[Blog: Saito Souma 011017] At Wits’ End/Mu-sen on Smartphones

panpanya-san’s “動物たち (Animals)” is the best, as usual. I like the series it came from, 猯.
That up there↑ is read as “Mami”. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, this time around either announcement is for an exciting work!
I’m really grateful to have been given these opportunities.

【Saito Souma’s “At Wits’ End”】

Voice Newtype, which gave me the opportunity to serialize the essay “Saito Souma’s “Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living”, is starting the irregular serialization of “At Wits’ End” on its web service KIKI-VOICE.jp!
It’s lighter compared to the magazine, with contents you can read smoothly, this is truly “At Wits’ End”, instead of an inkstone, I’ll face my smartphone and write.
Probably, I think this serialization will become a not-too-hilarious, twist-less one…lol
With the Four Omikuji Brothers, too, by all means, I’ll be in your care here, as well!
Please read them over here!

【MU~SEN on Smartphones】

A few days ago, my interview for “Mu” had been published, and I’ve been allowed to appear on the radio show “MU~SEN on Smartphones”!
Together with editor in chief [of Mu] Mikami [Takeharu]-san, and MC Furukawa [Aiko]-san, I had the privilege of having a frank talk about the world’s riddles and mysteries.
We talked quite a bit about hobbies, fortunately, they were received warmly…lol
There was also stories about other matters, by all means, please listen to it!
If there’s a chance, by all means let me guest again, okay…we still haven’t talked enough! lol
http://smart.usen.com/ch01936/ If you’re interested, please look here!

That there are people who think words have power, is something that gives one hope, isn’t it.
I’m grateful for such wonderful encounters and connections, and, once again, I’ll treasure the feelings of “words” even more.
Thank you very much!
Well then, that’s how it is today!
Well then, well then-!

Saito Souma



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