[Blog: Saito Souma 123116] Thank you very much for this year, too!

Even though it seems warm during the day, as the sun sets, as expected, it’s cold, isn’t it. It feels like New Year’s Eve, doesn’t it.
Everyone, have you finished your year-end cleaning?
I haven’t. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, 2016 ended fast, hasn’t it.
This year as well, I was given the privilege of lots of people, character roles, and productions.
That year by year, or even more, day by day I’ve been able to encounter new things, feel new emotions, it’s a joyful thing, isn’t it.
And above everything else, everyone who’d humored [our] productions with love and support, always, really, thank you very much!
Personally, for me, this is the year where I first challenged myself to make time to put [my own input] into my work.
As expected, I read books, watched movies, listened to music; there were times when I cried and times when I laughed; the things I have [experienced] were absolutely necessary, that’s what I’ve felt once more.
Of course, the times when I talk with people and go to eat [with them] too, those are also indispensable, aren’t they.
In this year too, in an eager manner, one by one I think I shall thoroughly go through with things.
I’m reiterating myself, but everyone, always, really, thank you very much!
Also, if it pleases you, the Saito Souma from now on shall be in your care!

Well then everyone, to a good year!
Saito Souma



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