[Cast Comments] DYNAMIC CHORD feat. apple-polisher


Eguchi Takuya (Kashii Reon, vocalist for [rêve parfait])

Q1: What are the noticeable traits of the character you play?

I’m Reon, the cupid for Narumi and the heroine’s love! (lol) It’d make me happy if you’d enjoy the efforts Reon made to become a cupid of love.

Q3: Years have passed since the events in feat. [rêve parfait], but what kind of changes did you feel about Narumi and Reon’s relationship?

Because at the time of “feat [rêve parfait]” they were love rivals, circumstances were such that they can’t get along with each other, but this time they’ve gotten along better than they have before. Even if Narumi says he cannot stand Reon, Reon accepts those feelings wholeheartedly, because isn’t that a way [Narumi] shows affection in reverse? I think that I wanted to express that the relationship between these two people speaking in foul language is actually a good relationship that will not collapse in on itself. Particularly, I was conscious that Reon’s replies should have a thoughtful mood to them – if you include that part in, would you feel a friendlier atmosphere than before, I wonder?

Q4: Please give a message to the fans who’ve been waiting for the release.

In this production, what kind of love would the singer heroine and each member of apple-polisher have, that tale would be told extensively here. Because the otome game’s heroine is always a classmate, always in a position where they have to support the boys, I think the setting where [the heroine] is also an entertainer at the same level [as apple-polisher] is interesting. Elements making use of that setting are scattered about, and because of that it can be enjoyed differently from other band’s stories, I would like it if you had more than enough fun with it. With “feat. apple-polisher”, we’ll be in your care.


Hamano Daiki [Yatsurugi Kippei, guitarist and composer for grieflullaby]

Q1: What are the noticeable traits of the character you play?

‘Cuz he grows a beard and wears a hat, he gives off a different feel compared to the other characters, doesn’t he (lol). That has nothing to do with his role, he has the kind of personality that would forgive a person who doesn’t use polite speech when talking to him. He’s everyone’s cheerful big brother, or rather, he’s someone who is able to interact frankly with anyone. Also, surprisingly, since I’ve been watching this guy, I’ve been able to notice parts about him that nobody does. But there’s also some parts missing… That he’d had that kind of weakness in him, that makes him a real character, so I hope you pay attention to him, I think.

Q2: If you were to take part in a band, what position would you like to take the challenge of?

I’m interested in the bass. Of course people who play other instruments are amazing, but the bass builds up the rhythm from the bottom up, supporting the other instruments, this kind of unsung hero is great, isn’t he? Also, simply, I like the sound of the bass. Because my voice is also low, I empathize with it (lol)

Personally, when I was a student, there was a thing about me being in a band with my friends at school. At the time, I was the vocalist, but my singing range was too narrow, so the songs I could sing were very few (lol). But at that time, I got to listen to a lot of music.

Q4: Please give a message to the fans who’ve been waiting for the release.

In this story about apple-polisher playing music, each character comes off strong at the outset, I’d like you to pay attention to that. Still, they’re hiding trauma from their pasts, it was portrayed very delicately, wouldn’t you enjoy such a multi-faceted thing? And grieflullaby too, as sub-characters, we will support them by our presence.

I think that many people have looked forward for this for a long time now; all these characters have been doing all they can for everyone, so I think you’ll have fun, if you’ll play it from start to finish, I’d be glad.

  • the phrase hamadai uses for “unsung hero” is actually 縁の下の力持ち的 “ennoshita no chikara mochi”! haikyuu fans would remember this as the idiom ennoshita chikara is named from – someone who puts forth the effort but doesn’t get the glory.

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