[Blog: Saito Souma 121216] Battery: Last Inning

Recently, I’ve gotten back to listening to a band from long ago, but I can’t get the name of it to appear [in my mind] at all.
When I was talking to a friend,
“Uh – what was it, well it’s that, that band from the time of rock and roll revival, their 1st album was the coolest…nah, I just listened to their 1st album though…”
“Nah, not that, what was it like…it’s more like one word! Or rather, a band! is the feeling [it gives off]…u~n, maa, that’s it.”
It always goes that way. It doesn’t turn up in my vocabulary at all! It’s the fault of the cold! lol
The music of one’s youthful times are packed with emotion, aren’t they. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, this Saturday, I was given the privilege of appearing in Battery’s recitation event, “Last Inning”, in Nissho Hall.
To everyone I’d been granted the pleasure of costarring with, everyone in the staff, to everyone who granted us the pleasure of going, thank you very much!

Battery is a production which paints young boys’ fluctuating feelings very delicately.
Thinking “this is a recital play, how should this be expressed?”, first off, the stage design’s beauty was captivating.
With a white base, it was a high quality, easy-to-understand set. It was staggeringly lovely!
And then there was Shirasu Kon-san’s live violin performance! I’d fallen in love upon hearing such elegant music. All the young men ended up crying……!
anderlust-san’s live was also ridiculously cool, everyone in the wing of the stage got all hyped up! lol

In the original story, Mizugaki set within the protagonist that what he should focus on was the many things that could “come after”.
The production Battery is not just one that cuts off one part of these boys’ lives [from the rest], every day, from now on, they’ll continue walking on, struggles nonwithstanding they’ll walk on, just like this, I believe it’s a very warm book.
The scene of individualistic Nobunishi who was played by Morishima Shuuta-san also packed an emotional punch.

The talk parts were short but the laughter never died out, I think it’s thanks to things being as they always were.
[Hatanaka] Tasuku-kun, thanks for being both the afternoon a
Everyone, too, I surely think that you were satisfied.
Thank you very much!

Well then, that’s how it is today!
See you!

Saito Souma


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