Interview: THE Kogadou (Terashima Junta x Komatsu Shohei x Hamano Daiki)
THE Male Friendship nurtured by ramen!


THE Kogadou, a unit of physical martial artists. Introducing these three men, passionate rivals from the same generation, into the world of “Idolm@ster Side M”!

  • What impressions did your roles leave on you?

Terashima: With Takeru, there wasn’t any of the hesitation I felt during the roles I’d previously auditioned for, so I got to portray him easily. Personally, from the beginning I was a person who gets tongue-tied easily, not the kind of cheerful, chatty person at all, so the shy parts of ourselves resemble each other. And since he’s a former boxer, I tried to get into the mental state of an athlete, from his mindset to the way you’d expect him to move.
Hamano: Did you go meditate under a waterfall or something (lol) Terashima-kun does things at his own pace, but he’s a guy who’s got stuff bottled up inside, like Takeru.
Komatsu: During the drinking party of the first anime I’d starred in, the one who’d kindly talked to me, who didn’t know his right from his left, was Terashima-san.
Terashima: Actually, at that time, Hamano-kun was also there.
Hamano: Ee, I didn’t know that!
Terashima: That we’d have ended up in the same unit in the future seems awfully fated, doesn’t it.
Komatsu: Ren, the former martial artist, has speech and conduct unbecoming of an idol, I think he lacks common sense, thinks of life as a game, seems to just have a big mouth but also has real strength to him, and I really, personally think he’s an honest kid. He’s a completely different type of guy from me, but I’m also quite a sore loser myself, so I think that’s the part of him I understand.
Hamano: Komatsu-kun is a diligent person, so without a doubt he doesn’t like losing, does he.
Terashima: I’ve been wondering why everyone just lets Ren off the hook. But when Komatsu-kun voices him I think isn’t that the charm of this brat, perfectly taking on Takeru like this (lol)
Komatsu: Ren also has times when he encourages Takeru when he’s feeling down, so I also think he’s a cute brat sometimes, and there’s a lot of mysterious things about him that I want to know about.
Hamano: My first impression of Michiru was “Eh? He makes ramen!?” (lol)
Terashima: He was a judoka before he became a ramen shop chef, wasn’t he.
Hamano: I’m harsh on myself, but I’ve been told that I deal with people kindly [like Michiru does]. He’s tolerant, and is the kind of guy one would get hooked on like [they would] his “Otoko Michi Ramen”.
Terashima: Hamano-kun’s the same age as me and a year older than Komatsu-kun, but you wouldn’t think that, because he’s the calm one.
Hamano: Nope, nope, that’s just my voice.
Komatsu: Within THE Kogadou, Michiru’s always making them large, heavy [meals], so Takeru and Ren let him do whatever he wants.
Hamano: You’d pretty much see it from the first time they talk, but Michiru doesn’t see it as him being saddled with those two, they’re his friends and good rivals so he thinks of them as equals. The team’s bonds are strong.
Komatsu: I think the fact that they mutually acknowledge each other is an important point about THE Kogadou.
Terashima: It’s not weird that they became friends; the part where they encourage each other is good. And it ends up in Michiru-san making ramen for them.
Hamano: There’s an image of “Settle this in one blow! And if you end up being defeated, get along [with the winner].
Terashima: THE Male Camaraderie, isn’t it.

  • Komatsu-san has experience as a stunt man, doesn’t he.

Komatsu: In a local show, I’d engaged in battle as a hero role.
Terashima: He’s the reliable action leader.
Komatsu: Eeh. The three of us are leaders in our own ways.
Terashima: With [our own] specialties? I’m always smiling, so I wonder if I’m the smile leader.
Hamano: All that I can do is at about the amount needed for rugby, yanno.
Komatsu: Action, smile, rugby leader…
Hamano: That last one has nothing to do with being an idol!
Komatsu: Baritone leader, then!


  • Give us a bit about your unit songs.

Hamano: I wonder how (lol) One song is up-tempo and pitched like rock music, and within the various kinds of tones, the image of three people diligently striving with the music joins in.
Terashima: You’d feel their relationship in the lyrics “We’re not so soft as to have pity on those fallen brats”. They’re aiming for the top together, so they think, “wouldn’t we be infallible, then?
Hamano: It reminds you a bit of those nostalgic shounen manga and passionate battle anime series, doesn’t it.
Terashima: Like a tiger’s aura would emerge from behind ’em. As for the second song, it feels like what one might expect from an idol song of yore.
Hamano: THE Kogadou’s music is somehow nostalgic, isn’t it.
Komatsu: There’s some kind of dialogue-like bargaining, and it colors this with passion. If one were to dance to this while singing it would definitely be cool.

  • Was there anything you kept in mind while singing DRIVE A LIVE?

Komatsu: Ren is the type who doesn’t wait for what the other party would say, so I sung as if he kept finishing his sentences [quickly].
Terashima: For me, more than singing well, I thought it’d be better if I took great care with [portraying] Takeru’s stoic, awkward parts.
Hamano: With Michiru, it feels as if he’s throwing out power with all his might, so he sings earnestly. He’s the kind who’d say “let’s do this over again!”, trying again no matter how many times, treating [singing] as a sport.

  • Your unit is under 315 Productions, so what are the “best” moments of everyday life for you?

Terashima: The moment when you and your costars make a toast at a cast party for work. I wanna taste that for THE Kogadou soon!
Komatsu: I’ve just entered this world [of seiyuu], and thanks to SideM, I’ve had lots of new encounters and I think that’s the best part of it.
Hamano: Within SideM, there are members close to me in age, as well as friends I’ve known for a while, and within this industry, I think [working with] people the same age as you is exciting, and the fact that we’re all able to do our best together as part of the same production is the best!

  • Passionate, aren’t we. The three of you, what kinds of things would you want to make?

Komatsu: I want to try hosting a radio show.
Hamano: It would be good to call out the other manly guys and make a radio show with a rowdy feel to it.
Terashima: I want us to become the kind of unit that even outsiders talk about, like “There’s some kind of unit called THE Kogadou or something,
Hamano: As we get to do new things one by one, the potential that one of those might be beneficial to us in the future increases. If we keep on aiming for the highest point, as the days pass, we’ll get to reach even higher up.
Komatsu: [Ren voice] “You guys, let’s go at it together ’til we reach the top!
Hamano: Ooh!!! Komatsu-kun, your face is all red though (lol)
Komatsu: I’m still so lost as to if it’s alright to call everyone “you guys”…but, if it’s during a live, I’ll hype everyone up fast!
Terashima: I’ll also enjoy lives in Takeru’s way – I’ll lock eyes with you all one after another!
Hamano: When we’d get to spar with you, Teacher, forget everything else in the face of Michiru’s resilience and have fun with us during our live!


(Left) Hamano Daiki/Born March 30/Hometown: Tokyo/Arts Vision/Known roles are Dante Mogro (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans), Gohonmatsu Masaru (ACTORS), etc.

(Middle) Terashima Junta/Born August 11/Hometown: Nagano/Kenyuu Office/Known roles are Ichijou Shin (KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm), Yukimura Hyouga (Inazuma Eleven GO), etc.

(Right) Komatsu Shohei/Born April 14/Hometown: Fukuoka/Ken Productions/Known roles in My Hero Academia, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, etc.

  • Omake: Talk theme: 60

Komatsu: Every night before I go to sleep, I train for 60 minutes. I can’t miss out on at least flexibility and weight training.
Terashima: You’re way too conscious about that! I can’t lose to Komatsu-kun: every night, I eat pudding. I’d like to eat around 60 of ’em!
Hamano: If you [Terashima] wanna discipline yourself like Takeru, first off, stop doing that (lol) I think that if I got more than 60 jobs in a month, I’d be happy.

  • The siren song of “Kogadou photoshoot and joint interview” was way too strong, so I ended up buying the magazine (I am a bad influence to myself) – all text and pictures in here are from my copy of Voice Newtype 60! I ended up translating it to practice reading Japanese but ended up using my phone camera to take pics of kanji so I can zoom in on them more LMAO
    I have. Really. REALLY bad eyesight…
  • Please don’t redistribute or otherwise reuse this translation, and/or its relevant media (pictures)!
  • I wanna cry – this was definitely not intended, but in Daiki’s “And if you get defeated, get along” line, there’s the phrase 寝転んで, which is the te form of 寝転ぶ, “nekorobu”. Daiki hosts a cat cafe show named “Nekorobi Danshi”. Junta has guested in it. I’m,
  • The second question refers to Shohei’s time as part of HIROZ, an action/stunt/idol group that used to do daily hero shows for a local theme park. For this alone, he arguably has the most experience with lives amongst the newer seiyuu.
  • [Junta voice, Cho Ongakusai 2017] “I’m here for NicoNico [Douga’s event], but even in daily living I’m always niconico {grinning}”
  • Daiki used to play rugby! He’s the sporty one of the three (Shohei is plenty athletic but bad with ball games, and Junta is…Junta) and tends to invite the other two out to play games with him.
  • The first song they refer to (“we’re not so soft as to have pity on those fallen brats”) is Tsuyoku Totoki Kemono-tachi (Strong, Noble Beasts); the second song (with “dialogue-like bargaining”) is Jounetsu (Passionate)…FIGHTER.
  • The dialogue in question:

    Ren (Shohei): I want to be strong, stronger than just about anyone! And I’ll only knock you [Takeru??] dead..
    Michiru(Daiki): Now, now, calm down!

  • Their characters’ company name is a pun – in Japanese you can pronounce 315 as “sa-i-kou”, “the best”, hence that question “what are the ‘best’ moments”
  • The specific word Junta uses for “cast party” can either be used for a party before the start or after the end of a project. I am assuming he means ‘after Kogadou release event is done’, but he could also mean ‘before Kogadou’s major debut’.
  • Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy – this magazine was originally released June 2016. Come January 2017, the three of them co-hosted 315Pro Night, Side M’s radio show, for the first quarter of 2017. Junta’s co-hosted radio twice before; 315Pro Night was also Daiki’s second radio as co-host (the first one being Voyage Wave), as well as Shohei’s first time co-hosting a radio show.
  • “You guys” doesn’t have the same pizzazz as Ren’s “omaera!!” but we’ll have to make do…
  • “I’ll lock eyes with you all one after another” – Per the in-game manga, some fans in-story have noticed that Takeru tends to look everyone in the audience straight in the eyes – he became an idol in the hopes of being found by his siblings, and thus always looks for them in a crowd.
  • What I translated in Daiki’s last line from the main interview as “Teacher” is 師匠 (“Shishou”), a respectful term for a martial arts teacher, usually, more specifically, a judo teacher! Not surprising, considering Michiru’s judo background. Michiru only refers to the player’s producer character with this, and Daiki follows suit, only ever referring to Side M fans as 師匠 as well.
  • If you’ve noticed something with their cast profiles at the very end – yes, Ren is actually Shohei’s first named character role, hence why his bit, at the time the interview was printed, only has series titles listed. (Shh I am not emo)
  • Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!

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