Nakajima Yoshiki’s “Tomorrow is better than today” #3

#3: “It’s better to think about things after eating”

Original date: September 15, 2016


Hi everyone, it’s Nakajima Yoshiki. It’s already September, isn’t it.
When I was in elementary, somehow, I thought that August went on forever. …I know there are people who let their homework pile up. But whenever vacation started, I always thought “I’ll finish all of these in July!” so I wonder how that feels.

Even though the heat has been gradually getting worse during September, when early autumn comes, we’ll get the greatest excuse.

The “autumn craving” excuse.

Somehow it feels like there’s an excuse for every season anyway, but weeell just keep that in mind.

When the heat mellows down and it gets easier to live with, it’ll become easier to handle other stuff, like “autumn sports”, “autumn reading”, and “autumn art”.
But of course the one that comes first are the food cravings…or so I think!

I posted a pic of my home cooking in last month’s column, and sometimes on my Twitter, but of course I like eating food as much as I like cooking it.
The things I cook aren’t just stuff I make up with what’s left in the fridge, they’re stuff I wanna eat, prices aside, it’s a hobby where I just go “I’ll cook whatever I want to eat!” That’s why it’s really, really domestic (lol)
I like cooking and eating, and of course I also like having people over; I like none of these choices better than any of the others.
I don’t just cook for myself. It’s more like, “I’m free this afternoon, so how about I make some pasta?”
Food becomes more delicious when you eat with other people, yanno~
That’s why this month, I’ll upload pictures of my most recent dishes~!
And also tell you how they tasted like!


★Omelette rice with demi-glace sauce

The omelette has garlic rice with miso inside, instead of the usual ketchup rice.

img_kiji_01 - Copy


★Cold pasta with summer vegetable ratatouille

Cold pasta is perfect for summer, after all. The narrow noodles I used (Cappellini) were trendy.

img_kiji_02 - Copy


★Braised Hamburg steak

It’s OK even if you don’t pay too much attention to getting the perfect simmering time. This goes well with red wine!

img_kiji_03 - Copy



One of the basics of pasta is adding peperoncino. The trick to this is to add garlic and oil on top!

img_kiji_04 - Copy


Surprisingly, I ended up making a lot of stuff, didn’t I!
It’s probably ‘cuz they’re easier or something, but I keep cooking pasta more than anything else.
When they go in season, I also wanna use chestnuts, saury, pumpkin…drooool. Pears and grapes and stuff – fruits are yummy too~! Aa~! My cravings aren’t stopping!
…And then, when this time comes, I’m gonna suffer through the resulting flab.
Aaaaaaaaaa IIIIIIII gotta stay fiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!!!!

Next month!
I wanna dress up, somehow! I wanna!
Sorry if I end up not going for it.

Well then, see ya~!


Nakajima Yoshiki



The pic up top is a selfie with the teddy bear in the studio when I made a guest appearance on Ensemble Stars’ official livestream “Monthly Ensemble Studio!”
The other guest, Nitta Anju-kun, who is my kouhai from the same agency, and the staff, told me I was being “flirty”. Hehehe.
And here’s a pic of the birthday bears who appeared on that livestream too. So cute.

img_kiji_05 - Copy

  • Yoshiki maintains this monthly diary at the Voice Newtype’s paid-content KIKI VOICE website, and you can see the first halves of his diaries under these search results! The second halves are all only available to site subscribers, hence why I end up downsizing the pics from those parts >_> (s/o to Sara for helping me get these!)
  • Japanese summer vacations span from late July to early September, and there’s usually lots and lots and LOTS of homework assigned for doing during that time – mostly represented in anime and dramas as that one thing students procrastinate over – hence, Yoshiki insisting on finishing all his assignments before July ends, kind of an exception to the norm.
  • “domestic” – “homey”, basically in opposition to “restaurant-quality” or, like, Instagrammable plating?
  • Demi-glace sauce is traditionally made with veal stock but recently beef and chicken stock have been used to make it.
  • Ratatouille is a French vegetable stew (remember…the film…); Yoshiki’s version seems to have tomatoes, carrots, probably a cucumber?
  • Peperonchino refers to the red chili peppers themselves; the entire dish would be more specifically referring to a variation of aglio olio.
  • The actual term Nitta-san and the staff were using to refer to Yoshiki when he was taking that selfie was “azatoi”, basically, taking calculated steps to charm people. Hence, flirting with the camera. (He doesn’t deny it…)
  • Please do not redistribute this anywhere else without permission and credit!
  • Thanks for reading!

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