[Cast interview] Even so, I’ll think of you



Original author:

Komatsu (Printemps Publication, Canna Comics)


Even so, I’ll think of you” – Takashi: Masuda Toshiki, Yasu: Nakajima Yoshiki, Classmate: Itou Kento, Takashi’s mom: Nakayama Erika
Young oh! oh!” – Sakou Keiji: Yashiro Taku, Arai Tatsurou: Hamano Daiki, Ex-girlfriend: Hanizumi Rina, Yumi: Tanaka Aimi

Please give us your impressions about today’s recording!

Masuda Toshiki-san

It’s my first time being in this kind of BL, so it’s all new to me.
Playing the role of Takashi in this BL, unconsciously and honestly, I’d given my best to be able to portray this one high school student.
During the recording itself, us guys who are about the same age bracket got together, so we got to proceed harmoniously.
Just like the original basis of this production, we tried to give off the feeling of being in school, so it was a very fun recording.

Nakajima Yoshiki-san

This one CD has two stories with different tones to them, that were recorded concurrently, so it was really fun! Or should I say that this one thing became twice as delicious (lol)
This is my first time being cast as a main character for a BLCD, so Masuda-oniisan taught me in great detail about how I should act. “Wouldn’t we be able to come up with something spectacular?” I thought.

Yashiro Taku-san

This is a production that draws out the love between two men, but it reminded me lots about the pureness of youth.
Especially, when I was portraying Keiji for “Young oh! oh!“, that gap where he wavers on telling his friends about the person he loves was very high school student-like and I tried to emphasize it, it really was a very interesting production. I’m glad I got to be a part of this!

Hamano Daiki-san

This time we have two productions, “Even so, I’ll think of you” and “Young oh! oh!”, but if one were to read the original [manga], you would feel that neither one is lacking in abundance of scenarios.
Of course the characters come off strong, but for times when the characters’ words are different from what they honestly want to say it feels like you’d be able to read into their minds.
And of course, now that recording has ended, through our voices, lines and acting we’d want you to hear for yourselves the relationships between the couples in this production; at this moment would it seem utterly bleak, at this scene would you be able to imagine what was supposed to be the scenario, and I think if [we] were able to catch your attention like that, you’d have fun [with it].


Like how Keiji from “Young oh! oh!” collects bishoujo figurines as a hobby, is there something like that for you? Something that makes you go “I used to collect this in the past?

Masuda Toshiki-san

I used to collect action figures of unknown warriors.
I had around 30 of them. They had limited stocks so I bought what I could.

Nakajima Yoshiki-san

I also like bishoujo figurines, though.

Yashiro: Right! You have them in your room, too!
Hamano: Heeh~ Is that so.

My specialty is those UFO catchers in game centers, yanno.

Yashiro: Cool!!

If it’s a game center, I think I’ll mostly be able to harvest goods even if only given 1000 yen.

Hamano: Seriously!? That’s amazing!!
Yashiro: I wanna go with you~

(LMAO) Haven’t I been using my serious voice.
Aside from that, I REALLY love stationery – when I was in middle school I’d collect mechanical pencils, like an idiot. Even though I never used them.

Hamano: D●ctor Grip?

Yup yup, Freesia. (lol)
But I particularly like the ones whose lead is 0.3 and below.

Hamano: Eeh! Those break fast!

I even had a pencil case just for mechanical pencils.

Hamano: Ehh!? For what purpose!?

For no other reason than wanting to carry them with me.

Hamano: Did you use different [pencils] depending on your mood? Like, “this is how I feel today~♪”

Nope, I only ever used one pencil. [The others] were my collection. I was content just having them in my hands.

Hamano: I get it! But that’s cool, isn’t it! Sooner or later you’ll [end up] collecting fountain pens and stuff!

Those are also good!
Back then, I’d wanted to get a 0.25mm mechanical pencil, like the ones architects and designers used in sketching, but the price was a bit high, so I think if I had that I’d feel proud of myself.
I like drawing, so when I draw now, I use mechanical pencils. I’ve been using the same brand of mechanical pencil my favorite artist said they used during an interview, even up to now.
When I’m highlighting scripts and stuff, I use Frixi●n pens. In place of mechanical pencils, I collect lots of Frixi●n pens now. In lots of colors (lol)

Yashiro Taku-san

I’ve never had the urge to collect stuff cuz “I can’t help but collect!” but I’ve got quite a bit of soccer uniforms and stuff. I’d collect the uniforms of my favorite countries[‘ teams], of my favorite players.

Nakajima: Aa, you have those at home!
Hamano: That’s a nice hobby, isn’t it.

Right!? I haven’t had the chance to wear them anywhere though!

Everyone: (LOL)
Hamano: Collecting them just as decoration is fine! (lol)

Yup yup. For decoration.

Nakajima: Your room’s already too decorated as it is, yanno.

Even now I keep wanting more, so I keep buying.

Hamano: That’s nice~
Nakajima: Don’t you go wear them when you go watch soccer?
Hamano: Ah, that’s right!

…I don’t.

Everyone: (LOL)

Most of my stuff is from foreign clubs [teams].

Everyone: Ah, we get it.
Nakajima: So they were for overseas teams, huh.

Hamano Daiki-san

There’s nothing special I’ve been collecting nowadays, but I like Tom Cruise.

Nakajima: Cool! (lol)
Yashiro: Definitely!
Nakajima: Was he the one from “Top Gun” and stuff?

Yup, yup! I collected a lot of DVDs Tom Cruise was in when I was in high school!

Nakajima: (lol)
Yashiro: Interesting! (lol)
Nakajima: Your hair color was a bit different.
Yashiro: A high school dude who likes Tom Cruise is pretty rare (lol)
Nakajima: It’s so cool and manly! Like the kind of guy who’d wear a leather jacket! (lol)

But that’s how I got into the seiyuu world, yanno.

Yashiro: It’s like you got a chance to wear the leather jacket!

Nope, we’re talking about Tom Cruise DVDs!

Nakajima: Did you wear the shades and stuff?

I don’t! They won’t look good on me (lol)

Nakajima: They would! The ones with the huge lenses.

They won’t suit me (lol)
But I ended up studying English because of those I think, because the DVDs I got over there aren’t dubbed (lol)


Any messages for the fans and readers?

Nakajima Yoshiki-san

This time, coincidentally, the cast members also get along in real life, so the mood during recording was really great. I think we’d carried this feel over to the drama itself, and the cast talk as well, so no matter how many times I listen to it, I’m happy.
This is a short omnibus CD, but I don’t think the length [of the stories] affects things much. “Even so, I’ll think of you” is a bittersweet recollection, and “Young oh! oh!” is a heartwarming story, so I think it’s become a CD with variety to it, so I’d be glad if you’ll have fun listening to it.
Also, over the course of this interview, Masuda-san’s impression of Yashiro-san has changed! His impression of Yashiro changed with the most impact! (lol)

Yashiro: How!!? (lol)

Maybe he was thinking of you as some more assertive type of shouty guy, but he can now feel you’re the kind who unexpectedly gets teased (lol)
Earlier, Masuda-san told me “Yashiro-kun’s the lively type, isn’t he?

Yashiro: I’m not really that lively (lol)

Anyway, that’s what Masuda-san said! Thank you very much for today!

Yashiro Taku-san

This drama CD has “youth” as its main theme, which is something everyone has been through. Whether it be as a parent, friend, or lover, I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t been through youth.
Inlaid with various important emotions from that time, I think anyone could end up finding something to empathize with within these two productions.
By all means, please listen to both “Even so, I’ll think of you” and “Young oh! oh!”, I’d be glad if you could compare and contrast them with each other.
To the people who’ll get to listen to the first print edition’s special cast talk track, maybe, in all the cast talks I’ve been in up to now that’s the most I’ve talked in…or so I think…or rather, it’s the one they had the most fun with…

Nakajima: (LMAO) It’s okay not to talk about that. You talked as much as you usually do (lol)
Hamano: (lol)

What the– come on! That’s not comforting at all! (lol)

Everyone: (lol)

That’s not my “usual”, that’s beyond my “usual”!

Nakajima: So ‘beyond your usual’ is idle chit-chat, huh (lol)

‘Cuz of that, if you’d wanna hear our impressions [on the work] or our personal [memories], by all means, you’ll get to hear them there! Thank you very much!


Hamano Daiki-san

The four main characters in this have their own individual charms.
With the guys in “Even so, I’ll think of you”, with Takashi studying for exams and all, he gives off the air of a normal high school student; Yasu, who just looks over him from a distance, is a bit adult-like, but isn’t the kind of conflict he feels something that can be empathized with, I think.
With the guys in “Young oh! oh!”, Yashi, Ya, Yashi…

Yashiro: It’s “Yashiro” (lol)

Ah, so it’s Yashiro!

Everyone: (lol)
Nakajima: Pretending to forget things like that, you’re horrible! (lol)

With Yashiro’s Keiji, there are times when he can’t go on with the paths he’d thought of taking, and my Tatsurou, he’s got his fidgety, shy side.

Nakajima: The complete opposite of his appearance (lol)

Yup, yup. It’s like, “he looks like this, but ACTUALLY–” There’s a lot of kinds of characters, so I think you’d get to enjoy them.
However, it’s my first time getting to play someone like Tatsurou-kun, and he’s even a high school student, so pay attention to that.
Also, Yashiro took on EVERYTHING in the first print edition’s cast talk! (lol)

Yashiro: I didn’t take on anything! Such a, such a…! (lol)

How frustrating–!! (lol)

Yashiro: Please [listen to] the ENTIRE thing.
Nakajima: It was the best! (lol)

Look forward to that, too! (lol)


Masuda Toshiki-san

I think that there are emotions everyone would hold dearly from their student days, irregardless of gender.
Like the courage and fear in confessing one’s love.
I’d just want you to notice that, purely.
Mutual conflict and regret. They’d suffered from those precisely because they’re young.
This is what youth is.

  • “Even so, I’ll think of you” (Sore kara, kimi wo kangaeru) is a bittersweet love story, and “Young oh! oh!” is basically the fake boyfriend trope. Yes: mood whiplash. They don’t share the same cast members, but I’m pretty sure Yoshiki and Totto are Takuchan’s classmates in his part.
  • Yoshiki calls Massun “oniichan” in his first message. Nope. Not making this up.
  • The framing of this interview is frankly very interesting – they have sections were they get to talk as themselves, preceded by a header with their own names, but the others (mostly Yoshiki and Daiki – jesus christ, those two can talk my ear off) (I won’t mind tbh) interject whenever, so those individual lines are prefaced by their names.
  • The brands Yoshiki and Daiki mention are Dr. Grip, Freesia and Frixion highlighters
  • Yoshiki is actually pretty good at drawing, his chibis are really cute I cannot believe ANYWAY, PLS LOOK EM UP THEY ARE CUTE
  • Fun fact: the other soccer fan in this equation is Daiki. Probably why he insists Takuchan has a “nice hobby” lol
  • From his Animemashite interview Daiki says he became a seiyuu because he wanted to dub over Tom Cruise. This is the singular greatest thing Tom Cruise has done for the world, just imo
  • I am…not so sure what Yoshiki and Takuchan’s thing about the hair color and leather jacket was, but I’m assuming they’re talking about Daiki’s hair color (he still has dyed hair in his profile pic SERIOUSLY WHICH ERA WAS THIS FROM), and that his tastes are “shibui” (cool, manly, serious, broody action hero-type) to warrant a leather jacket
  • The “shades with the huge lenses” thing is most probably a Top Gun reference. Also, wear ’em, Daiki. I compel you
  • The reason why Daiki says he learned English cuz of Tom Cruise DVDs is cuz he bought them overseas (during high school, when he was in Australia), and those obvsly don’t come with Japanese dub…
  • Thanks for reading!! God this was a PAIN to format hhh

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