[Blog: Saito Souma 013017] DanDevi Double Curtain Call!

The easy B-movie feel and zombies of “India of the Dead” made me laugh. If zombies danced the Maharaja dance, they’d become more interesting, I think.

That’s why, today’s blog is named after zombies…nope, about devils who are dancing. I’m Saito Souma.

This Sunday, I got the privilege of appearing in Dance with Devils’ event “Double Curtain Call” in the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall!
To everyone I co-starred with, all of the staff, and everyone who humored us by coming, thank you very much!

Although this is just the fourth event, I felt really happy, again, about this work, seeing that this many people still love DanDevi even long after the anime finished showing.
This time in the main live event, we finally got Suzuki Yuuto who plays Jek, and were able to carry on as six people.
With a “Mademoiselle” arranged differently from before, and the devil unit song with Urie, as well as songs from the first series, I was delighted to convey them all to you!
In the night session Akaneya Himika-san, who plays Ritsuka, also came running in, and hyped everyone up!
Everyone being able to call for “Mademoiselle” together made me happy…!

Also, somehow, the theatrical feature film version was announced!
The title of which is “Dance with Devils -Fortuna-“!
Every time we do event interviews, we’d ask for favors from some oil magnate, but I think that the production of the film version this time happened not because of some special person’s power, but through everyone’s support.
For loving DanDevi up to this point, thank you very much!

We talked about that announcement, about LINE stamps and the establishment of a Public Relations Committee [T/N: DanDevi official fan club]; rapidly, new things are being born, aren’t they. Since these stamps of Pomeranian chorales and crushed apples are very versatile, please use them! lol

Kondo-san and Hatano-san also said this during the night session, but, with a situation CD series “Charming Book” also to be released, I think that DanDevi is a work that hasn’t stopped continuing on yet.
With these best companions, from now on I’d like to get even more and more hyped by DanDevi, so we look forward to your continued support for it!
DanDevi hasn’t ended yet!
Thank you very much!

Well then, that’s all there is today.
See you later!

Saito Souma



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