KoePota: Kirameki Wave event report


Last June 11, Yamanaka Masahiro-san and Shirai Yuusuke-san’s AiRaji and Takahashi Hidenori-san and Hamano Daiki-san’s Voyage Wave (BoyaRaji) had their collaboration event Kirameki Wave in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Maruchi Hall.

Both shows are distributed by the Internet radio provider RadioTomo, and are talk variety shows catering to women, whose talk topics and corner contents stem from the listeners’ messages. We also have an interview with the personalities after the end of the event.


  • Public recordings start with them playing the part of each other’s guests.

The four were welcomed by a huge round of applause as they entered the venue, and because it was the first time Shirai-san and Takahashi-san met, they kept saying “please take care of me” and bowing to each other over and over. However, they took being polite way too seriously, and gradually, their heads kept bowing lower and lower until they were both completely sprawled over the ground!

And from there a misfortune happened; the PET bottle of water from one of the two tables fell down and water spilled from it. Despite the sudden accident, Takahashi-san quipped “Just as the script said (lol)” and the audience laughed.

The event started with BoyaRaji recording an episode. This is BoyaRaji’s first event, and with Yamanaka-san and Shirai-san serving as their guests, they collected the surveys they had the audience answer before the start of their program, and worked their talk topics and corner contents off those.

From one of their letters which said “my friend has a boyfriend 15 years older than her,” they ended up talking about how “BoyaRaji doesn’t get those kinds of love talks”. However, with Hamano-san quickly quipping “You’re trembling way too much!” to Takahashi-san’s “A fifteen year age difference,…h,how would that even work?” the tone of the event was set.

And just like that, time went too fast and BoyaRaji’s public recording was over in a blink. And this is where Takatsuka-san makes his entrance…or rather, where an audio comment from YumeRaji’s Itou Kento-san and Nakajima Yoshiki-san went live.

The two got their feelings of “we got to be the guests” through, accompanied with sad guitar music in a musical performance, and the venue ended up laughing. Then they promoted themselves, saying “YumeRaji’s solo event is on June 24th!”

After that surprise audio comment played, AiRaji started their public performance. This time, Takahashi-san and Hamano-san served as the guests. In the first corner, the show’s mascot Kabedon, voiced by Yashiro Taku, asks “what thing am I banging my hand against?” in the “What the don is this?” quiz.

Within the entire crowd who was able to confidently make a guess from that characteristic sound of loose change clinking, only Yamanaka-san thought otherwise, replying to Shirai-san’s “everyone already knows what this is, right?” with a “yes…” that lacked confidence. While the other three got the correct answer of “vending machine”, only Yamanaka-san answered “stairs”, his reason being “I think it sounds like someone leaping down a staircase,” his shoulders slumped as he was the only one with the wrong answer.

And then Takatsuka-san made his entrance once more, for the “Kabedon line” corner, where the five of them had to use two words each from the aforementioned audience survey. In this corner where they have to put together two unrelated words, they had gathered a lot of random words from the audience, and even as they worry over these, they still go and show off their Kabedon lines.

Takatsuka-san, who had to take this challenge on first, had to use the words “umbrella” and “Big Magnum”. While “Big Magnum” barely drove him to his wits’ end, Takatsuka-kun desperately tried to say his line coolly; however, when the other four teased him by asking “so is yours a Big Magnum?”, he shut them down by reminding them of the image of their show, saying “Glass Slipper has a prince concept.”


  • Terashima Junta joins in the quiz part, and the live part hypes the audience up

Next up was Sweet Shop Waraji’s Terashima Junta-san, who rushed to the event-exclusive part as the additional guest. As they are all radio personalities of currently-airing programs on RadioTomo, they split into two teams for a gesture game where they had to guess their opponent’s words, and their goal was to reach ten points first.

The first gesture was from Yamanaka-san, Takahashi-san and Shirai-san’s team; the three of them interchangeably greet and toast with each other, but for some reason, Shirai-san made idol-like poses, puzzling Hamano-san, Takatsuka-san, and Terashima-san. These three eventually give the answer “a mixer with one loser”, which was surprisingly the correct answer! Suddenly they now have a good lead, with the first three points.

After that, they shuffled the teams on the question and answer sides, and the quiz went on; they got to 10 points without making a wrong answer at all! With such a show of complete domination, it goes without saying that the ties between the six of them had deepened.

In Yamanaka-san and Shirai-san’s mini-live part, they sung “Colors” and “Compass” publicly for the first time, which were included in the mini album released at this event. The fans swung their penlights in response to their singing.

After the excitement of the mini-live, when the six of them gathered onstage again, the event that went on for two and a half hours came to a close. Lastly, saying “there’s a song that can get our feelings across to all of you,” they sung “I love you”, a song also included in the minialbum [Colors], concluding the event.

Takahashi-san, Hamano-san, Takatsuka-san, and Terashima-san got offstage and sung Yamanaka-san and Shirai-san’s song excitedly, together with the fans. The lyric “I love you” echoed throughout the venue, and after the performance, in response to the six of them calling out “Kirameki Wave!”, the audience united in making a wave from the front of the hall to the very back, closing the event with a bang.

Also, during the event, a surprise announcement was made – first off, that a vocal cover album by all ten personalities from “AiRaji”, “BoyaRaji”, “Café Glass Slipper”, “Sweets Shop Waraji”, and “YumeRaji” will be released on October 27. Each unit will be in charge of two songs each, and the genre would be JPOP from the 1970s up to the 2000s.

Also, they announced a live event commemorating the release of said album on October 21, with Yamanaka-san, Shirai-san, Takahashi-san, Hamano-san, and “YumeRaji”’s Itou-san and Nakajima-san taking part. Since they said that subsequent reports will be released on RadioTomo’s official website, it is to be expected that they would also release the public recordings there, as well.


  • Interview after the event

Please give us your thoughts regarding the collaboration event.

Yamanaka Masahiro: With BoyaRaji appearing as guests, I felt that “our show’s color was changed by so much.” Personally, I was wrecked with emotion upon releasing AiRaji’s theme song. I’d always thought that the me who self-studied music to make music take shape would just remain in my memories. So for a day like this to have come, I am really grateful.

Shirai Yuusuke: Doing collaboration events with other shows just like this is a good opportunity to handle stuff I haven’t handled before, so I think this would be a very stimulating chance for all our shows.  There are programs which have never had events together yet, so from here on out I wanna interact with them more as one big RadioTomo family.

Also, with collaboration events like this, I think this is also an opportunity for listeners of our programs to listen to the other shows, so I’d like to be part of more events like this in the future.

Takahashi Hidenori: Half a year has passed since BoyaRaji started airing, and this is our first event; it made me happy to get to be in a collaboration event this quickly, and what more with our sibling program and senpai AiRaji, it was really stimulating.

Specifically, about taking part in AiRaji’s corners – we’d have fun, sometimes we’d fail – we ended up gaining lots of kinds of experiences, and it was amazing. Working off this experience, there’s a thing I want to exact revenge on during October’s live event, so I wish I can do my best.

Hamano Daiki: This was our first event as part of BoyaRaji – while I was excited about the reaction of the fans who’d come to visit, upon seeing that both our normal listeners and the fans of our sibling programs warmly welcomed us, all I could end up feeling was “I’m glad we did this.” I hope that we can keep on doing this from now on. Together with my partner Hide-san (Takahashi-san), we’ll go make more fun shows.

Takatsuka Tomohito: It’s just been three months since our show Café Glass Slipper started, but I’m really happy that I’d been welcomed into this collaboration event as a guest. Taking part in other shows’ corners was enjoyable in ways different from ours, and, on the other hand, if ever they would get to take part in Café Glass Slipper’s corners, I’m sure it’d be absolute fun. Next time, I’d like to go together with Yamaya-san (Yamaya Yoshitaka-san, his radio show partner)

Terashima Junta: I was only able to participate as an additional guest, but I really enjoyed it. This time I’d also come to introduce our show Sweets Shop Waraji, but that aside, I had a really fun time together with the guys from our sibling programs. I was able to relax without thinking about much, so if there was ever a chance like this, I’d like to be a part of it again.

Please tell us what you look forward to in regards to the album and live event announced today.

Yamanaka Masahiro: Just like with today’s song “I love you”, I’m sure it’ll hype people up and it’ll be fun. I’m also looking forward to what songs the others will think of doing covers of.

Shirai Yuusuke: I think that our live then would level up from our live just now, especially in terms of performance level.

Takahashi Hidenori: This is my first time singing in pairs with Nokki (Hamano-san), and there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know how to do yet, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how we choose and utilize the songs.

Hamano Daiki: I’m looking forward to this new experience! I think I’m excited to get show everyone just what kind of color BoyaRaji has through this. I wonder how many keys they’d have to lower our songs to (lol)

Takatsuka Tomohito: I can’t talk about it more, but I’d like to present it to you as a great song that’ll leave you thinking “I wonder if I can sing this too!?” Café Glass Slipper’s got a princely concept, so it’ll be interesting if I can give off a “princely” feeling too.

Terashima Junta: It’s just been two months since Sweets Shop Waraji started, so of course this is my first time singing with Kawanishi Kengo-san, who I do that show with. I think we can put across an absolutely fresh and new atmosphere [with our singing], so I think we’ll get to stain it with our “Waraji color”.



  • Oh god its done i can sleep i can finally sleep
  • “please take care of me” = awkward but the usual way to interpret “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” HAHA. basically they’re both being really deferential to each other for this bit until they eventually led to dogeza, YOU ARE RIDICULOUS
  • “Hamano-san quickly quipping” = the exact word was that Daiki tsukkomi’d Hide-san LOL
  • I reaaaaaaally need to fix up my RadioTomo male seiyuu sister show lineup intro post soon, but for now, have this Twitter thread, and the fact that the messages about love problems are usually for AiRaji…
  • Important notes about YumeRaji’s audio comment: the “we got to be the guest” is referring to how they make their ‘guest appearance’ through pre-recorded audio and is most probably affectionate sarcasm, and how extra and bitter do you need to be to actually sing this through, along to TOTTO’S SAD GUITAR MUSIC.
  • WHAT THE DON IS THIS LOLOL. Actual title is Quiz Kore Nani-don? from how Taku’s Kabedon mascot ends his sentences in “-don”. I ended up making a pun because I am weak against puns.
  • I think y’all already know this by now, but just in case, “Kabedon” is the act of slamming a hand to trap someone between yourself and a wall. Iris Quartz, the drama CD maker that made AiRaji happen (AiRaji’s full name is “Iris Quartz Radio”), has a very particular fondness for kabedon sichu CDs…
  • SO I REALLY NEED TO TRANSLATE THIS PORTION IN FULL, CUZ IT WAS AMAZING – but in any case, for Takapi’s Kabedon sichu mentioned here, Shiraimu was his love interest…Daiki was the wall. His line ended with “which do you prefer, his big magnum, or mine!?” and he ended up profusely apologizing to Daiki afterwards LMAO
  • …what is a big magnum anyway
  • I was scared you’d ask. NSFW, but okay: It’s a specific XXL brand of condom. Hence why Takapi panics cuz OH GOD GUYS I’M SUPPOSED TO BE A PRINCE
  • Hence why he also ended up profusely apologizing to Daiki after cuz OH GOD DID I JUST ALLUDE TO YOURS OR MINE – but seriously. Takapi. You have BL together. Deal with it.
  • Junta is an “additional guest” cuz he only got to drop in on them a bit – he’s not present in either of the publicly released radio episodes recorded at this event – and that’s because he had a KinPri event at the exact same day.
  • I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch of things, breezing through the article like this, so I might tweet about any and all corrections or clarifications LOL
  • Please do not reproduce this translation without credit or permission! Thanks for reading!



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