Intro: Kimi-iro Storia, second cour

[Source – originally dated January 21, 2015]

Virtual live space SHOWROOM and live streamer Nippon Broadcasting Radio team up to produce “Kimi-iro Storia”. Seiyuu are cast in SHOWROOM as [radio] personalities, and the viewers interact with them mutually, deciding the setting and development of characters through voting. The drama that ends up being made is then broadcast on-air as a radio drama.

Just the other day, the second cour started, with Toriumi Kosuke-san, Umehara Yuichiro-san, Hamano Daiki-san, and Yamashita Daiki-san’s radio drama! SHOWROOM will stream live, and then Nippon Broadcasting will start airing the drama part from January 29th onwards. After recording the first story, the second cour main cast is all together, so we will introduce them to you!

●Toriumi Kosuke-san, Umehara Yuichiro-san, Hamano Daiki-san, and Yamashita Daiki-san’s after-recording interview

Please tell us your thoughts after finishing recording the first episode.

Katagiri Kaname – Umehara Yuichiro (Umehara, for short): Because the first episode was just self-introductions, I think that it fits with it being the primer for the setting.

Mitarai Hijiri – Yamashita Daiki (Yamashita, for short): Such a character like this exists, and he’ll continue to be active as time goes on, so I’ll have to keep up with the expectations of him.

Nagasawa Ryouichi – Toriumi Kosuke (Toriumi, for short): The story this time was just introductions, so it felt like a shortcut.

Yamashita: It wrapped up very breezily.

Senuma Yuuhei – Hamano Daiki (Hamano, for short): It felt like [after-school] club hours, didn’t it.

Umehara: And straightaway, the results of the questionnaire from our live broadcasts was shown…”erotic purple”…

Yamashita: You put emphasis on that, didn’t you.

Toriumi: The tiny jokes and comments from our live broadcast also ended up becoming lines.

Hamano: The way you ended up escalating while using those surprised me (lol) There were also parts when, while we were checking each other’s [cues], we just ended up grinning.

Toriumi: We know that it’s a production created by everyone, and that’s all there is to it, really.

Hamano: We just won’t know what we’ll end up doing next.

Toriumi: It might end up going straight for the passionate climax, or it might end up building up tension before something amazing happens.

Umehara: I look forward to the next one. This is a recording session that really surprises me.


After the four of you recorded together, what were your impressions of the other characters?

Toriumi: Senuma-kun has a nice feeling to him. I have expectations for his future – I think that his character will grow.

Hamano: Thank you very much. I think I’d want him to grow up gently. Senuma is a second-year, right in the middle of [everyone’s] ages, so he can tolerate the other three boys.

Hamano: But Nagasawa-san is also a reliable captain.

Toriumi: I’m relieved he is one. You can feel how well they get along together. And it was good to have Kaname.

Umehara: Thank you very much. From the onset Kaname was a superhuman perfectionist (lol)

Toriumi: I felt his development when we went over [the script] many times. I think that everyone can feel it too, if they listen to everything in sequence starting from chapter 1.

Umehara: If you can, every time you listen to it, raise your expectations.

Yamashita: You’ll end up being surprised, going “ehh, seriously!?” By the way, what did you think about Hijiri?

Toriumi: ……well then, as the second cour of Kimi-iro Storia goes live, everyone, please join in as we create this work step-by-step, by joining in the polls during our live broadcasts.

Yamashita: Ah, please take care of our youngest Hijiri who jumps around, too (lol)


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