオ “Studio” in “Monthly Ensemble Studio”! Also “月” on its own could be “moon” but since I know it’s “Monthly”, well…also, the rhyming doesn’t roll as nicely in English as it does in Japanese…
  • the titling mistake he talks about in his P.S. refers to the fact that the first title he’d given this blog post was  あんスタ・月ステ! “EnStars/TsukiStage!” which also could’ve referred to tsukista lol

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