[Event report 012917] Dance with Devils

At Dance with Devils’ special concert “Double curtain call”, the theatrical release of the movie version is announced on Fall 2017.

The anime Dance with Devils was broadcast from October to December of 2015. Today, January 29, 2017 (Sunday), its special concert “Double Curtain Call” was held at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall. Saito Souma (Kaginuki Rem), Hatano Wataru (Tachibana Lindo), Kondo Takashi (Sogami Urie), Kimura Subaru (Nanashiro Mage), Hirakawa Daisuke (Natsumezaka Shiki), and Suzuki Yuuto (Jek) from the cast appeared; fitting for a “musical anime”, it showed off fifteen songs.

moca 01.png

As the curtain went up, Saito, Hatano, Kondo, Kimura, and Hirakawa were on stage. As the intro of the ED theme “Mademoi★selle”, which has become a standard at their events, started playing, a big cheer rose from the audience. In the latter half of the song, all the singers turned around to face the backstage, reaching out their hands – Suzuki appeared from the center of the stage. As Suzuki joined in the singing, it became a surprise six-person version of “Mademoi★selle”.


In the opening talk that followed, Suzuki, who was participating in this kind of event for the first time, greeted the audience, saying “finally, I was able to take part! Are you ready to have fun?” This time, Roen (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) was the one on the screen onstage. In a monologue he’d recorded for this event, he said that Roen was today’s facilitator.

moca 03.png

And then, Kaginuki Rem’s “My Name is Rem Arlond”, Sogami Urie’s “Temptation Amor”, Tachibana Lindo’s “Your Only Guardian Knight (Exorcist)”, Nanashiro Mage’s “VANQUISH”, Kagurazaka Shiki’s “Renbin Yoranka”, the solo songs were sung, one after the other. Lastly, Jek sung “X Day”. This song was written as an original for the Dance with Devils musical, and as if in reverse, it was imported into the anime event.


Continuing on, a reading drama “Jenka of Chaos and Loss” had been written for the event by Konparu Tomoko. Jek, who snuck into the event and ended up singing along to the songs, Lindo, who is unwilling to be together with the devils, and Rem, whose inner voice kept leaking out, and so on; with the many contents of this gag story, laughter kept happening in the audience.

mora 05.png

After the reading drama, to match Roen’s words saying “…they were originally enemies, and their relationship should have been like a collision” – they took to the stage with their unit songs: Kaginuki Rem VS Tachibana Lindo’s “KETTO ~We won’t give up on the fight for love~”, Nanashiro Mage VS Kagurazaka Shiki’s “xx in the dark”, Tachibana Lindo VS Jek’s “My Little Ruby Bird”, and Kaginuki Rem VS Sogami Urie’s “Frustrated Triangle”.

moca 05.png

With Saito’s remarking Kaginuki Rem’s line “I want you to listen to this song for last,” the game’s ending theme “BL(U)CK BASIS” started playing. Even in this song, Suzuki who played Jek sung from the second chorus, and it became a six-person version.

mora 07.png

And in response to the “encore” call, the latest information was displayed on screen When the release of the 2nd volume of situation CDs “Dance with Devils -Charming Book-” was announced, a big cheer resounded from the audience. Starting from Vol. 1 Rem on April 19, 2017 (Wednesday), Rejet will release this series for six consecutive months.

mora 08.png

Also, Hatano’s OP theme “Kakusei no Air” and the Shiko Academy’s Student Council’s “The Eve of the Revolution” played repeatedly. And then Roen appears onscreen once more, and after his line “A miracle everyone made happen, please watch it onscreen!”, images looking back on the history of this series were shown. At the end of it a movie version of this work “Dance with Devils -Fortuna-” was announced for release in 2017, and the venue was engulfed in the most cheers it had gotten for the day.

mora 09.png

The cast members entered the stage again, saying “we were able to come this far thanks to everyone’s support!”, being as happy as the fans with the movie announcement. Imagining about “who will be the one taking Ritsuka’s hand in the movie version?”, their talk had a lot of excitement in it. It was also announced that Dance with Devils’ official fans’ club “Shiko Academy Public Relations Department” will be formed in April 2017. Pre-registration started from today. Finally, they sung “Mademoi★selle” again, and the event closed with the words “thank you!” from the entire cast.

mora 10.png

Suzuki: This was the first time Jek participated, but it makes me glad you welcomed him warmly. I think that Jek will do his best not to lose to any of the other members.

mora 11.png

Hirakawa: I love everyone. I thought that, if I kept saying there will be a next time, it would become a reality.

mora 12.png

Kimura: I love Dance with Devils. From now on, there will surely be many kinds of developments. I hope that we can spread DanDevi out even more, together.

mora 13.png

Kondo: I got to play around with songs like “Temptation Amor” this time. Please look forward to the movie.

mora 14.png

Hatano: Once again, I’m thankful for being able to sing lots of songs. Next time I think I want to get to go on an outburst, so please wait for it.

more 15.png

Saito: I’m glad that we had such big news this time, as well. DanDevi hasn’t ended yet!

mora 16.png

Set List

1. Mademoi★selle (PENTACLE★ & Jek, ED)
-Opening talk
-Roen’s monologue #1
2. My Name is Rem Arlond (Kaginuki Rem)
3. Temptation Amor (Sogami Urie)
4. Your Only Guardian Knight (Exorcist) (Tachibana Lindo)
5. VANQUISH (Nanashiro Mage)
6. Renbin Yoranka (Kagurazaka Shiki)
7. X Day (Jek, from the Dance with Devils musical)
-Reading drama “Jenka# of Chaos and Loss” (in the night session, “Jenka♭ of Chaos and Loss“)
-Roen’s monologue #2
8. KETTO ~We won’t give up on the fight for love~ (Kaginuki Rem VS Tachibana Lindo)
9. xx in the dark (Nanashiro Mage VS Kagurazaka Shiki)
10. My Little Ruby Bird (Tachibana Lindo VS Jek)
11. Frustrated Triangle (Kaginuki Rem VS Sogami Urie)
-Roen monologue #3
-Video declaring the release of the 2nd set of situation CDs “Dance with Devils -Charming Book-”
13. Kakusei no Air (Hatano Wataru, OP)
14. The Eve of the Revolution (Shiko Academy Student Council)
-Roen monologue #4
-An image showing the release of the feature film version “Dance with Devils -Fortuna-” in theaters Fall 2017
-Ending talk
15. Mademoi★selle (Encore)

Movie information

mora 17.png

Title: Dance with Devils -Fortuna-
Theatrical release: Fall 2017

Original producer: Iwasaki Daisuke (Rejet)
Original: Grimoire compliation room
Director: Yoshimura Ai
Screenplay: Koharu Tomoko
Character drafts: Maeda Hirotaka (Rejet)
Character designs: Takashina Yuka
Music producer: Fujita Junpei
Music: Elements Garden
Music production: DIVEIIentertainment
Anime production: Brains Base

Tachibana Ritsuka: Akaneya Himika
Kaginuki Rem: Saito Souma
Tachibana Lindo: Hatano Wataru
Sogami Urie: Kondo Takashi
Nanashiro Mage: Kimura Subaru
Kagurazaka Shiki: Hirakawa Daisuke
Roen: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Kuzuha Azuna: Matsuda Risae
Jek: Suzuki Yuuto

Comment from Yoshimura Ai:

Thanks to your love, DanDevi’s dream has taken this shape. Thank you very much. I will do my best to make a different DanDevi, so you’d enjoy it differently from how you’d enjoyed the musical. Please see the devils’, vampires’, and Ritsuka’s “DanDevi theatrical version”. Also, everyone [in the cast and staff]! Let’s have fun drinking together again!!


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