[Cast Interview] Ikemen Revolution: Oliver (Hamano Daiki)

Hamano Daiki as Oliver Knight


Please tell us about the concept of this series.

First of all I’d like to say that I think that “Ikemen Revolution” is a straight-up [explanatory] title (lol). However, as you slowly and surely read on, I think the relationship between our characters and the heroine definitely changes its shape. I don’t think its worldview regarding Alice’s world is the same one you see in movies and Disney, but this production’s worldview brimming with fantasy is wonderful to experience.

Please tell us about your first impressions and the charming points of the character you play.

The first impression was…because when I was entrusted with the character I was shocked, saying that his appearance looked “like a 13 year old!?”, one could hear me saying stuff like “Am I suited for this!” to my agency (lol). So there was that, and even until the recording itself, I was anxious, and as recording went on, when I was told “transform the nature of your voice, but even in the parts where your voice has to sound like a child’s, be composed, and please give us an adult-like impression” I was able to get into the role without incident. It’s just, when he gets [redacted], I think he gets more deredere than usual (lol)

(Admin note: Because [redacted] is a highly close guarded top secret, we’ve taken the liberty of redacting it…! Please look forward to and wait for the game’s release)

Please tell us about a character you’ve got your eyes on, aside from your own, and the reason why.

The white rabbit Blanc is [my character’s] partner so there are things about him that I notice, as well as about the red/black king’s rival, the Cheshire cat Loki. I’d like to get acquainted with the cuteness of Murase-san, who plays him (lol)

Any things you’d like to see from here on out?

This world with its various, surprising kinds of people, I think if it were to get a character song series for each character, one would be able to get more of a feel for it. Also, I’d like to take part in a drama CD where they get into a scramble over the heroine.


Note: about that [redacted] thing up top!! oliver is the mad hatter, and looks like a kid, but for some reason he’s a full-grown adult during his first scene, which was at night?? granted i never did go past the prologue, but seriously guys IT WAS SO OBVIOUSLY HIM, THE CLOTHES WERE THE SAME,


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