[Cast Interview] Your Skin, The Scent of Love

An interview with Hamano Daiki and Takatsuka Tomohito, right after recording! The original BL drama CD “Your Skin, The Scent of Love” is to be released June 23rd!


rose quartz‘s first original Boy’s Love drama CD “Your Skin, The Scent of Love” is to be released on June 23. This time, we have an interview with Hamano Daiki-san, in charge of Nakajou Hiromi, and Takatsuka Tomohito-san, in charge of Maki, immediately after their recording!

Comment from Nakajou Hiromi CV. Hamano Daiki

Please give us your thoughts on today’s recording.

We got to star in a love story that doesn’t go the usual route, between Hiromi who’d been strongly influenced by his past, and Maki who keeps chasing after him; we’ve had that in mind during the entire recording, and it felt like we both shared the same feel of the atmosphere [of this work].

Please tell us something of note of how you portrayed this.

No one gets all savage, or all tense, it all hinges on the mutual tenderness they share… I think it’d be nice for everyone to experience this performance, too. It’s something that doesn’t have an original source material, so I think you can imagine as much as you like while listening.

Are there any notable scenes?

It’s less of a scene and more of something spread across the entire disk – it’s that you never really forget the person you loved in the past, as we see when we advance through the story, through [Hiromi] monologuing, gradually talking with Maki more, that point.

Please give a message for the fans.

There are various ways to interpret this work, so I think the people listening to this will react to different parts in this differently. If you’d be able to find new charms of the characters every time you listen to this, that would make me happy.


Comment from Maki CV. Takatsuka Tomohito

Please give us your thoughts on today’s recording.

When I first read the scenario, it portrayed a very complicated and yet real and probable mental state; this scenario is fantasy but not something that cannot happen in reality, and I can feel it as we worked.

Please tell us something of note of how you portrayed this.

I kept thinking “what would Maki do at this moment,” and portrayed him as someone with clashing emotions. I think I’d be happy if I get that point across to the people who will listen to this.

Are there any notable scenes?

From the very beginning Hiromi was strongly influenced by his past, so there are a lot of scenes where Maki is honest with himself and not putting up a show. Looking at Hiromi [during those times], it leaves the impression in my mind that Maki is skillfully making his way into the cracks of his heart.

Please give a message for the fans.

I felt that I was reading a truly wonderful scenario, so I believe we’d finished something that the listeners would enjoy. If you’d listen to it while thinking of your own opinions of what you’d do “if I was Hiromi, if I was Maki…” it’d cut through your own feelings, so please enjoy listening to it.


Also: the CD is up for preselling at June 11, in the Kirameki Wave event to be held at Ikebukuro Multihall.


Original BLCD “Your Skin, The Scent of Love” – plot synopsis

The popular actor Nakajou Hiromi had been encouraged to marry by the best friend he loved.

While half-heartedly acting in a music video for work, he meets Maki, a popular EDM unit’s artist, in a business meeting.

As he gets dead drunk during said business meeting, the unconscious Hiromi mistakes Maki for his friend.

Since [Hiromi had been] lifelessly grieving, Maki approaches him saying “it’s okay to use me in their place.” Adding insult to injury, neither his face nor personality are like [that of Hiromi’s friend], and yet Hiromi can’t refuse him.

As Hiromi embraces him, he notices that the smell of Maki’s skin is the only thing that resembles [his friend].

Hiromi is torn apart by his feelings for his friend that he can’t forget, and his wish to return to being normal “friends”.

And then Maki directly charges at him by boldly, grandly saying “I’ll become your lover.”

Can these two people build up a “relationship”?

  • Hamano Daiki in a joint interview in this year of our lord 2017, thank you god, and yes I did seriously just translate this on the same day the interview was released, because I am horrible and predictable like this
  • If memory serves me right this is Takapi’s first BL? He sounds vaguely hesitant and tentatively excited talking about this on his radio show with Yamaya Yoshitaka (Cafe Glass Slipper) haha
  • I didn’t translate a part of this ‘cuz it was just CD and event info, but: Kirameki Wave is a Radio Tomo collab event between radio shows AiRaji (Iris Quartz Radio) and Voyage Wave. Daiki is half of Voyage Wave, and Takapi is also there, as a guest (Terashima Junta is also a guest, most probably in his capacity as host of Waraji, but he is specifically labeled as a ‘sudden guest’, so)
  • The parts where they say Hiromi is ‘strongly influenced by his past’ is them referring to him being in love for his nameless friend since way, way back! The phrase used could also mean to be ‘seduced’ by someone, but I don’t think the other party was doing it on purpose, so I had to word it this way…
  • Thanks for reading! Please do not reproduce this translation anywhere without credit or permission!

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