Nakajima Yoshiki’s “Tomorrow is better than today” #2

#2: “That’s right, let’s go on a trip

Original date: August 18, 2016

It’s hot! It’s hot, isn’t it-! Hello everyone, it’s Nakajima Yoshiki.

Rather than it being suddenly sunny, the weather’s smoothly turned into a hot and humid Japanese summer.

Nakajima’s naturally curly hair hasn’t been listening to him lately…sorry.


Honestly, this year, I’d decided that my big goal would be to “go to many places!” I’ve been a bit slow at fulfilling this, though (lol)

I come from Yokohama in the Kanagawa prefecture (Kantou), and for as long as I can remember I’ve never gone far from Kantou. Well, even if my family says “we’d gone to these and those places before, though,” if I myself can’t remember it, they don’t count.
I’d been thinking that the parts of the world I know of is a small one. And what a person doesn’t know, he doesn’t understand, does he?

So I’ve decided to start from within our borders, and there’s a lot of stuff I wanna see!


Speaking of!

I went to Okinawa. The sea’s pretty~


Took a day trip on a bullet train.

It’s my first time in Okinawa! I’ve got some friends who come from Okinawa, but this is the first time I’ve gone there for myself!

Iyaah, it’s hot! (chit-chat) It’s twice as hot as Tokyo! (more chit-chat)

I got a rental car over there, and usually, when I was on the south side of the island, that’s all the small talk I could do!

And then I chowed down on Okinawan soba like an idiot(^q^)

img_kiji_02 - Copy


Going on unknown roads, riding an unfamiliar car, they all gave off this mysterious vibe.

The car passed by lots of places. Sometimes there’d be something about it that reminds me of home. Also, the place names! I didn’t read any of em! (lol)

I’m from Kanagawa, and now I have the privilege of working in Tokyo, but this – this is also a place where people live, this is also how they spend their everyday lives. I wonder if there’s anyone here who came from the same hometown as me, who ended up working in Okinawa.

Different people live different lives, and not one of them is interchangeable with another. Also, I think the Okinawans we got to meet were really easy to talk to.


That’s right!

Together with Yashiro Taku-kun who (FINALLY) got his driver’s license, and Uchida Yuuma-kun who happened to be free at the time (including last month this is the 2nd time I’ve mentioned him), we went for a drive along the sea~

img_kiji_03 - Copy


It’s the first time I’ve done something like go to the sea with my friends.

Of course, we couldn’t go for a dip in the ocean, though. Even though Yuuma bought a swimsuit.

At any rate, I just said “let’s hang out!” and we got together immediately, went for a drive and got there. This kind of initiative is something the me from the not-so-distant past would’ve never thought about (lol)

I have good friends.


Something I’m thankful for is that this year, the jobs I’ve gotten outside Tokyo have increased.

Every time, I get to eat the delicious food from those places. It may seem to be a veeery simple thing, but I think and i’ve noticed that stuff like the smells of those places, are as easy to remember as one’s earliest childhood memory.

Thinking “I wonder if my understanding has gotten broader” and stuff, and re-learning stuff all over, is the meaning behind a good trip.


I wonder where should I go next-?

Everyone, think recommendations up for me-!

Well then, until next month! See ya~!


Nakajima Yoshiki


●This Month’s Recipe●
Simple! Arrabbiata

img_kiji_04 - Copy

Won’t you have spicy food to match a hot summer? Arrabbiata is “anger” in Italian. The reason for that seems to be ‘cuz the spiciness causes your face to look angry. That’s what I saw in Wikipedia.

Add capsicum to taste. Simmer the garlic together with the olive oil, and when their aroma is strong enough, add canned tomatoes.

And that’s it! The variations are endless! This time I added the umami and sweetness of vegetables, and onions too.

By the way, this arrabbiata in particular is something I fed Yamashita Daiki-kun and Fukamachi Toshinari-kun when they dropped by my house, so it’s a creation of mine I have confidence in. By all means, please try it out!

(For one serving)

  • 100g pasta
  • one clove of garlic
  • one piece of capsicum pepper (to taste)
  • 1/2 onions (finely chopped)
  • 150g canned tomato
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • sugar

※If you add a bit of sugar to the tomato sauce, it’ll taste better and bring out the sourness of the tomatoes!

  • This is the second part of a canvassed twelve-part series of translations of Yoshiki’s KIKI VOICE diaries, the first part can be read here!
  • Like I said in the first part – I always have to keep reminding myself that he writes more casually than the other man whose column I translated, Souma. If this means I completely eschew exact translation in some parts, so be it – I wonder if his “voice” got through to you?
  • I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY PEOPLE WENT TO OKINAWA. I’m assuming he went there on his own, but the fun thing with Japanese is that he doesn’t have to specify if he was with other people, so I’m winging this…
  • junon taku on the beach is a bad idea
  • what kind of swimsuit did yuuma bring tho, i wonder
  • An earlier episode of Fuburaji shows that Kobapyon and Nakkyan hang out a lot, Kobapyon jokingly saying Nakkyan sticks to him ‘cuz he got no other friends. (Or at least…I hope..he was joking…) (Seriously tho, in his feature with Shohei, Nakkyan also says he’d wanna hang out with Shohei more. Pls just give him friends)
  • Please do not redistribute this anywhere else without permission and credit!
  • Thanks for reading!

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