Nakajima Yoshiki’s “Tomorrow will be better than today” #1

Original column date: July 21, 2016

To everyone who’s visiting KIKI, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Nakajima Yoshiki. This time, I’ve been given the opportunity to write a serialized column under KIKI! Aah! It’s great! Every month, I think I’d like to write freely about various things. And sometimes, my friends would also pop up…maybe! Because this is the first time for me to have a serialized column, I can’t stop getting ahead of myself. By all means, please watch over me for a long time ok( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Well then. Since this is the first one, I was thinking about what I should talk about, but it so happens that last month was my birthday. Last June 26, I got to reach my 23rd birthday uneventfully! Yay! What a legit adult! Who said I wouldn’t live to see 23!?

A lot of people celebrated [my birthday with me] this year, too. Most of these people just used my birthday as an excuse to invite me to go drinking, though (lol) But I’m really happy that the day of my birth had been blessed like this. I couldn’t care any less about my own birthday, but I remember my friends’ and acquaintances’ birthdays well, I guess? It’s because I always think I wanna celebrate their birthdays as much as I can.

Stuff like “congrats” or “thanks”, they end up forming a chain.


See, if you’re celebrating [for someone else], then aren’t you also celebrating yourself? Or something a bit like that? (lol) Putting any bad feelings aside, because it’s a rare occasion, I’d like to celebrate it – because it’s a rare occasion, I’d like to celebrate it for you. I don’t think there’d be anyone who’d feel antsy about that, in the face of someone who’s that glad.

Yeah, yeah. A while back, Uchida Yuuma-kun and I went to shop for Western-style clothes, and I quietly touched [a piece of clothing] from the side, thinking “Ah, this one looks good~”, and he said “Yoshiki, your birthday is this month, right?” So, he ended up giving it as a present.

Oi, oi, the hell, that was way too cool! (lol)

Then again, on Yuuma’s last birthday, I also gave him a gift, didn’t I. That kind of chained relationship makes me really happy. …but that Yuuma and I bought for each other in return is the best though! It can’t be helped! Because we both thought “this would be good” [for each other]!

img_kiji_01 - Copy

Like I said, I added a year to my age again this year. There’s nothing special that changed within me just because I turned 23, or any kind of big aspirations (lol) But by cherishing each and every day, I hope that my 23-year-old self will have a more fulfilling year than my 22-year-old self did. To all those who greeted me, really, thanks!

Well then, let’s meet again next month~! See ya~!


Nakajima Yoshiki


●Today’s Outfit●

img_kiji_02 - Copy

“This Nakajima often wears his glasses during his private time, and that image of mine is so strong, such that lots of friends keep giving me glasses as a present (lol) I’ve worn my newest pair for this occasion. I wonder if you’ll get to see me wear my glasses in events and stuff. The top is a long-sleeved shirt from KINGLY MASK. It’s a really handy item for both dressy and casual occasions!”

  • oh god are we really starting a new project here, patricia, you have, like, five WIPs, are we really doing this (we ARE)
  • Yoshiki maintains this monthly diary at the Voice Newtype’s paid-content KIKI VOICE website, and you can see the first halves of his diaries under these search results! The second halves are all only available to site subscribers, hence why I end up downsizing the pics from those parts >_> (s/o to Sara for helping me get these!)
  • Completely unneccessary translator’s meta note – the other person who I translate “in his own words” articles is Souma, and in comparison Yoshiki writes a tad more casually – I am tempted to say he writes more cutely? – but there are certain word choices he does with, idk, some kind of gravity to them (in particular, the one where he says he doesn’t think his birthday isn’t anything special)
  • THE TITLE HOW CAN I FORGET THE TITLE. I shortened it into “Tomorrow will be better than today” but it’s actually 今日より明日、もっといいこと which is more like “Tomorrow will become something even better than today was”, kinda. Anyway, it still somehow gets the gist of it. I think.
  • Please do not redistribute this anywhere else without permission and credit!
  • Thanks for reading!

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