New World

Rise up, if your everyday life keeps escalating,
Sorry, if confusion’s been put on your tongue, won’t ice churn?

Wake up, if treading twilight sinks into this street,
We won’t get to make things like “promises”; as we’re connected,
Don’t leave me alone…

Within those several sleepless nights, the things we’d firmly believed in,
If we’d shown them [to each other], we wouldn’t have been led astray

The two of us painting out in grey, we’ll keep losing at an easy game
Even though halfway, I’d forcibly blurted everything out
I want to start running now, at this instant

If you cry, or laugh, everything is going to disappear anyway,
This is, to sum it up, this is a need that isn’t enough

Just on that one day of goodbyes, believe in me, okay
All the same, when the world falls apart,
This hand is the only thing I won’t let go of.

The moon that cannot conceal its brightness shines on, is tangled with, your forgiving eyes
Demand for it, for one phrase

An ordinary relationship status and words, it’s okay if they’re not said, aren’t they?
So to speak, let’s pretend this is the truth.
This heart that encountered pain, grasp the future, go for it

If you just went with anyone’s rationale, you’ll be thinking it over for a hundred years
Let’s sharpen our intuition, and from now on,
Believe me…
Believe me…

Within those several sleepless nights, the things we’d firmly believed in,
If we’d shown them [to each other], we wouldn’t have been led astray

The two of us painting out in grey, we’ll keep losing at an easy game
Even though halfway, I’d forcibly blurted everything out

They’ve begun to overflow, the urges of today,
That’s right, we’ll start running,

To the door of this world, and open the new world!!!!!!

  • my translation index
  • please do not reproduce anywhere without permission!
  • i cannot believe judah is making me Feel Feelings, an ongoing miniseries
  • the things i left in italics were left in their original english state!
  • this was by ear so forgive me for any mistakes!! i actually think some (probably idiomatic?) phrases flew right over my head (”ice churning” = maybe smthn about nervousness, “painting out in grey” = maybe dancing around the subject!?)
  • “forcibly blurted everything out” – the exact JP phrase in this, buchikakeru, either means “to throw [everything] out”, or “to confess”, so i went with this as a compromise deal!
  • OK so i’m really confused cuz on one hand judah in this song admits he shies away from ‘normal relationships’ but otoh he’s asking whoever he’s talking to in this song to believe in him anyway?? but then again he always seems kinda more sympathetic in his songs, i mean, if we’re meant to believe that these are some hints to his actual feelings…

4 thoughts on “New World

  1. Dear Patricia-san,
    Hajimemashite. I am a young girl from Pakistan. Unfortunately, my Japanese is limited, and I wanted to ask if you are free, would you be willing to do the translations for some other songs from Dear Vocalist and Dear Vocalist Riot? If so, please do let me know. I will then let you know which ones I am looking for. Nevertheless, thank you so much for these songs from both DCDs!! I was looking for them everywhere for a long time, and I just happened to stumble across your blog. I wanted to message you at your tumblr, but I don’t have a tumblr, so I couldn’t. Luckily, you also had this blog, and I was able to contact you.

    Thanks and take care.


    1. Hello Bashiek-san, hajimemashite!

      I’m glad to hear you liked my translations! Sadly I can’t commit to any other song translations at the moment (I’m all tied up with my current cast interview WIPs…I may? have? bitten off more than I can chew haha), so I can only say that you’ll end up seeing them when I end up finishing them! My focus is on Judah right now though, and I’m well aware I got…two solos of his left undone…oops OTL

      Judah’s VA Saito Souma is one of my primary translation focuses though, so I’ll definitely translate more of his songs, from DearVo or otherwise, in the future!

      Take care, as well! Hope to see you around here again soon :3

      1. Dear Patricia-san,
        Thank you very much for the prompt reply! I am really grateful to you for that! If you ever get free, please do let me know, and I will send you the songs that I am looking for.

        I would like to come here again! I am still new to the DCDs and seiyuu world! For example, I found some clips about Trignal on YouTube, but I had no idea there was so much to it! I am trying to progress slowly so I will not make mistakes and get lost!

        Thank you once again and take care.

        P.S. Do you think that you could get in touch with Rui-san at Maybe it will be easier for her to respond to you since you both have tumblrs. She is a big fan of Ryohei Kimura; maybe she would be willing to translate his songs if she is free-possibly even more. If you get any positive response from her, you can let me know too.

      2. Dear Patricia-san,

        O-hisashiburi desu. I was wondering if you were planning to translate Judah’s tracks from Dear Vocalist Wired.

        Also, I wanted to wish you “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays!” I hope you get to enjoy them with your loved ones!

        Take care.


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