[Blog: Saito Souma 032217] Warau Salesman NEW and OreIya’s last episode!

I saw La La Land. Ryan Gosling had a much younger image than usual, but he was really sexy, wasn’t he.
Dancing around with everyone looked like it was terribly fun. I wanna try that.
My only experience with dancing is with the Soran Bushi. I’m Saito Souma.

Well then, this time, my first announcement is about my guest appearance in an anime!
I was given the honor of guesting on episode 2 of “Warau Salesman NEW”, which starts broadcasting this April!

I’d never thought that the day would come when I’d be able to do Soukoku-san’s “Dooooooooon!”
Amazingly, it’s the first time this is being broadcast again after 28 years.
As a performer, it is really an honor to be involved with a work that has been loved over the years!
As always, the connections between people and productions are truly mysterious things, aren’t they…!

In any case, in every episode, “Warau Salesman”’s black atmosphere is fully included, such that it’s become an earth-shatteringly, densely dark thing to behold!
By all means, please enjoy the broadcast! We’ll be in your care!

And another thing, the last announcement for this time.
At 11pm tonight, on TOKYO MX and other channels, the final episode of “Eguchi Takuya’s We Want To Be Healed Even More!” will be broadcast!

The show for which I had been employed as a narrator for the first season, has quickly reached the end of its second season…!
This time, I wonder if we’d conveyed to everyone the best healing yet!

In today’s broadcast, aside from each episode’s unbroadcast content, it seems that a bit of “Saito Souma’s BokuIya” had also been shown off!
We really had fun in Kyoto….!
However, there are still lots of events to come in the future, so OreIya will expand even more!

By the way, I must digress – Healing Emperor’s cushion feels too good, that I keep thinking “How frustrating!” as I use it everyday. Everyone, by all means, please wind the Healing Emperor around your neck. If you do that, you can hide your face in it.

That being said, by all means, please watch OreIya at 11pm!

Well then, that’s how it is today.
See you later-!

Saito Souma



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