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Whenever I go to some bookstore I always buy one of Raymond Carver-san’s books, how can he write such short stories. Stuff like “A Serious Talk” were ridiculously horrifying. Scary.
I want to eat tonkotsu nabe. I’m Saito Souma.

Well, this time it’s a unusual work announcement.
I’ve always said that I love urban legends and the occult, this me who decided on making an initial S that looked like Nessie on my bookmark; somehow, related to this event, I was given the privilege of getting an article of mine published in “Mu”!


After my senpai Hatano Wataru-san, me who is [his] kouhai, was also allowed to make a mystery talk by mixing in my own experiences!
I, myself, am a person who hasn’t experienced much mysterious experiences; I’d like to touch on more of the strange things/matters in this world.
Personally, I love events that make one go “there’s no theoretical explanation, so what on earth is that?”, so to people who get bewitched by kitsune, by all means, please inform me! lol

There’s a lot of other headlines that could make for worthwile reading!
By the way, “Mu” also comes in E-book form, I recommend it for when you’re stuck in commute or when you feel like today is somehow lacking something!
We’ll be in your care!
Also, to everyone in the editorial department, thank you very much!

So for today, that’s all so far!
Well then, well then-!

Saito Souma

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  • i haven’t seen any pictures of his yet but this is the bookmark he was referring to! it comes as a set with a book cover (fabric dust jacket)
  • one of my roadblocks in this TL was the “strange things/matters” divide – souma explicitly differentiates もの・こと “mono” and “koto” – “mono” is, like, a more specific, tangible thing, something one might touch physically, and “koto” is more general, not necessarily abstract/intangible but it encompasses “mono” and everything else? if that makes sense.
  • fun fact: idk if this is still a spoiler, but a certain sword boy souma voices and some of his friends got to experience being ‘bewitched’ by a kitsune lately…lol

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