[Blog: Saito Souma 012517] An announcement of appearances.

Me, sushi, and my phone.
For me, who grew up in a prefecture far from the sea, the first time I had sea urchin was after I grew up. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, what follows now is a report of the productions I appear in.
I’ll be focusing on the anime, so please bear with me!
Because I always say too much or too little, please point it out if I’ve gotten something wrong. I’m always very thankful to you…!

The Song of Lu Calling The Dawn (Kunio)

I was given the honor of taking part in Yaasa Masaaki-san’s original animated feature film!
Since I encountered Kemonozume in my student days, I haven’t forgotten the shock it gave me, even up to now…!
I love Mind Game and The Tatami Galaxy, so being a part of Director Yuaasa’s production feels like a dream…!
The PV hasn’t been released to the public yet, but nevertheless, I still want everyone to see it! is the dominant emotion.
That recently there’s been an uproar about animated films makes me feel happy.
I’ll devote myself to this too, I want to get involved with wonderful productions more and more, just like, as mentioned, this one.
The roadshow is on May 19! Please come!


KADO: The Right Answer (Hanamori Shun)

In this 3DCG original anime project, Murata Kazuya-san is the director, and Nozaki Mado-sensei is in charge of the script!
Up to now I’ve just (one-sidedly) known Nozaki-san once, when I’d encountered and continuously read know; now I’ve been granted the honor of being a part of their work.
There’s quite a bit of news about the PV; a lot of characters will appear, won’t they.
The truth is I’m jumping the gun with this as well; of course, before anything, you should see it for yourself first…!
With KADO, and Yaha Quizasina [T/N: ??], this is a project that shows a new SF mystery in every episode.
It’ll start showing in April! We’ll be in your care!


Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (Glenn Radars)

I’d announced this before, but since our broadcast date has officially been set to April, let me talk about it again!
Months after that shocking teaser visual (please see the site below if you wanna know what it was…!), I’m also personally looking forward to how the anime would portray Glenn’s useless feel (with hidden depths)…!
If you’re a fan of the original work, or if the anime will be the first you’ll see of it, through my voice, I shall [try to] reach everyone.
Please look upon me kindly!


These might be all I can tell you at this time?
Also, in games,
【Grimm Notes】 (Ludwig Grimm)
【Liar Shangri La】(Hatti)

And in drama CDs,
【-given- 2】(Sato Mafuyu)

I have been given the honor to appear in these, and more.

However, although this is but a part of everything, all that have been released and those that I gave my voice to, are all memorable characters…!
Again, I am really thankful for all these involvements.
Thank you very much!

Well then, that’s all there is for today!
Well then, well then!

Saito Souma



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