[Blog: Saito Souma 020117] Fantasy Science, Outrageous Theory

I bought playdead’s game “inside”, isn’t this crazy interesting…?
I don’t really understand this kind of indie game, but a production with this kind of peculiar atmosphere hasn’t shown up much.
It’s a bit scary though, but if you’re interested, by all means try it.
Since I bought anchovy paste I’ve been making anchovy cabbage. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, today I’ll be talking about a new show.
I, who’d been professing my love for the occult like an idiot for a while now, together with Hatano-san, my senpai who also likes the occcult, have gotten the privilege of starting a show!
The name of which is “Fantasy Science, Outrageous Theory”!
We’re thankful to be able to get to do this like two kids enthusiastically talking about their hobbies at full power!

#1 could be viewed for free, and depending on if people are interested, for #2 and onwards we might require a subscription.
Cuz the talk is laden with jokes, meta, and beta, by all means, please listen to it!
Aside from the occult, there’s also urban legends, conspiracy theories, the intelligent design theory, really ancient civilizations, practical things, UMAs, ghosts, etc., that’ll go one after the other in rapid succession and make you go “wh, what the–!!” lol

Of course, this is just us talking about our hobby, so it just depends on whether you believe in it or not…nevertheless, we’ll leave it up to you!

The channel is here!

We’ll be in your care!

Well then that’s all there is today.

Saito Souma


  • “jokes, meta, beta” – a rhyming joke, original was ネタ、メタ、ベタ

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