[numan]  沼落ち5秒前!Seiyuu Interview: Fukamachi Toshinari


So what led to you entering this world?

During that time, it just felt like instinct. I thought that, if I was aiming for it, I had to go do it with all my strength. Also, I liked the Super Robot Wars series, so I also had the thought of wanting to play someone inside a robot someday.

Please tell us the actors (seiyuu) you respect, and the reasons why you respect them.

Ono Yuuki-san. He’d also treated me out to meals since a long time ago, but [more than that,] his stance when at work and how he deals with it was a tremendous influence on me.

Who are the actors (seiyuus) you get along with well?

Kobayashi Daiki-kun, Takatsuka Tomohito-kun, Chiba Shouya-kun, the four of us go to eat together quite often, and hang out often too.

Who are the seiyuu/actors who you want to have as a friend?

I think I’m the kind of person who takes time to get closer to people, so for now I just think it’d be nice to befriend lots of people.

If you were to sum yourself up in one phrase it would be?

My pace, probably.

Your sales point (charm point) is?

It would be my physicality, wouldn’t it. During the sports test we took in my student days, I was ranked first in my entire year level.

What is your hobby/talent?

Playing the guitar. I can pretty much play both the electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

What do you usually do on your days off?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been able to just do “nothing,” so when there’s something I wanna do, I go do it; there is a feeling of contentment I get when I spend a whole day being productive.

What did you eat yesterday?

I went to go eat sushi together with Takatsuka Tomohito-kun. The two of us just went to eat sushi all of a sudden.

The thing you want the most right now is?

Invincible immunity

Of all the things you’ve ever gotten up to now, what made you the happiest?

If we’re gonna talk about work, then it’s gotta be the roles I play, isn’t it. I’m emotionally attached to each and every one of the characters I play.

What are you working on right now?

The first priority has to be maintaining my physical condition. Because my body is my investment.

Your favorite karaoke party trick is?

I like singing songs that the people with me would sing along to. For example, everyone sings along to Johnny’s songs!

How do you avoid stress?

Something like drinking coffee while eating sweet stuff!

Please show us your favorite picture in your camera roll, or a picture you took recently.

The flowers I was given during the last episode of my first solo radio. Right now they’re still in a vase adorning my room.

Please tell us your hangups (whether regarding plays or not)

I only ever buy tissue that doesn’t feel prickly on the skin below my nose.

What have you sunken into (what is your obsession lately)?

Coriander. I want to eat it everyday, so it’s such a shame that there aren’t much chances to eat it normally.

Up to now, what’s the thing you’ve worked the hardest on?

At this point of time I can’t think of what I’ve worked on the hardest. I think from now on I’ll gradually keep updating my answer to this.

Up to now, what are you most useless at?

I end up staring off into space in the train and miss my station, so I get off immediately and board the train going back, only to end up missing my station again. And then even when I switch trains again, I miss my station again. Even up to now, I wonder why I ended up missing that station to that extent.

Please tell us your favorite phrase, or verbal tic.

It seems like I tend to say “I get it,” a lot.

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